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In the Wall design children’s room The question often arises how the child can participate. It should be more than just sticking posters on, which the child can do perfectly well on his own. The parents usually help or take over everything completely. The child, on the other hand, is terribly bored or is not at home right from the start because there is nothing to help. Attaching a wallpaper is difficult for some adults or at least a difficult task. A child really can’t even begin to help. But there is a method of wall decorating children’s rooms in which you can actually involve the child: set the wallpaper aside and reach for the cotton plaster.

Cotton plaster is easy to handle

Cotton plaster is also a wallpaper. However, it has a peculiarity: Cotton plaster is a liquid, pulpy mass, which is applied to the wall. Because of its consistency, cotton plaster is also called liquid wallpaper. However, it is not just made of cotton. By adding mica, colored threads, silk and other certain natural materials cotton plaster can be easily modified. This allows you to achieve decorative effects that cannot be achieved with a normal wallpaper, but which nursery do well.

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Wallpaper was yesterday!

The wallpaper and all of its problems are a thing of the past thanks to the cotton plaster. Especially when children have a say, wallpapering often turns into a drama. This starts with the purchase of the wallpaper: The pattern doesn’t like it. There is not enough of the favorite wallpaper. Or the child comes up with another flaw. Maybe he wants the same wallpaper as his friend.

But when the right wallpaper was finally bought, the real challenge of wall decorating children’s rooms begins: Attaching the wallpaper.

Before you attach the wallpaper, you first have to remove all bumps. That means that spatula can be taken out. You can only paper on a smooth wall. After that, one could Primer required his. If the wall has a strong absorbency, it removes the adhesive, which means that the wallpaper does not adhere.

If these things are guaranteed, you can paper. After the glue has been mixed correctly, it is applied to the tailored wallpaper applied and this is then folded to attach it. When attaching it you notice that the wallpaper is crooked. That could well happen, because not every wall is straight. If the walls are crooked, a spirit level is required to be plumbed.

After the wallpaper is placed correctly on the wall, the following problems are realistic: Diving seam Blitzer on. Bubbles form. The wallpaper has stains. Seam flashes and bubbles can be caused by an incorrect mixture of the adhesive. Or the room temperature was not optimal while the wallpaper was drying. Stains in the wallpaper can be caused by residues of previous glue if the Adhesive residues cannot be eliminated.

Wall design Children’s room is no joy with the traditional wallpaper. So that everyone involved can take something for themselves, the Cotton plaster is a much more interesting alternative is.

Make the children’s room unique!

With all the difficulties of wallpapering, the call is for simplicity he’s listening. With the There is cotton plaster hardly any preparations required. Even uneven and crooked walls can be safely ignored, because Cotton plaster is simply smeared on the wall. You use a trowel for this. Alternatively, a spray gun is also possible.

Through this type of application it is possible to Wall design corridor according to your ideas close. If finding the right wallpaper was the problem before, you can do the cotton plaster all possible color combinations do. By adding materials you can additional effects add: glitter, silk, paper, straw and many more. All of this can be included in the cotton plaster and in no way reduces the quality of the wall. You can also create patterns when applied. If the patterns are quite sophisticated, you can use stencils.

Another plus during work: there is no mess in the house! There is no need to set up wallpapering tables and there are no remains of wallpaper that you have to remove.

Cotton plaster is durable! It is not uncommon for the cotton plaster 15 to 20 years can hold. If there is any wear or soiling, this is not a problem: slight corrections or removal of the soiling are possible.

Furthermore, cotton plaster impresses with its Sound insulation. Sounds are easily absorbed and thus the next argument is harder for the neighbors to hear. In addition, the Heat well held. According to the principle of clothing, the thicker the cotton layer, the warmer the four walls. You can even expect significant savings in heating costs. This is a considerable advantage, especially in large corridors.

In addition, institutes confirm in numerous tests that cotton plaster no chemical additives or pollutants contains. So if an allergy sufferer comes to you in the hallway soon, he too will feel comfortable.


Cotton plaster in the wall design of children’s rooms is a blessing. Children can get their exact desired wallpaper. You can actively help with the application and in the end look proud of your own work. The cotton plaster is also durable and easy to maintain and correct, which are very important points in the nursery. With this, wall design provides children’s room cotton plaster represents the optimum.


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