Video seminar: learn every foreign language in 6 months, sprachheld

Video seminar: How to successfully learn a foreign language in 6 months

With the language Held-strategy You can successfully learn any foreign language and speak fluently. In this simple V >Explained step by step.

You really want to learn a foreign language, but:

Here is the solution for your problems!

A video seminar packed with the expertise of dozens of language experts. It shows you step by step how to proceed to successfully learn your foreign language.

Get now the video seminar “Learn every foreign language in 6 months” (over 3.5 hours of video material) for only 97 €.

For free there is the e-book “How to learn every foreign language in 6 months” worth € 27 and many other bonuses (see below).

Full and unconditional 100% 30-day money back guarantee (if you do not like it, send an email and you’ll get back all your money, no ifs or buts).

I’m Gabriel Gelman – Founder of Voice Hero.

For many years, I have personally supported language learners in fulfilling their dream and finally successfully learning their foreign language.

I speak 6 languages ​​and am a speaker at national and international conferences on language learning (see photo).

I had little success with foreign languages ​​at school, but after many years of trying and spending time abroad, I finally understood what makes it a success.

Lecture at the Polyglot Gathering in Slovakia, an international language learning conference.

Now I know exactly what works and what does not. In recent years, I have from these experiences the “Speech-hero strategy for effective language learning” developed. You can get to know these during the video seminars.

So why am I the right person to create such a language learning course??

I have not always been good at language learning.

At school, I was one of the worst in the foreign language subjects. In French, I even had to fear a 5 in my first year.

But I knew that I would not achieve my goals in life and work without language skills. Especially not without knowledge of English.

Do you know these thoughts?

So I decided to jump into the cold water without swimming rings and just go abroad.

At the time, I thought that was the only way to truly learn a foreign language. How wrong I was, I realized only years later.

My plan went up though. After 10 months in Australia, I was fluent in English.

But I also understood how to learn a foreign language effectively and quickly – almost as easily in your own city as abroad.

I realized that you really only have to focus on two activities or skills. And that’s exactly what the voice hero strategy builds on.

The speech hero strategy:

Away from the stupid grammar and vocabulary learning and 100% focus on:

1) Understand: To quickly develop your understanding of the language, you need the right content, and that’s what most courses lack.

2) Speak: To speak a language fluently, you need language practice. How you get this without being embarrassed and missing the words is part of the strategy.

Learn French with the voice-hero strategy

You can learn a foreign language in no time by focusing on these two building blocks. The speech-hero strategy helps to use them perfectly.

It’s really that simple. It cost me a stay abroad and many more years of language learning until I really understood it.

You can learn all about it in no time in my video seminar, start immediately with effective language learning and quickly master a new foreign language. Just like hundreds of others who followed my step-by-step program.

Tibor from Hungary is learning German as a foreign language. What does he think of the video seminar?

The exact step-by-step plan with all the strategies and techniques I use myself to learn a language:

In this video seminar you get all my knowledge in 9 easy to following modules summarized. In 3.5 hours of video material You only get the most effective and important information about language learning.

I’ve been learning languages ​​effectively for over 10 years and have helped hundreds of language learners learn a foreign language. This knowledge you get summarized in this video seminar.

You will learn and learn the following:

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