Waiting semester, waiting times for a law degree are long

Prospective lawyers, too, are often confronted with the subject of a “waiting semester” after passing their Abitur: Law in Germany traditionally has a high level of prestige. A successful degree offers lawyers good career opportunities. This makes the subject so popular that universities and SfH have to screen heavily. You can read more on the subject of "law and waiting time" on this page.

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Law studies: I have to count on waiting semesters?

Nationwide, you can enroll in the law course at 23 universities. The study regulations for law differ from state to state. At some universities, you can traditionally complete your studies with the first state examination. Other universities have already introduced the "Bachelor of Laws" and "Master of Laws" courses.

NC in law

In the past semesters, the following trend has emerged for law in relation to the waiting time before admission to studies: In law in particular, this is Range of NC values very far between the individual universities. This ranges from the very good first-class Abitur to no access restrictions at all.

More and more universities are going to local selection process about. That means: If your high school diploma at a university is not enough, you have the chance to score at another university and get a place at university.

Of course you can also get one without a suitable NC Study place at your desired university to get. However, you should accept a waiting semester or two for this.

How do I use my waiting semester to study??

Waiting semesters also offer good opportunities for prospective law students, for example, through internships to gain initial experience in the world of work. Legal internship provider are among other

  • legislative bodies,
  • courts,
  • public prosecutors
  • administrative authorities,
  • notary offices,
  • Public law institutions and
  • Legal departments in large companies

One is also conceivable Work as a working student with reference to law or legal professions. Legal internships are mandatory at some universities. So inquire at a university of your choice whether an internship in the waiting semester may be as internship can be recognized.

Training in the waiting semester

If you have to wait longer to study, can you also first Education in the legal field do. Possible professions are, for example, legal assistant or notary assistant.

In doing so, they acquire their first professional experience, acquire legal knowledge and gain insight into that Practice of legal professions. Ideal prerequisites for your subsequent law studies. After all, it will not only be easier for you to understand legal contexts. This also offers you this good chances of a lucrative one Part-time job while studying law.

Lawyers abroad: volunteering

Of course, during your waiting semester, you can simply wait until your law degree starts. You can also use the time sensibly to train yourself. Adult education centers and distance learning institutes offer a variety of seminars for professional practitioners at – including language courses, computer workshops and training in the areas of law & economy.

Or are you maybe planning a stay abroad? Then your waiting semester is the right time for it. In the globalized world in particular, specialists who mediate between countries, cultures and legal systems are in demand. Sign up for one voluntary work abroad and get direct insight into the International aid projects.

Get involved as a lawyer in the legal department of social associations or non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The tasks are diverse (Human rights, animal welfare, environmental protection) and deployments almost worldwide.


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