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Leopold and Porteño at the morning gymnastics

Leopold has toothache.

Let me introduce you to Leopold, called Leo. I am a real “Chasperli” and always ready for jokes. Today I am 28 years old, top fit and just busy preparing my young Spanish friend for the seriousness of life.

Luckily, my “caregiver” is a veterinarian, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be alive anymore. I hardly have any teeth left, and that was the case: When I was 17 years old, I had gum changes and toothache.

Since I can’t speak, I had trouble telling my people. My veterinarian noticed that something was wrong because I foamed a lot while riding. He took tissue samples. The result was quite amazing for me: gingival changes like with a cat, that I don’t laugh! Also the colleagues of my veterinarian who were consulted laughed and had no explanation for the findings. But then I got cortisone and the pain went away. After a few years the pain came back. I couldn’t even bite off carrots anymore and the treats also hurt! Life was no longer fun and I became really depressed. That did not remain hidden to my people. We made a trip to the Zurich Animal Hospital.

The X-ray image then brought the diagnosis: EOTRH, Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis. Terrible name for a terribly painful disease! People say Dr. Wikipedia would explain this disease quite well, I don’t know this doctor myself. My vet then decided that all the incisors had to be removed! Said done, I spent the pre-Christmas period 5 years ago at the animal hospital.

Also the fact that my tongue is now hanging out a lot took some getting used to. And the sayings of the pedestrians, which we meet while riding, well. 5 years after the operation I know them all.

Here is another recommendation to my horse colleagues with the same problem: Bring your people so far that they quickly have all their incisors operated out. These painful things no longer help us to eat, but only torture us unnecessarily. 032 666 20 20 would otherwise be the telephone number of my “personal veterinarian”!

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I can tell you, I’ve been great ever since. Sure, the healing phase was unpleasant and I had to get used to tearing off the grass with my palate.