Visas know – tips to visa – entry into the us

Visas know - tips to visa - entry into the us

Visa knowledge

In addition to the USA Visa and ESTA, there are many more topics concerning the entry into the USA or the actual stay in the United States. Everything worth knowing, what goes beyond the US visa, we present you in this section.

Fast entry into the US with Global Entry

Anyone who has ever come to the United States knows queues for entering the US and hours-long border controls. But there is one way you can avoid waiting in the future: The US entry program Global Entry allows for faster entry into the United States. Find out about the numerous benefits of Global Entry and trust our expertise – we help you reliably when applying.

How important Social Security Card and Social Security Number are

Identity documents are primarily identification documents such as an identity card or a passport. But in the US, especially the Social Security Card and the included Social Security Number as proof of identity practically daily in use. If you can apply for the social security card SSC and how the application process works, we have summarized it for you.

General work permit for married spouse

As a rule, the visa is the work and residence permit for the US. But at accompanying family members this is not the case. Family members of visa holders of certain categories can legally work in the US, regardless of the main applicant, by means of a General Work Permit known as the Employment Authorization Document or EAD. Find out what are the conditions for applying for an EEAS and how we can assist you in obtaining a General Work Permit.

Useful information about the visa application

Applying for a visa for the US is a complex process, not least because nearly all visa applicants between the ages of 14 and 79 have to personally attend a visa at the US Consulate. With the introduction of the Visa Reissuance Program, certain individuals can obtain a US visa without personal visa interview appointment apply for and submit the application documents by post.

Depending on the type of visa and the associated costs, the US consulates charge visa fees at different rates. We explain how much one Visa for the US cost can and what special features there are in the application fees.

Due to the large number of visa categories, applicants have to comply with the various documents and documents familiarize. We provide an overview, hints and filling tips for the most important forms of visa.

Abundance of US authorities

As in other countries, the tasks of the US authorities are very different. We introduce US immigration law’s most important US authorities.

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