Wanderlust four times – the travel blog for families and travel for two

Wanderlust four times - the travel blog for families and travel for two

Four times wanderlust | Family Travel Blog

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“The world is full of things, and it really needs someone to find them.”
– Astrid Lindgren –

Welcome to Viermal Fernweh, the travel blog for families and small parental leave.

Nice that you found us. I am Ines and write the travel diary of my family.

Everything is about small and big trips and the shared experience. We, that’s two 4x Wanderlust children: The one crazy about football and London fan, the second fond of horses with a taste for Greece. And the parents: Travel-tested and traveling the world together for nearly 25 years.

The kids have turned our lives upside down. Much has changed. Only one thing we do not love, we love to be on the road. Family hotels and children’s clubs are quite nice, but we want to experience more and see something of our beautiful planet.

Family Travel Blog Four times wanderlust

We like to talk about ours Road trips, city breaks, rambles through the area and small breaks for two. Traveling with children is much easier than expected. It does not always have to be the end of the world. For us, the discovery begins on the doorstep – from Brandenburg to South Africa, almost always four and preferably active.

Incidentally, we finance most of our trips ourselves. Occasionally we work together with tourist companies, and the contributions are always marked accordingly.

Take a look around and let us tune in on your next trip, a short trip or trips to Berlin and Brandenburg. You will find lots of tips, addresses and inspiration here.

We look forward to your comments and travel recommendations, because we are always looking for the next (big or small) adventure.

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Hello Ines,
We (two friendly couples) want to go to Kefalonia next year. Your report to me really liked it! Would you tell me the name of the apartment house? We prefer to holiday away from the hustle and bustle of tourists.
Best regards! Kathrin

We were in Maria`s Garden Apartments and very satisfied. The location is great, we had our peace there, although we lived above Lassi. The apartments have everything you need, but not more. They come in different sizes, so you can rent one big or two separate ones. Pay attention to the information on the air conditioning, which was not included with us. Apart from that, we felt completely comfortable there. http://www.mariasgardenapartments.com/index.html (also bookable via a well-known online portal)
Have a nice time on Kefalonia. Best regards, Ines

Hi Ines, we want to do a desert safari with our 6 year old son in Dubai and I wonder if that’s good. Can you tell me something? Are the children stuck in child seats or are they flying uncontrollably back and forth? Or can you take the child on the lap? Please give a short feedback. A heartfelt thank you. Caroline Krieger

Dear Caroline, thank you for your comment. On our tour there was an age restriction, children under 5 were not allowed to participate. The best way to inquire about the providers, from what age the desert safari is suitable and if there are child seats or booster seats. My kids were already eight and twelve on the tour and got along well without child seats. To take a child in the lap is probably a little more dangerous, as it rocks hard on the dunes and you are thrown back and forth. I wish you a great trip. Best regards, Ines

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