Vicar general informs congregation in frankenforst

Vicar General Dr. Dominik Schwaderlapp has informed the parish St. Maria Konigin, Bergisch Gladbach-Frankenforst, wrote a letter to the following address. In it he informs about the discussions after the reports that became known a few months ago, according to which in the seventies there had been sexual assaults on young people and children in the parish. The text was read by the parish priest in charge, Winfried Kissel, at Sunday Mass and then posted in the display case at the parish church.

The letter reads as follows, "Dear Sisters and Brothers, About more than three months ago I wrote to you to inform you of reports from the parish that in the 1970s there had been sexual assaults on young people and children in the area of the parish of St. Maria Queen had come. With great regret we had learned of this only a short time before. We then asked those who were affected by the events and wanted to talk, Prelate Dr. Robert Kumpel offered as interlocutor. Meanwhile, newspapers have reported that the suspect is Pastor Gottfried Amberg, who was pastor in Refrath-Frankenforst from 1955 to 1993. In the meantime, some individuals have taken up the offer of conversation made by the archdiocese to seek pastoral help in coming to terms with what has happened. We are grateful that they could decide to take this step. As you know, a final clarification of the incidents is no longer possible because the suspect has already died. After the conclusion of all the talks, however, we have to say that the evidence in favor of his perpetration is overwhelming. We know that what has happened cannot be undone and that the suffering and wounds that have been inflicted cannot be erased. We are shocked by the incidents and filled with deep shame. I would like to invite you, as a congregation affected by these incidents, to carry the painful experiences before God together and with one accord in prayer. We can trust in God's help even in this difficult situation. Dr. Dominik Schwaderlapp"

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