We from the end of the street: october 2018

And since this day like here, here, here and Always finds a place on the blog here, so today two articles appear exceptionally in one day. *G*

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Who rustles there?

He will not stay here long, this afternoon he is going to make a trip to a lovely person and so I managed to cross the autumn handicraft bingo again. *G*

Have a good time and enjoy autumn with its bright colors and rustling in the foliage.

best regards

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Sunday October 21, 2018

Weekly review 42/2018

Today was a short round through the forest, I was kind of tired. I have still collected a few autumn treasures and now I should sort them out. We were on the road a lot this week and sometimes it had to be a bit jagged at lunchtime. So it will go on for another four weeks, not bad, but there is not much time for the blog at the moment.

Seen: Babylon Berlin – I have continued to look and I am still not quite in the action, but I will do it. And I saw the new farmers too. *G*

Heard: Honestly, everything could have run in the CD player, I can’t remember anything.

read: "Rapunzel on Rügen" by Emma Bieling. Sounds like a fairy tale, or just like a woman with incredibly long hair. I am not too far yet but it says on the envelope:

Jessica, also known as Rapunzel because of her long hair, has to cancel her training as an actress due to an acute lack of money. She finds a job on Rügen. of all times as a servant for sea burials. On her first assignment, she has a serious misfortune. she accidentally opens an urn and lets the ashes blow across the sea. But in doing so, she gets to know Hendrick. and is very surprised when he is back on her ship a little later.

Made: I have something in the new sewing room – and rearranged,

while the son in the garage, after installing the electr. Door operator, has installed a new light source.

Trades: I am on the cards for the advent calendar, I just emptied the patch basket for a while (why you always put it out so far?), Sewed a little thing and knitted a bit further.

Slept: This week was very bad and on Saturday we felt it, because I slept until 10.15am and if it hadn’t rung the bell it would have been later. But there was a rush I can tell you.

Happy: About another autumn card from Claudia – thank you very much! Isn’t that great??

Sighed: Was repeated several times this week.

Laughed: The daughter is studying social work and this week she always heard the following sentence for a day, which is actually great: "Our clients are the experts of their own lives!" However, if you look at the daughter’s part-time job, where she takes care of children with behavioral problems and they do a lot of things, then you just have to laugh at this sentence.

Been: We had to look for someone in the furniture store and were therefore in 4 different furniture stores, there was already a lot of Christmas decorations (but I remained steadfast, nothing was allowed). The two cars got winter tires and while I was waiting I met the schoolmate from elementary school which was totally funny because we had our class reunion recently. We made two visits to the sick and otherwise I took a quick look at friends.

Eaten: I think the highlight this week was when the kids and I made burgers ourselves this week. The girl the vegetarian version and the son and I the meat-heavy. It was kind of funny.

best regards

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Friday October 19, 2018

There was still our visit to Augsburg.

. in the famous Augsburg doll box and I wanted to show a few photos.

I used to love these films with the puppets on TV. My children, on the other hand, didn’t find it so exciting anymore and certainly not that you always saw the threads. So was my impression in the museum, the older we had a lot of fun and reminisced, while the younger ones couldn’t do anything with the figures.

How is a puppet made? A piece of linden wood is clamped in the vice and then the carving begins. Everything that doesn’t look to your head comes away, actually quite simple, doesn’t it? *G*

Here we have such a head in close-up. I think it’s a good hit!

And do you still know the locomotive from Lukas? Her name was Emma and I loved the adventures with her.

And everyone was humming here "An island with two mountains. " to himself and you remembered the story very darkly. I also couldn’t quite get them together anymore.

But I remembered the legendary shop of Mrs. Waas well, after all, she was the adoptive mother of our beloved Jim Knopf. Your name came from because one of your ancestors didn’t hear so well and always "Whaaaat?" cried. Mrs. Waas gave Jim the last name button because she was sewing a button on his pants and she couldn’t think of anything else.

The tin can army! I can only remember how they always marched up and then tumbled apart.

There were many beautiful characters and once you read the respective story, you could remember everything.

And now we conclude with the witch who was at the very beginning of the exhibition and I don’t think I have to say anything about it, because everyone knows Hansel and Gretel.

best regards

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Tuesday October 16, 2018

The little apples.

