Volvo v40: child seat – placement – safety – volvo v40 instruction manual

Always place child seats / seat cushions (p. 48) with the passenger airbag activated (p. 35) in the rear.

If the airbag deploys, a child sitting in the front passenger seat can be seriously injured.

The sticker with the warning for the passenger airbag is located on one of the following two Put in the vehicle:

Possibility 1: Airbag sticker on the sun visor on the passenger side.

Option 2: Airbag sticker on the door pillar on the passenger side. The sticker can be seen when the passenger door is opened.

The following can be used:

  • a child seat / seat cushion on the front passenger seat if the front passenger airbag is not activated.
  • one or more child seats / seat cushions in the rear.


  • Never place a rear-facing child seat on a seat with the airbag activated. Failure to follow this instruction could result in serious injury or death to the child.
  • Never let children sit in a child seat or on a seat cushion in the front seat when the airbag is activated.

Do not let anyone stand or sit in front of the passenger seat.

People with a height of less than 140 cm should never sit in the front passenger seat when the airbag is activated.

Failure to heed the above instructions may result in death.
Seat cushions or child seats with steel brackets or other constructions that can rest on the release button of the buckle, allowed to not be used as they can cause the belt buckle to open unintentionally.

The upper part of the child seat must not touch the windshield.

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Child seat – ISOFIX
Other materials:

On pair Definitions.
Range (km or miles) Distance that (depending on the average consumption of the last kilometers driven) can still be covered with the fuel contained in the tank. This value can vary if the driving style or route profile change and the mom .

i-stop OFF switch
The i-stop function can be switched off if the switch is held down until an acoustic signal sounds and the i-stop warning light (yellow) on the dashboard lights up. The i-stop function is operational again when the switch is held down until .

seat belt warning
Front seats If the driver or front passenger is not buckled up and the vehicle speed is more than about 20 km / h, a continuous warning signal sounds. If the seat belt is not fastened, the warning signal is briefly switched off and then sounds .


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