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A new encryption program is ready! The free veracrypt is based on the set TrueCrypt, but should be even safer. The French manufacturers explain that u.a. with the significantly increased number of encryption iterations. This makes VeraCrypt slightly slower when opening an encrypted container, but has no effect while working with the data.

If you know TrueCrypt, you will find your way in the TrueCrypt successor VeraCrypt immediately. The operation and the interface are so identical to TrueCrypt that even here ours Ultimate TrueCrypt Guide can serve as a manual. Nevertheless, the storage formats of both programs are not compatible with each other. So, if you’re hoping to continue using your old TrueCrypt containers with a current program, we’ll have to disappoint you. But there is nothing wrong with transferring the data to a new, safer container in VeraCrypt format.

VeraCrypt – TrueCrypt successor with regular updates

Already during the installation we can between Install and Extract choose. The latter ensures that VeraCrypt can be used as a portable program. However, it is then not possible to completely encrypt system partitions.

Like TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt will be distributed as freeware. The program is, in addition to the Windows version, also for Mac OS X and for Linux.

The significantly enhanced security level should make VeraCrypt immune to so-called brute force attacks, in which pure computing power should be used to crack the key in countless attempts. While TrueCrypt uses about 1,000 iterations when encrypting a system partition, VeraCrypt already uses 327661 iterations here. For “normal containers” TrueCrypt had 2,000 iterations to offer. Depending on the hash method, VeraCrypt uses up to 500,000 (!) Iterations. This is to ensure that even giant computers can not break such a container by simply trying. Which of course does not change the fact that you should take a decent password here too and not leave it lying around anywhere.

This higher security actually translates into a slower opening process. A container with a correspondingly strong encryption takes a noticeably longer time until the new drive has been integrated. But after that the work with the program does not differ at all.

Like TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt offers

  • Encryption of system disks
  • Encrypted containers
  • Hidden container
  • Automatically disconnect opened containers when users log out, access or start screensaver
  • key files

However, some features will only work if you enable the (default enabled) VeraCrypt background service. For security reasons you should leave it that way if you use the program regularly.

Conclusion: Finally a secure TrueCrypt successor! If only one knew how sure this thing really is. Do you trust such new tools?

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