At Trixi I had recently marveled at these beautiful little apples from your autumn decorations and immediately felt like making wreaths so beautiful. The question remained: Where can you get the beautiful apples from??

So for me they came into the house by post. * g * Thank you very much Trixi, I was really speechless! And on Saturday after the coffee time it started on the terrace.

Trixi supplied the wire right away, it was like a DIY self-pack, I was able to get started straight away and worked on it diligently. Doesn’t look nice. I guess they got a few little nibbles, but I don’t care, I’m really happy about the apple wreath.

And while I was already threading it on, the chestnuts that the man drilled through to me continued.

And what goes with crab apples and chestnuts, is certainly also mixed, or?

It looks so beautiful in autumn on my terrace. I am totally happy!

Thank you dear Trixi for spoiling me with such a beautiful autumn post.

But much, much more autumn mail came. Thank you very much for your nice lines.

The cards came from:

Birgit, Sabine, Kirsten, Monika and from Fanny. All beautiful and unique! Thanks also for the window picture (Birgit) and the mushroom (Funny)!

And when I cleared everything back into the house with the other beautiful cards, I found that I had completely missed the card from lovely Nicole. The card from the organizer is probably not possible at all – thanks also to you, I will test it with the leaves and the punch!

But I was allowed to make two more crosses in handcraft bingo. I thought of Advent and was creative with others (the family * g *). So I made a complete series.

best regards

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Sunday October 14, 2018

Weekly review 41/2018

Hello everyday – he is back! This week has made me like a whole month. Somehow nothing went really smoothly. It started on Monday with the new colleague who started in our department during my vacation – we somehow had a bad start. This continued with these many diversions and the congestion associated with them, and otherwise there was only trouble. I like to leave the week behind.

Seen: Today was in our little village "Open Studio Day". Everyone who was creative could open their garden, barn, house etc. and the Villagers ran from one station to the next and got louder amazing Seeing things. A successful campaign, you got to know people from completely different sides. I was completely blown away by our puppeteer’s workshop, there was a lot to marvel at.

Heard: There was a lot to tell during this campaign and I enjoyed listening to one or the other story. It was a great afternoon!

Read: After what felt like an infinitely long time, I have now finished reading the Nebelhaus and it is a great book, no idea why it took me so long. Probably because the thoughts were always somewhere else. At the moment I am leafing through and reading this book, which I find really great so far:

Crafted: I was so hardworking, all advent calendar supplements are ready! After the knot had loosened when I stood in front of this glitter thing I was so happy that I had everything ready on Friday / Saturday / Sunday. That was awesome! I worked with the man on Saturday on the terrace, you can see that on Tuesday, because the other one is still something of a secret. *G*

Done: Do you see what the man did this week? He fills an old keyboard with cotton wool and fills it with cress seeds. The keyboard is now germinating in my laundry room. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you the end result in a week.

I held the first pressed leaves in my hands and was able to save at least a few from our hangover, because he thought it was really great that leaves lay on the floor here.

Happy: I got so much great mail and I say thank you very much for it. On Tuesday you will see everyone. And a package also arrived, a DIY kit, so to speak, what a surprise. *G*

Annoyed: About myself, because I congratulated someone on the wrong birthday. In passing I read the name and got a huge shock and thought "Oh no!". And then it turned out that someone was completely different, you should never shorten the last name. The other birthday was not so important, it was only on the calendar as a reminder, because I basically call on that day and never knew that it was the birthday, which is so embarrassing.

Thought: That was just fine. Since this seems to be a real problem with these birthdays this year, since my calendar has not shown up and I therefore miss the birthdays in Bloggerland, I was in the bookshop of my trust in the calendar department. In a nutshell, the daughter and I found a great family planner instead and searched for the price. After a long search we read the following: September 2017 – February 2019! Well, we wouldn’t have enjoyed it for long. Why is it still hanging between the new calendars??

Bought: As I said, the complete material for the advent calendar campaign and then I was still in the concert office and got tickets for the theater and an improv show. The cold days are coming soon and then the variety in the evening is always great.

Been: 2 visits to the sick, in the bookshop and in the concert office. Today at Open Studio and in various shops looking for decoration.

Baked and eaten: on the weekend there was poppy seed cake (a cake wrap) and this delicious salad in the evening.


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