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With your commitment you are our partner, our partner in the exciting everyday life of nature conservation in Switzerland. Whether you’re young or a little older, whether you’d rather get involved outdoors or want to play a strategic role indoors – the possibilities are extremely diverse. We are sure you will find the right commitment for you, whether you are working during a holiday working week, in the maintenance of nature reserves or regularly on the board of a Pro Natura section. We are pleased about enthusiastic like-minded people.

With hand and heart: Maintaining nature reserves

Private individuals are most frequently involved in the maintenance of our nature reserves. We need many hands there. For example, we want to cut hedges, remove waste from streams, maintain paths or keep invasive plants in check. This can often only be done by hand. Accordingly, we are glad to have as many helpers as possible! An assignment lasts a few hours, maximum one day – including a refreshing snack after work is done.

During your mission we will gladly tell you what you can observe in the respective nature reserve and why this area is so important for nature. Are you interested?

Holiday working weeks – active holidays

Do you fancy a personal commitment to nature – during your holidays? Together with the Foundation for the Use of the Environment, Pro Natura offers special holiday experiences in the most beautiful regions of Switzerland. Doing something useful together with others, such as building dry stone walls, maintaining alpine pastures or restoring water pipes – the offers ensure unforgettable encounters with people between the ages of 18 and 70 – in true natural paradises.

During the holiday working weeks you work free of charge for nature and pay a contribution towards expenses. Preparation, organisation and supervision of the assignments cost a lot of money. We need your financial support so that this range of services can be created in the first place. Details can be found in the respective offers.

Corporate Volunteering – Commitment to nature for companies

Would you like to make an active contribution to a nature reserve together with your employees? Volunteer work for endangered animal and plant species and their habitats is very important because much has to be done by hand. Intensive experience of our native flora and fauna, meaningful teamwork and first-hand knowledge about the protected areas, their development, their inhabitants and their care – that is what Pro Natura’s nature missions offer you and your company. The assignments take place under expert guidance in the Pro Natura nature reserves.

A contribution towards expenses for the group management, the tools and their transport is charged. The companies pay for travel expenses and meals. Interested?

Commitment to nature for school classes

Would you like to get to know a nature reserve in your region together with your pupils and make an active contribution there? Pro Natura offers excursions for school classes in nature reserves. In some cases, these can be combined with a work assignment.

Honorary office: Involvement in various committees

More than 350 people throughout Switzerland support us in their spare time in the Council of Delegates, the Central Executive Committee or the Executive Committee of the Cantonal Section, for example as cashiers, experts on the Executive Committee or as editors for the Section’s website. Once they’ve been working for Pro Natura, many volunteers remain loyal to our organisation for a long time – obviously it’s fun! Without the countless working hours of often longtime volunteers, we would not be able to realize many projects.

Would you also like to donate time and passion to nature?

Lend us your talent!

At the Pro Natura Central Secretariat in Basel and at the respective offices of the sections, there are various ways of actively supporting Pro Natura. We are always on the lookout for volunteers to support us in administrative matters, to archive files or for stand activities.

Youth nature conservation: Become a leader

Searching for animal tracks in all weathers or cooking soup on the fire? Take responsibility for children and young people, teach them about nature? Teaching children how to play and how to get them excited about nature? This is exactly what Pro Natura youth group leaders do in their spare time.

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Support us with a donation

Become a member of Pro Natura!

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