Wall design children’s room

Children’s imagination is almost inexhaustible. Therefore, fantastic motifs can be found in almost every child’s room, be it on wallpaper, posters or wall stickers. To put the wall design of the children’s room in an original and individual light, there are now beautiful wall tattoo motifs for children – many of them with your desired name. This is how you give your child pure joie de vivre, because the full imagination of a child knows no limits. Below you will find a great selection of wall stickers for the children’s room and other interesting design ideas for the walls.

Wall decal elf with desired name

Wall tattoo elf with desired name

The wall sticker "Elf with your desired name" shows a floating elf surrounded by stars and butterflies. Underneath there is enough space for the child’s name. So your child turns into a charming mythical creature. A customizable wall sticker is always very special and an elf motif is incredibly beautiful and valuable for most children. So they can dive into their fantasy worlds and experience and explore the magic realm of the elves.

Border children’s room

Borders with beautiful motifs are a great idea for the wall design of the children’s room. This is how you conjure up beautiful contrasts on the wall that make the room appear more lively. Borders are available as rolled goods. In terms of color and design, the border should match the rest of the children’s room. In the meantime there are also wall tattoo borders that you can simply stick on existing wallpapers.

Wall tattoo unicorn with name

Unicorn wall sticker with name

Unicorns are among the most popular and well-known mythical creatures. Numerous books and films describe the mythological animals as very noble and graceful. The unicorns symbolize the good. A unicorn with a name is a fantastic idea for wall design that inspires every child. Unicorns are experiencing a kind of renaissance again in many children’s films or picture books. Do not neglect the decoration of the children’s room. A child longs for a beautiful, varied wall design. The unicorn wall sticker with name transforms every children’s room into a personal and individual feel-good paradise.

Children’s wall bars

To emphasize the sportiness and as a wall design idea alike, you can set up a wall bar in the children’s room. Because of the risk of injury, this type of decoration is only suitable for older children. Nevertheless, if the children’s room is large and high enough, a wall bar is a great alternative that brings fun and energy.

Wall decal knight landscape

Wall decal with knight landscape

On this great wall sticker for young knights there is a fantastic knight landscape full of secrets. Huge dragons circle over a knight’s castle, two armed knights prepare to fight and the world holds its breath. It is always difficult for boys to find a suitable idea for wall design. The wall tattoo knight landscape provides a remedy. It scores with its sophisticated design that enchants every child’s room in a medieval fantasy world. Knights in heavy armor, with swords and on horses – there are bright eyes for children.

Warm and colorful wall surfaces

Warm colors in the children’s room

An additional effect is achieved with warm and bright colors in the children’s room. Since children love colors, they will be very happy when their kingdom shines in bright colors. It is important that you choose colors that match each other so that the harmony is not disturbed. Combined with a decorative fabric banner, you create a modern and very individual children’s room that is impressive.

Wall sticker dragon with name

Wall sticker dragon with name

The wall sticker dragon with name ensures a good mood in the children’s room. Fantasy creatures of all kinds are very popular with children. Thanks to Peter Maffay’s great invention “Tabaluga”, the dragon also made it into the hearts of the little ones. Everyone has been talking about love and cute dragons ever since. Now there is finally a happy dragon with the desired name as a beautiful wall tattoo, an individual and personal idea for the wall design of the children’s room. You can choose the right one from very different colors and the wall sticker is available in three sizes. Whether over the cot or simply sticking to a beautiful place – the wall sticker dragon with the name of your choice is simply joy.

Contrasts between floor and wall

It always looks beautiful and decorative when the color of the floor stands out against the wall. In this picture, the floor area is very well separated from the wall surface in terms of color and structure. The earthy tones convey balance and harmony. The sky walls in turn make the room appear larger and wider. A feeling of freedom arises. This is a very inspiring playground for children.

Fairy tale castle wall sticker

Wall sticker with fairytale castle

The wall tattoo fairy tale castle is a wonderful idea for decorating a girl’s room. Fairy tales have always been popular all over the world and are still told today. Modern life has brought about many changes, but the fairy tales have remained. They have an incredible attraction for children and adults. A lot of miraculous things happen in a fairy tale: Animals can e.g. speak or transform into princes and in the end everything always ends well. A fairytale castle as a wall tattoo is a magical gift for almost every girl, which enchants the children’s room in a fairytale landscape.

Wall sticker pirate flag with name

For little pirates there is now a very individual idea for the wall design of the children’s room: a pirate flag with the desired name as an elegant wall tattoo for the door or a nice place in the room. Wall stickers in pirate style are a hit with boys. As a child you want to be cool and daring and also play the pirate. Everyone has been talking about good pirates again since the remake of “Wickie and the strong men” or the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. Many children dress up as pirates at carnival and make the world unsafe. With a pirate flag wall sticker you can transform every child’s room into a mysterious robber’s cave.

You will also find these and many other motifs for the wall design of the children’s room here.


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