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Benefit from the advantages of a minimally invasive restoration

Visible defects on the teeth are always associated with aesthetic problems and the impairment of quality of life. In addition, teeth marked by defects are also extremely susceptible to further damage to the tooth substance. In that case, a lab-ready solution can help fix tooth damage quickly and effectively. Regardless of whether you opt for veneers or inlays. Both techniques are so sophisticated that the repairs are not visible to a layman.

Plastic or ceramic – what are the advantages

Veneers and ceramic inlays are much more durable than composite fillings. In addition, the wear of the ceramic dental workpieces are about the same as in the natural teeth. Even the thermal conductivity of veneers or ceramic inlays is identical to the enamel conductivity. After the treatment, your teeth are not more temperature sensitive than before. In addition, restorations using ceramic inlays or veneers are much better, as ceramics are much easier to adapt to the natural optical conditions of the enamel. Nobody will realize that we have helped with the aesthetics of your teeth.

Veneers and inlays vs. Gold inlays or crowns – for us, the preservation of your own teeth is in the foreground

Especially when dentures are for our dental practice in the foreground to get your own teeth. We do not want to unnecessarily sacrifice healthy tooth substance. In our opinion, veneers and inlays are the better alternative to conventional crowns or even gold inlays. In dentist jargon, we speak of a so-called minimally invasive treatment in composite restoration. In this case, fine inlays or veneers are glued directly to the affected tooth. Due to a special pre-treatment, a strong bond develops between the tooth substance and the veneer or the inlay. It is so strong that our work can withstand even the strong forces of chewing. In addition, an infested tooth is stabilized by veneers or inlays. We believe that inlays and veneers are a better alternative to partial and / or full crowns.

In normal crowns or inlays of gold is a cementation of need. In order for this to happen, it is necessary that the tooth be abraded to ensure a stable connection. A strong connection to the tooth substance does not exist, as is the case with veneers or ceramic inlays. Sooner or later or after a certain degree of wear, gold inlays have no more grip. The partial or full crowns must be stabilized.

Veneers and Inlays Frankfurt: What is their difference??

While veneers are usually thin bowls and are used to seat the anterior teeth or canines, insole fillings or inlays are small ceramic bodies. These are glued directly into the chewing surfaces. In our practice we have the possibility to design the inlays in outline and scope depending on the size of the defect. Both inlays and veneers can be made in all shapes. With the ceramic dental workpieces even a seamless transition into a partial crown can be implemented.

When are ceramic partial crowns or veneers recommended?

  • In damaged front teeth, whose substance is still preserved in large parts.
  • To remove heavily discolored teeth due to root canal treatment
  • For repair of enamel spots
  • Too short or too narrow teeth
  • Malformations of the teeth, for example, if incisors or canines are missing.
  • For undersized teeth

In short, veneers should always be the first choice when it comes to performing tooth corrections while preserving the dental substance.

What are the treatment options inlays?

With the help of inlays, tooth teeth damaged by caries or wear can be restored to their old state. Each of the furrows and hills are modeled with the inlays, so that a permanently stable and functional occlusal surface can be reproduced. If functional jaw problems already exist, the dentist can counteract these problems by adjusting the inlays. Such treatment concepts guarantee the health of the teeth of our patients. The basis of our work is a comprehensive dental or dental experience combined with a comprehensive functional analysis

How does a veneer or inlay treatment work in our dental practice in Frankfurt??

For a first-class result with veneers and / or inlays, several treatments are necessary in our dental practice in Frankfurt. As a rule, you must expect at least two appointments. In the first steps of the treatment, your teeth are prepared in the rooms of our Frankfurt dental practice. Now we take an impression and have a temporary restoration on your teeth. With the help of the impressions taken, the dental technician makes the dental works by hand. After the dental technician has done his work, a visit to our Frankfurt dental practice is on the schedule again. Here we remove the provisional and try the inlays or the veneers. If these are correctly adjusted, they are attached to the tooth to be restored using the adhesive technique.

Inlays and Veneers: The durability

Veneers and inlays fall under the category of minimally invasive restorations. This is connected with more effort than normal dentures. An effort that is worthwhile. The first-class material properties of modern ceramics are simply unbeatable. Thanks to an extremely stable adhesive bond even wafer-thin veneers can be applied to stabilize weakened teeth. Add to that the impressive durability of veneers and inlays. Some of our patients have been carrying our ceramic dental workpieces for more than fifteen years. When paying attention to first-class dental care, veneers and inlays can last much longer.

Inlays and Veneers – Why should you visit our dental practice in Frankfurt??

Our dental practice not only has specialist dental know-how, but also the necessary training to guarantee our patients first-rate results regarding inlays and veneers. Not only do we have appropriate knowledge in different preparation techniques, but we are also well trained in the classical care. Above all, this also includes the adhesive technology. The gluing of inlays or veneers must be done in absolutely dry conditions so that the ceramic dental workpieces are firmly attached to the tooth. In our Frankfurt dental practice, we have the corresponding experience. In addition, we have access to a good dental lab where skilled dental technicians work. These will be included in your treatment plan directly in our practice. The dental technician will talk to you about your individual needs, be it a particular tooth color or shape. Take advantage of the opportunity to finally laugh again, regain your zest for life our expertise in the field of minimally invasive restoration will help you.

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