We introduce ourselves

We are a Catholic family center,

in which children are cared for in five groups, aged 2-6 years.

We are a meeting place, advice and support.

Education, upbringing and care
are holistic processes.
When we bring these elements together,
then we are on the right way.
(Heinz Hilgers)

We introduce ourselves

The St. Nikolaus day care center, which is sponsored by the Catholic parish of St. Otger in Stadtlohn, was opened in 1988. The facility is located in a traffic-calmed residential area, in the eastern area of ​​Stadtlohn, in the direction of Gescher. The Gescher-Dyk primary school is in the immediate vicinity.

Initially, the day care center was a two-group facility (sunshine and rainbow group), which in 1992 was one third Group (moonshine group) and in 1995 expanded by a fourth group (Sausewind). This group is located in an adjacent residential building, where an additional group for the U-3 children (whirlwind) was opened in 2010. In 2014 the rainbow group was transformed into a mixed group.

The focal point of the facility is the entrance hall. This central point is a popular contact point for children and parents to establish and maintain cross-group contacts. The entrance hall is a place of communication. The parents ‘café with the parents’ corner invites you to linger, news and experiences are exchanged, exhibitions or presentations are viewed.

The adjoining gymnasium offers further possibilities for using the space.

We see an enrichment of the furnishings in the large window niches. These offer a connection to the near-natural outdoor area, which provides the children with a wide range of exercise and senses. Small pieces of forest, play areas surrounded by beech hedges, rocking garden, tree houses, sand areas, climbing frames, fire pit, mud area with natural water point, sound elements, vehicle parcour, animal enclosures, soccer field and an outdoor area for the children under three years are part of the equipment of our playground. The further development of the outdoor area is an important part of our work.

The workshop on the outside site and the staff rooms are mainly used for small group work. In addition, since 2013 we have been able to use a multifunctional room and a supply kitchen for our educational work.

The integrative education has been taking place in our facility since 1997.

In 2010, we were certified as a family center together with the St. Elisabeth day care center and therefore work with various cooperation partners.

In the five groups, children between the ages of two and six are looked after by specialists with the qualification of a state-recognized educator. Depending on the booking times of the parents, the staff hours are calculated. A differentiated duty roster is necessary to regulate working hours. Due to their different working hours, the employees are not always present. This results in close cooperation between the groups: pooling of children in the afternoon when participating in further training, working groups, educational planning discussions, counseling interviews, vacation or illness.

The leader is released on a pro rata basis with 39 working hours and does not belong to a fixed group. The exemption enables her to effectively take on managerial tasks. Nevertheless, she makes contact with the children through group-wide offers.

Since 2012, the head of the daycare center has been supported by a network of the parish of St. Otger. The core task of the network management essentially includes the responsible management of all Catholic kindergartens in Stadtlohn.

The cost contribution is raised by the youth welfare office and graded according to income. For more information, please refer to the information provided by the youth welfare office.

In addition, the St. Nikolaus day care center offers interns the opportunity to get an insight into the pedagogical work. For example, schoolchildren from the surrounding schools complete an internship of varying duration (3 weeks to 12 months). During the supervision, the interns have a permanent contact person. You will be involved in the ongoing projects and have the opportunity to contribute, try out and reflect on your own ideas.


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