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We are pleased that people who trust OPUS • DC are excited about the results of our treatments. Read her feedback here.

Mrs. Marion S. about OPUS DC

Hello, dear rescuers, dear team, Mr. Axel Schröder,

For your immediate help after my fall in front of the Ulm Minster, which brought me a significant cosmetic problem, but I was still able to experience “3 weeks Lake Constance“, I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
A permanent pain in the jaw has not developed due to your mastery in the construction of the teeth and the soul. The contact pain during eating gave way after 10 days to a feeling of pressure and is now only a faint grumble. After 5 days, the upper lip had gone down so far that I was able to drink properly, but it still seems slightly damaged. I did not dare bite something yet. The swelling of the hand was over after 1 week on the left upper arm appeared for several days, the blue-green impression of a cobblestone edge. As far as medical feedback.
The cosmetic one is: realistically, the teeth are now nicer than before. THANK YOU! By the way, when asked which day of the week is today, I usually answer: how is I C to know that? (Pensioners!) In this sense sends you greetings combined with the best wishes for you and Opus d.c. Ulm.

Her infinitely grateful Marion S..

So, despite everything, I have good memories of Ulm.

Dear Opus DC Team,
Every day when I look in the mirror, I am glad. I can laugh again carefree with a good feeling and I like to laugh and a lot. I feel safe and healthy. You have made a great contribution to this. You have taken away my fear and made me confident with your kind, helpful nature. Your careful handling of me during the treatments have allowed me to survive the sometimes long sessions. You have done an excellent job – and that in my special starting situation. For the long drive from Bad Hersfeld to Ulm has paid off.
Because I felt so well looked after with you and you have done such a good job, I would like to thank you all. My special thanks to my favorite dentist Axel Schröder and his great girls, Gülcan and Vanessa. You have made me feel good with your fresh, uncomplicated, professional way.
Many thanks also to Dr. med. White for his support.

I would also like to thank the artists of the dental laboratory Grau. Likewise, Mrs. Hepp, whose stamina and skill miraculously regulated bureaucratic matters to my benefit. And then there are the many others whose names I do not know, who have acted in the background and so have made sure that everything runs smoothly and you feel comfortable.

Go on like this .

After the race is before the race! And so, the Club La Santa with its great training facilities after only three all too short days in the still wintry white Upper Swabia again.
However, I spent three great days in the home! Not only because I’m with "Turbo Toni" and Tina could spend precious hours, but also because a beautiful partnership has come about on a sporting level!

With the OPUS – DC, I now have a partner by my side, whose daily bread has a great deal in common with our triathletes: BITES; BITE; BITE ;-)

And since it is well known that one should not chew on the rim but should drive, this extraordinary dental clinic in Ulm has its own time-trial bike in the waiting room. This has a charming advantage for me: if I should appear too late for the appointment, so I could pedal in aerodynamic attitude through the hospital area and the "Dismount line" Pull directly on the treatment chair.
But: Generally I’m on time
Triathlon and bite are closely related!
My racing tactic often consists in keeping my opponents as long as possible "firmly bite" to go through with a long and hard final sprint just before the end. Eyes closed and teeth together. And if this project succeeds optimally, there will be work for my rows of teeth – during the authenticity check of the trophy :-)
As an athlete I demand a lot from my body. That’s why I set the highest standards for my environment and my material!
With the team of the OPUS I know myself and my teeth in the best hands – because not only the bite counts, also the efficiency is closely connected with the condition of the rows of teeth! I am well looked after by the team in Ulm and I am looking forward to the next sporting event "bite"!

Dear Opus DC Team,

my practice day in your clinic was really great. What I especially liked was that I was allowed to look over the doctors’ back even at the operating theaters and that I was able to help myself in the treatment room myself. Also, I thought it was great that I was so kindly looked after and you have explained everything to me instead of just leaving me next to it. You have really encouraged me in my quest to study dentistry. Thank you for everything!

Almost 15 years ago, a tooth was pulled and the jawbone was damaged.
My former dentist made me an adhesive bridge, which broke out every few weeks / months and had to be glued in every time!
Some dentists told me that another solution because of the bone is not possible.
When I met Dr. Weiss met and he examined me thoroughly and X-rayed, told me this, that an implant is very possible!
So a bone structure was made and an implant used. The healing took a little longer, but I have a full set of teeth for a few weeks now and I can bite everything!

Throughout the treatment, the team was very friendly and accommodating. All treatment steps were well explained and agreed!

I also really liked that he had not only the implant in mind, but my teeth as a whole. So Prophylaxebahndlungen were recommended and replaced cracked fillings!

I have recommended the clinic of my partner, which is also very satisfied and so we are inzischen also with the children there in treatment!

SHORT: A very good dentist in a practice with feel-good atmosphere!
Praise also to the team around Dr. Weiss: Always friendly and worried / obliging!"

(Rating of Jameda.de)

I have to say that I live in Hanover and, despite the distance to Ulm, I am being treated for treatment by Dr. Ing. White had determined; I got the recommendation from a very good friend who lives in Ulm. For me, in the upper jaw area was a very intensive treatment with six implants. For a week the complete treatment is finished and I am mine
"new teeth" excited. From the first preliminary consultation over the actual operation to the
Fitting the prosthetics, I can only report positive; moreover, they were for the entire treatment
only six appointments necessary; I am glad that, despite the distance, I have put my trust in this practice !"

(Rating of Jameda.de)

I was recommended this clinic by a friend, because I had no dentist in Ulm.
I had pain with my wisdom teeth and had an x-ray taken and my teeth generally checked.
Almost all employees here are super friendly and competent. I am very satisfied with my doctor.
Although this clinic is very on your additional offers I was only recommended a prof. To have teeth cleaning done, nothing was imposed on me. The advice was very comprehensive and adapted to me as a student on a tight budget.
The removal of the wisdom teeth turned out to be a horror trip as my teeth were anything but easy to remove. 2 hours for two teeth had to be.

Thanks to the great team, although it was anything but pleasant and I suffered a lot, the situation was made as pleasant as possible! Very great support also by the assistant the doctor was very calm and competent.
I would not let it be done again, but I can recommend this to anyone.

Also very nice was the call of the practice the day after the removal of the wisdom teeth, they inquired if I would be fine and advised me again what you can do for pain / may. Another advantage is the practice times, even on Saturdays and during the week also on
Eve! Super.

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