Via ferratas and via ferrata in europe


Sascha Hoch, Michael Rüttinger, Stephan Beeler, Kurt Schall


All worthwhile via ferratas – from easy to extremely difficult
& interesting secured paths & Transgressions – in one volume!

Bavaria, Saxon Switzerland, low mountain ranges, incl. Near alpine via ferrata!

The recognized and particularly popular standard work for Germany already in 3rd edition – greatly expanded and updated!

Now over 180 via ferratas secured trails – with many new via ferratas and updates until spring 2016 included
In practical, stable and proven ring binder system – with individual tour sheets to take out and take along on tour (including stable protective cover)!

464 pages, approx. 1,000 color shades, ring binder system, retail price: EUR 39.90
ISBN: 978-3-900533-83-0, EAN: 9783900533830

With a foreword by Eugen E. Hüsler, the "ferrata Pope" Germany.

In the 3rd edition The authors and reliable staff again included the new climbing routes in Germany as well as updates (until spring 2016 included) and the guide was released again in the particularly user-friendly and proven ring binder system.

More information under: Via Ferrata Atlas

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Via Souterrata de la TuneMoin,
We (my wife and I) were in July 2019 with two girls (9 and 12) on site and loved it. After a good 40 minutes to get started, we went with helmet and lamp, and backpack and everything you need on the way. It’s cool, but not cold. E … Murmele KlettersteigBegehung on 27.9.2019: Too heavy to go to him as a hiker without KS set, too heavy to bring children to the via ferrata, too short to travel extra because of this. Ultimately, this is nice in itself beautiful trail in beautiful scenery "just" As a hut walk for adults to walk … Schalklhof KlettersteigBegehung on 26.9.2019: In good weather and summer heat, the short gorge over the rushing water may be pleasantly cool and make the climb fun. The fuses were alright. My conclusion: does not have to be.Poppele-Knott (formerly Tisser via ferrata) ascent on 27.9.2019: No rusty ropes and footstools anymore, but ALL NEW, standards, and not more C as in the photos or in the older comments, but maximum B and therefore ideal for beginners and children. But no playground, but a real, small via ferrata, the … Ferrata Clap VarmostNetter but short sports via ferrata. Mostly vertical with two short, overhanging passages requiring a little arm strength. Fuse perfectly, but the wire rope loops are getting used to. Beautiful view from the summit to the south on the Cridola massif.Tabaretta-KlettersteigSo scarce it has never been …
340 Hm in the approach saving by using the Langenstein lift? Yes please, but that was not as easy as it sounds, because so late in September, this lift only runs every other day. And wait for good weather? Absolutely! But the Payerhütte at the destination so … Via Ferrata Franz ‘Francesco’ TarmannWar on 23.10.2019 on site and unfortunately had to determine that the trail is officially closed. Upon request of neighboring climbers probably damage the plant by rockfall. When it is reopened is unclear, as there is no information available. Snowhead Head The Steig is not challenging in principle, but rewarding in the prospect, always along the ridge. The attachment is, however, in a little confidence-inspiring state. Currently (October 2019) the last 150m are closed! Ferrata Gaetano Falcipieri (Falzipieri) ascent on 3.10.2019
As a day trip from Arco feasible (1:30 h drive), but due to the large number of competing destinations on Lake Garda so far overlooked by us, it took a 5-day stay in the Vicentine Alps (Torrebelvicino) to this climb on top Ferretti Galleria di MorcateDrinking over Lake Como you can climb the Via Ferrata Galleria di Morcate.

Unique setting on 2 routes that are not difficult to climb, so you can enjoy the panorama all the time.

Such a via ferrata, directly above the water, can not be found anywhere else on the Comer … Via ferrata Ezio FerrariMy first Ferrari
(Ascent on 4.10.2019) – a short pleasure.
This is really just an addition to the Ferrata Angelo Viali; only together approach and approach make sense. If we had come only because of the potentially beautiful view of Monte Gramolon, we would not only have shivering … Sentiero alpinistico del Vaio ScuroBegehung on 5.10.2019. This was not a day to start without a good description into the unknown. Therefore, the heavy variant Lontelovare clearly had priority and the Vaio Scuro was an adventurous addition in the program – all with return on (almost) the same way to the parking lot, where we … by 1 … Churfrankensteig – LOCKED after boulders have slipped over the path LOCKING: After hanging debris and Meanwhile, two tons of heavy blocks slipped over the path or are broken off the path, the door at the entrance to the descent ladder is bolted with bolts. The climb itself is intact and the safety ropes are undamaged, so the hope … Via ferrata Ernesto ‘Cheer’GuevaraSure, I could have started at 8 o’clock at 11 o’clock could have taken more drinks than 1.5 liters of water and 0.66 1 Coke, and the one square of Hanuta was rather scarce as provisions. For that I was fast on the way, I have now not in every section rope eingek … Santnerpass via ferrataWe went the via ferrata last week in beautiful autumn weather of Welschnofen on the Cologne hut. For a Saturday there were very few other climbers on the way, no waiting times at the key points and time to enjoy the fantastic surroundings. For my understanding …

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