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Happy Birthday! From the decoration to the cotton candy: To make the children’s birthday party a great experience, I have collected a few ideas for you. After all, the day should be especially nice for the little ones. And since quality Preparation is everything, let’s start with a few books on the subject of children’s birthday. Of course we celebrate outdoors in summer. Of course, you will also find many great outdoor game ideas in this post. And at the end there is also something to win! Have fun reading and an enchanting children’s birthday wish Janine!

Before you start: Children’s birthday books

Preparation is everything: Anyone planning the children’s party beforehand is on the safe side afterwards. Marlies Schiller gives helpful ideas and tips in her book “Celebrating creative children’s birthdays”. Here you will find tips for playing and crafting, ideas for one Theme party, recipes, e.g. for children’s sushi and decoration ideas. # “Celebrate creative children’s birthdays”, approx. 13 €, seen at Findus in the CITTI-PARK Flensburg

Children love balloons! So we make them happy and conjure up dinosaurs, dogs or unicorns for them. According to the instructions of balloon world champion Ralf Esslinger, the funny characters should be easy to copy. So let’s go! #“Cheeky cheeky balloon figures”, approx. € 9, seen at Hugendubel in the CITTI-PARK Kiel

#No party without face painting! The templates and step-by-step instructions make it child’s play. # ”Make-up is child’s play”, about 11 €, seen at Thalia at CITTI-PARK Lübeck

The big day – finally a child’s birthday!

Do you love birthday decorations so much? It cannot be colorful enough for us! Fortunately, there are many great shops in the CITTI-PARK, where you can get very charming party decorations. There are pennant chains in light blue, turquoise and powder pink, funny muffin badges, cupcake decorations and sugar-sweet birthday napkins. Of course, everything for themed parties too! So what will it be? Unicorn, pirate or rather fairy? We ♥ decoration!

# Pennant chains, balloons, candles, cardboard dishes and much more e.g. at Kaufrausch, Butlers, El Mundo and Schönfelder Spielwaren in the CITTI-PARK Kiel / at Depot, Sostrene Grene, Dänisches Bettenlager and in the Rappelkiste in the CITTI-PARK Lübeck / at Imlau2Play, in the Dänischen Bettenlager, Depot and Tiger in the CITTI-PARK Flensburg / or in the new Smyths Toys Superstore or CITTI market of joie de vivre in the CITTI-PARK

The main thing is fun: the best outdoor games

It doesn’t always have to be a meticulously timed children’s birthday party. Sometimes just putting a water slide or a pool in the garden is enough. Fun factor: 100% guaranteed!

#Water slide from € 15 & Pool from 15 €, discovered at Imlau2Play in the CITTI-PARK Flensburg

Sack hopping was a hit on every child’s birthday, even in Grandma’s day. What was really fun back then is still popular today. How about a little skill course with a sack hopping station? And immediately afterwards a round of giant mikado! But be careful: wobbling is not valid!

# Bouncy bags at Schönfelder Spielwaren in the CITTI-PARK Kiel / Giant Mikado in the Rappelkiste in the CITTI-PARK Lübeck

How – that was all?

Don’t panic, dear ones! In the toy shops in the CITTI-PARK there are a lot of great ideas for children’s birthday parties! Would you like a small sample? Dartboards, Viking chess, skipping ropes, face painting, water bombs, soap bubbles, rubber twist, helium balloons with music. It’s best to take a little time to browse, e.g. at Schönfelder Spielwaren in the CITTI-PARK Kiel, in the Rappelkiste in the CITTI-PARK Lübeck, at Imlau2Play in the CITTI-PARK Flensburg or in the new Smyths Toys Superstore.

Heavenly: homemade cotton candy!

After the game a refreshment! And because it’s a child’s birthday, it can also be something unusual. How about, for example, homemade cotton candy? With the Gourmetmaxx cotton candy machine from the CITTI market of joie de vivre, the sweets are quickly made. Into the cotton candy pleasure!

#Gourmetmaxx cotton candy machine, about 30 €, seen in the CITTI market of joie de vivre in the CITTI-PARK Flensburg, Kiel and Lübeck

Win a Children’s Birthday Party Set “Ocean Buddies”!

* Contest ended! Thank you for participating! *

Is your child’s birthday coming up? Well, with a bit of luck, you won’t have to worry about the decoration anymore. The CITTI market of joie de vivre in Kiel, Flensburg and Lübeck has put together a great children’s birthday party set that you can see here on the CITTI-PARK blog can win. In the “Ocean Buddies” set by Anscam (see above) you will not only find invitation cards, small bags, table decorations and a rather impressive shark foil balloon, but much more. What do you have to do to enter the competition? Just leave a comment below this blog post. Important: Please write in which CITTI market of joie de vivre you want to pick up the party set in case of a win. Good luck!

The Contest starts on May 27, 2019 and ends on June 11, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.. The winners will be drawn and notified in writing.

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