Voluntary social year (fsj) – klinikum nordfriesland

The Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) is an offer Boy People up to and including 26 years of age to orientate themselves professionally and personally, to consolidate their character and to contribute to our society. The duration of the FSJ is at least 6 months to a maximum of 18 months. The start is regular on August 1st of the year, but a later entry is possible.

The FSJ can be completed in the clinics of the Nordfriesland Clinic in Husum, Niebüll and on Föhr in the areas of nursing and physical therapy.

The FSJ in our house offers you many advantages

  • a monthly meal allowance of € 190 plus € 154 pocket money,
  • 26 days of vacation per year,
  • Non-contributory insurance in statutory health, pension, accident, unemployment and long-term care insurance,
  • the parents’ entitlement to child benefit remains,
  • an orientation in the job descriptions of the healthcare system,
  • the chance to check your suitability for a nursing profession,
  • the further development of individual strengths and skills,
  • meeting people and working in a community.

Responsibilities of the FSJ in the clinic

  • Lea Baasner is doing her voluntary social year on a nursing ward, her duties also include providing the patients with drinks. nursing tasks, such as helping with basic patient care, supporting the registered nursing staff, accompanying patients to other departments,

  • Errands and errands within the clinic, other light ward tasks and household chores,
  • the five FSJ students of physical therapy accompany the patients to groups in geriatrics (“geriatrics”)-physical therapy, To take care of preparation and follow-up, create therapy plans, maintain pin boards, take over transport services and assist with individual therapies.

Supervision by the clinic

In a preparatory course at the Education Center for Professions in Health Care North Friesland (BiZ NF) in Husum – a subsidiary of the clinic – the new FSJ students will work together on the new tasks for them by experienced and very experienced teachers and practice instructors, professionally – but also mentally – on those for they prepared new situation.

During the FSJ, too, all volunteers will be looked after by the staff of the BiZ NF and invited to one-day seminars. In addition, seminar weeks are held several times a year on various topics in the Ecumenical Education Center (ÖBiZ) in Flensburg. The ÖBiZ is a close cooperation partner of the BiZ NF.


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