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ZÄ Julia Yoo, DDS: Doctor of Dental Surgery
Member of DEGUZ, German Society for Environmental Dental Medicine

Viva Dental Düsseldorf
Dental care center

Environmental dentistry & Dentures with CEREC Omnicam 3D scan

Holistic dentistry, dental aesthetics and implantology for Düsseldorf

Would you like a holistic treatment??

Thanks to our successful concept, we can look back on a large number of positive treatments

We understand your needs as a patient and take your concerns, history, sensitivities, health restrictions and objectives seriously. Our holistic concept enables comprehensive, transparent and understanding treatment. Since our motivated team is always trained in an interdisciplinary manner, it has the necessary competence not only to treat you successfully as a patient, but also to value you as a person and to support you in your objectives.

We work holistically!

– close cooperation with holistic dental laboratories: Only use low-polluting, gentle and sustainable materials
– Transparent and understanding explanation of the procedure and the materials to be used
interdisciplinary healing methods with a holistic approach: intolerance analyzes such as blood tests, saliva tests and gene analyzes
– Investigation and involvement all relevant dysfunctions of the body (Cooperation with orthodontists, neurologists, osteopaths, physiotherapists)

our strengths

● Implantology with bone structure, e.g. Ceramic implants
● Dentures using a 3D scan, high-quality work thanks to CAD / CAM CEREC Omnicam for dentures: long-lasting, efficient and comfortable, without a temporary, without a spoon impression, an aesthetic crown or partial crown made of ceramic in one session
● Focus on treatments taking into account different intolerances
● interdisciplinary treatments
● Aesthetic dentistry
● Plasma therapy
● Oral surgical dentistry
● biological periodontal therapy
● ICON – caries treatment without drilling
● fine and precise endodontics with a microscope (microscopic root canal treatments)
● Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD)
● Zebris (TMJ measurement)
● BrightTonix Y10 teeth whitening
● SAFEWATER by BLUE SAFETY (particularly careful cleaning of water (no bacteria, no biofilm)
● Amalgam removal under special protective measures (gold mask, up to 99% retention of bacteria and mercury vapors)

Viva Dental – dentist Düsseldorf

Environmental dentistry and sustainable dentistry

As a patient, our practice focuses on your needs, sustainably and with the highest quality standards. We see it as our job to offer you the best treatment that a practice can offer. We do this with high quality and compatible materials. Every treatment is holistic: All relevant health aspects are included in our range of services.

Reception: Miriam Brandt

Schedule an appointment

Tel .: 0211 2927550

Ms. Miriam Brandt will be happy to receive you, briefly explain our objectives, your possible treatment aspects and arrange a consultation or an appointment with one of our therapists.

We strive to meet your personal appointment requests, allow enough time for your individual advice and treatment and avoid unnecessary waiting times. If you travel further, we will of course help you to book a hotel.

We are glad to be here for you.


Holistic dentistry.


From anxiety patients to dentures.


Swiss quality treatment.

Strong team

Friendly, motivated employees who are always trained.

Dr. med. dent. Joung-Min Yoo, M.Sc.

Dr. med. dent J-M. Yoo (M.Sc.) welcomes you to the dental care center Viva Dental Düsseldorf. His philosophy focuses on the patient with his concerns and needs. Its goal is clearly defined: the best treatment for the patient.

Areas of expertise: implantology, oral surgery, periodontology

ZÄ Julia Yoo, DDS: Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dentist Julia Yoo (Dentist of Dental Surgery) has set itself the goal of involving you as a patient in a comprehensive, transparent and informative manner in all treatment steps. Their technical know-how and their international experience reinforce the skills in their range of services.

Areas of expertise: endodontics, aesthetic dentistry

Our modern, professionally experienced and motivated team awaits you in the dental practice in Düsseldorf: Viva Dental Düsseldorf dental care center. Each team member sees himself as part of the whole.

Just like your body, our practice always works as a whole. If a small part does not work properly, this interferes with the entire process. That is why we strive for perfection, with full conviction and understanding of sustainability, quality and benefits.

The goal: a functioning team for you as a patient and your treatment success.

Our team currently consists of well-trained and friendly people who have set themselves the goal of ensuring your health.

Our treating doctors with their different qualities respond ideally to your health concerns: environmental dentistry, holistic dentistry, implantology, oral surgery, endodontics, aesthetics are just a small extract from our range of services.

Other friendly, motivated experts for prophylaxis and assistance look forward to a visit from you and will be happy to advise you about our services.

Our entire team is committed to the highest standards: in every treatment we put you as a human being in the focus of our dental and sustainable work.

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