Volunteering in germany, volunteering in germany

You are planning to be part of a To volunteer in Germany and want you about Inform opportunities? We have put together some information on the subject for you here:

Projects for volunteering in Germany

There is one throughout Germany large number of providers, projects and initiatives that make such engagement possible. Volunteering in Germany offers you the chance to do ours at a position of your choice society help shape. As part of the volunteer work, you will gain insights into various professional fields, have exciting experiences with people and can do yours Add an interesting facet to your personality profile for future employers.

Since you work with other young people in most of the projects, there is no shortage of fun on weekends or after work. Joint ventures with the other volunteers often provide many new contacts and friendships.

Examples of fields of work for volunteering in Germany

  • in hospitals or old people’s and nursing homes
  • in children’s homes or daycare centers
  • in theaters or concert halls
  • in youth welfare institutions
  • with disabled people
  • in parishes
  • in cultural institutions and meeting places

In these fields of work become volunteers used in addition to full-time specialists. The work in the individual areas is very different. No matter whether you go for a walk with people or you e.g. Reads a story to a blind person: your work is always in the An important contribution in the context of volunteering and a welcome support for the institutions.

Works for the National Natural Landscapes

One way to show volunteer work is the Help in the national natural landscapes. The diverse areas of responsibility range from planting trees and hedges to assisting in research projects and office work. One thing is all Common tasks: Through voluntary work, you relieve the full-time staff and actively contribute to environmental protection.

Volunteering projects in Europe

Volunteer provider in Germany

You can find opportunities for volunteering in Germany through the churches, charities or other social institutions. The FSJ (Voluntary Social Year) or the FÖJ (Voluntary Ecological Year) are, among many other options, probably the most well-known forms of volunteering.

We have put together a link list for volunteering in Germany so that you can find out about flexible options that meet your needs:

Voluntary ecological year

Voluntary social year

Federal Working Group of Voluntary Agencies

Catholic Federal Working Group for Voluntary Services

Volunteers in ecological farms


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