We are in a serious slump in the stroller

I have mentioned this a bit here and there in past, but we have a serious stroller situation going on here. As in my child hates it. Every walk is an excruciating beating, screaming and looks from worried passers-by ask, why my child has to avoid a violent tantrum.

This has been going on for a while now, but it’s already winter (wet! Cold!) It hasn’t been an urgent problem that much. But now, it’s warm and I’m itchy and moving, it needs to be treated.

We are the proud owners of the very popular BOB Revolution sports car. They know everyone recommends and claims that their child loves. And while I think it’s a nice stroller, there is a fundamental problem with (many). The seat is much, much too lying position. I mean, look on the Image – that don’t look comfortable, doesn’t it?

So I’ve had this theory for a while, if we had a more upright stroller, Cullen would be happier. Even more frustrating, I like to see other children walking in the BOB, not shuffling or sagging nearly as much as my child is looking for. I assure you, I have Google-d everything you can imagine and I have gone as far as practical to try to dismantle my stroller to get the more space. No dice, although I’ve seen other complaints about the same thing.

Today, I thought I was going to test my upright theory, and I propped up Cullen with a duvet behind him. For the first half mile he liked to eat out of his snack mug without a beep and I thought that maybe my simple update wanted to be the miracle solution. And then after about 10 or 15 minutes that old Cullen back. Spanking, kicking and acting like he was tortured as we walked through our peaceful neighborhood.

The thing is, I’m not ready to accept that he won’t just sit in the stroller. Although I know he’s only 16 months old and doesn’t really understand, haggle and follow, I can’t give up entirely on exercise or fresh air. My next step is to borrow another stroller from a friend and see if he likes it better. I have my eye on a new one that sits much more upright, and if our test run is a success, I’ll start scouring for upcoming deals and stroller sales. Until then we will be climbing the walls indoors, and we haven’t already with the expensive strollers!


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