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There are still many reasons for volunteering in Asia despite economic progress. On the one hand, the gap between rich and poor is widening, on the other hand, the rapid population growth is putting a lot of pressure on natural resources. Participants in social projects in Asia or in nature and environmental protection can do a lot here. On top of that, international experience in economically booming Asian countries can be a big plus on your resume. And if you still have a little time after your voluntary service, you can take a detour to the fantastic beaches of Southeast Asia or the “top, roof the world ”in the Himalayas.

Volunteer projects in

5 good reasons for volunteering in Asia

  • They help narrow the big differences between rich and poor
  • Immense variety of cultures
  • So very different – big differences to European culture
  • Stays in India, China or the emerging countries of Southeast Asia look good on your resume
  • Beach, mountains, culture, thrills – great leisure activities

Large selection of projects in Southeast Asia, hardly any projects in the Middle and Middle East

Volunteering in Asia is possible in many different countries and areas of application. Volunteer projects are particularly popular in South and Southeast Asia, after all there are many volunteer positions in India, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia. And if you want to travel a few kilometers more, you will find further job offers, e.g. in Indonesia, Vietnam or China .

On the other hand, the situation is very different for volunteering in the Middle East, which is hardly possible due to the local security situation. And even those who want to volunteer in Central Asia are usually disappointed, because with the exception of Mongolia, almost no volunteer projects are offered in the mostly authoritarian regimes.

Focus on social projects in Asia, nature conservation and animal care

From the economic boom in large parts of Asia, e.g. in China or India, by far not all sections of the population could benefit. Much of the rural population in particular still lives in poverty. As part of projects to promote employment, volunteers can get involved exactly where help is most needed. There are also numerous volunteer positions in Asia in projects with children, e.g. as an English teacher or in the care of small children.

However, we do not recommend doing volunteer projects in orphanages. In most Asian countries, especially in the tourist strongholds of Nepal and Cambodia, the number of these facilities has increased significantly in recent years, but the number of orphans has not. In fact, the children in the so-called orphanages mostly have at least one living parent, but are used by unscrupulous dealers. voluntary-posts and donations primarily enrich the owners and do not benefit the children. We explain in detail in our blog article "That’s why we don’t have orphan projects". Fortunately, there are many alternatives to do meaningful volunteering in Asia – even with children.

Another focus is on volunteering with animals or in nature and environmental protection. As natural resources are under great pressure due to the high population density, volunteers in Asia can get involved in environmental protection, wildlife or animal care.

Regulated voluntary services in Asia: State-sponsored development aid

With the participants of the regulated voluntary services weltwärts and FSJ abroad Volunteer projects in Asia are only in third or fourth place on the popularity scale. While 21% of weltwärts participants volunteered in Thailand, Cambodia or India, just 16% of FSJ students went to Asia.

Opportunity to change cultural wallpaper

The most populous continent in the world with over 4 billion inhabitants has a lot to offer. In contrast to Africa or South America, Asia is significantly less influenced by colonialism, which has led to the fact that the Asian culture is probably the most distant from the European. Volunteers who want to immerse themselves in a completely different culture will get their money’s worth.

Internship abroad in China or India: plus points for your CV

Every type of volunteering in Asia primarily benefits local volunteer projects, but can also spice up your resume. This applies above all to volunteering and internships in China or India. Those who gain intercultural experience in economically booming countries often have better cards when applying to the university or in an interview in the private sector. And a voluntary service or internship in Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam can also pay off twice in this regard.

Volunteering and Travel in Asia: Beach Vacation vs. Trekking in the Himalayas

The majority of the volunteer projects in Asia are located in attractive tourist areas, so that volunteers can usually go on short explorations on weekends. And after 2 weeks of volunteering in Thailand or 2 months of internship in India, the only question that remains for participants is whether they are drawn to the heavenly beaches of Southeast Asia or the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas.

Photos courtesy of Multikultur, Projects Abroad and Ubelong.


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