Veneers: the secret of hollywood stars – dentist ulm hans-georg stromeyer

Veneers: the secret of hollywood stars - dentist ulm hans-georg stromeyer

Veneers: the dental secret of many Hollywood stars

You will be attracted to your beautiful teeth!

Have you ever wondered why many stars like that? even, beautiful and white teeth to have? Whether they are all real? And if not: how these beautiful teeth were made? Here you find the answers:

There is a possibility to make irregular and dark teeth beautiful and bright, without having to grind much of it. Not only many stars and celebrities decide for it. Also more and more "normal people", put emphasis on natural and aesthetically pleasing teeth. The speech is from Ceramic veneers.

What are veneers?

Veneer is literally translated "veneer". And so you can see it too: Veneers are very thin shells ceramics, whose surface looks deceptively similar to a natural tooth. These shells are firmly connected to the tooth in a complex process.

Although they are so graceful, veneers have one very long life. The big advantage is that teeth do not have to be sanded down or sometimes even ground down for veneers. That’s what the treatment does largely painless.

When are veneers the best solution??

  • When teeth are irregular
  • In case of tooth gaps
  • For heavily blotched teeth
  • When teeth are deformed by nature
  • For severely worn or broken teeth
  • When teeth are so heavily filled that they can no longer be built up stably with composites

In all these cases, veneers can be used to create aesthetic and attractive new teeth. If you care about naturally beautiful-looking teeth that last a long time, do not discolor and protect your teeth and gums, veneers are the answer!

by the way .

Veneers were actually invented in Hollywood! The American dentist Charles Pincus around 1937 the then relatively unknown actress Norma Jean Baker embellished the smile. Later she was called Marilyn Monroe world famous. For a while she was also the mistress of the American president John F. Kennedy. What you recognize: we dentists can certainly contribute to the quality of life .

Why are veneers gentle on the teeth??

As they are paper-thin, veneers require very little abrasion from the tooth surface. Sometimes nothing! The treatment is therefore gentle and largely painless.

Although veneers are so graceful, they last a long time: in our experience 15 years and more! Veneers are not only gentle on the teeth but also on the gums:

They run out to the edge of the gum very thin and therefore do not irritate it. You can not see any transition from the veneer to the tooth, because both have the same color.

How are veneers made??

After preparing the teeth, the jaws are molded. In addition, together with you will determine the color and brightness that your new teeth should get. The dental technician makes the ceramic bowls, which takes one to two weeks. Since there is little or no need to sand off the teeth for veneers, there is often no need for a temporary restoration.

When the veneers are ready, they are connected in a second appointment with a very elaborate technique fixed to the tooth surface. Then you can enjoy your new look in the mirror and soon receive the first compliments.

Paid the health insurance Veneers?

Since veneers serve above all the better appearance, they are not paid by the legal health insurance companies. Private health insurance companies partly provide a subsidy. You will receive a so-called treatment and cost plan from us before the start of the treatment, which you submit to your private health insurance. Then you know if and how much you get.

Regardless, who suffers for years from his unfavorable teeth, often has less quality of life. With naturally beautiful teeth you can get back this quality of life again. The question is, what’s worth to you? We will gladly advise you and give you specific prices.

The advantages of veneers at a glance

  • Veneers protect teeth because little or nothing needs to be sanded off.
  • They have an absolutely natural look and can last a long time: 15 years or more!
  • Veneers do not discolor and get no dark edges. The transition to the tooth is not visible.
  • They protect the gums because they are thin and have no protruding edges.

What do you do when teeth are severely damaged or teeth are missing? Read on the next page why more and more dentists recommend crowns and bridges made of pure ceramics.

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