Visualize tooth regeneration using

Dental healing – molar tooth fills automatically thanks to visualization

An experience report on the power of the mind

The following impressive example of an adult over 40 who regenerated a molar tooth using a simple visualization technique (he just imagined this tooth to be healed) provides brilliant proof of the power of the human mind over the body, which extends down to the tooth area extends into it. [2]

I have to tell something absolutely heretical. About 5 years ago on Christmas Eve I had an inlay 1 hour before we wanted to go on vacation, because unfortunately a rye core of my whole rye bread roll was not a rye core but a stone. When I realized it was too late. Catch a dentist here in the country, and also one who works biologically: none.

Then I remembered a colleague who once told me that he no longer went to the dentist at all, but got rid of tooth defects by visualizing a healthy tooth using an Indian method [1]. I didn’t believe him. Well, what should I do in my need, especially since it quickly became painful? Exactly that and initially for the pain Coffea D12 [a homeopathic remedy].

The next day the pain was gone (of course that was the homeopathic remedy). Then came 3 very nice weeks in Sicily. Initially "had to" I always feel with my tongue what the tooth did. And 5 minutes of visualization every morning.

(In particular, I remember the following:

Within two or three days a thin skin-like layer formed that closed the hole. It was a molar tooth, with the original filling on top. If I felt with my tongue, I could feel the new lock, but the tooth was still sharp. I don’t really know what happened after that, only that after about six weeks everything was smooth.)

When I got back home, I didn’t really notice anything anymore, but I wanted to get an appointment with my super bio dentist. And as it is, there were 1000 things in between. And at some point I had forgotten the whole thing. But at some point the routine check was on, I asked for an appointment and – then the whole thing came back to me.

In a nutshell: nothing was found at the dentist, everything was paletti. But: he looked at me and said he didn’t understand, because according to his documents I had a gold inlay in molar tooth xy, but there was nothing and the tooth was completely fine. I then informed him about the process. Finally, he opened his mouth and I closed my mouth.

Bottom line: He didn’t want to believe me. When I remarked that he himself had determined that there was nothing (anymore), he only replied: "But that cannot be!" But it was so.

1 My colleague had brought this from an Indian tribe in Central America or Canada with whom he had spent a few months. During his stay there, a similar misfortune happened to me. The Indians first placed coffea leaves on the hollow tooth and then taught him the visualization technique.

2 The unedited original version (posted by HerbertVater on March 12, 2008) can be found on, Healing Teeth Naturally’s English-language adaptation here.

If this technique doesn’t work for you, there are two reasons:

1) There are houses that are so dilapidated that only tearing down and new construction helps, since they are already too broken to be renovated.
2) It is also possible that you lack belief in yourself and your ability to heal yourself.
You also have to practice it without sticking to a visualization, even for up to half an hour. It is a matter of constant practice.

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