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happy married. At least everyone thinks. But friends and colleagues don’t see the bruises on their backs from their husband’s beatings. This fictional case – one way or another or very different – actually takes place in countless relationships.
Domestic violence occurs in the best families. It is also not the case that only men beat their wives and children; they can be victims themselves. And it’s not just beatings that are domestic violence. That’s why it’s important to recognize domestic violence and do something about it.

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Recognize: what is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is physical, psychological or sexual violence between people who live together in one household. There are numerous cases behind this brittle definition:

When parents beat children or children beat their parents, it is domestic violence. Likewise if a man forces his girlfriend to have sexual intercourse or a woman follows her husband.

Insulting, insulting, humiliating, depriving of liberty, emotional abuse, confiscation of money and much more can also be seen as domestic violence.

Important: It is not only domestic violence that counts as domestic violence – it is crucial that victims and perpetrators have a domestic community.

The “The Big 26” questionnaire from the “Domestic Abuse Intervention Project”, the oldest intervention project against domestic violence, helps to assess domestic violence.

Assess: How often does domestic violence occur?

Two of the 25 affected were forced sexual acts, 18 affected purely physical conflicts and five affected both together.

white ring", a non-profit association to support crime victims and to prevent crime.

Entsche >Whoever beats has to go – the victim stays in the apartment: this principle is enshrined in the Violence Protection Act, which came into force in 2002. According to this maxim, the victims should no longer be expected to take care of their own protection and to do without the familiar home and surroundings.

The authorities speak in this case of renting out accommodation.

The victim is on the apartment not (co-) entitled, because it is not mentioned in the rental agreement, for example, then the apartment can be given to the victim for up to six months. If it cannot find a replacement apartment during this period, the deadline can be extended by a maximum of six additional months.

However, if the victim and the perpetrator are married, the apartment can be left to the victim until the divorce. Practice shows, however, that there are still women who prefer to flee to a women’s shelter rather than stay in the apartment, for example because they are still scared there. Every victim of domestic violence can decide where to stay.

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