We perform these dental treatments

We perform these dental treatments

Diverse services for optimal dental health

Welcome to the dental practice Kossel in Magdeburg. Are you worried about the health of your teeth and are you looking for the right treatment method? With us you receive competent advice in order to determine the best course of action together. A variety of dental treatments to the latest medical standards helps you on the way to optimal dental health. We have an open ear for all questions regarding dental services and for your personal needs and wishes – you as a patient are always the focus of our actions.

Our range of services includes the following dental treatments according to the current state of knowledge of dentistry:

As goals for your dental health, we strive for the preservation of the teeth, a functional harmony between mouth and jaw, chewing comfort and excellent aesthetics. Continuous training to meet the ever-changing demands of dentistry is an essential part of our practice philosophy. Below you will gain a brief overview of the range of dental treatments we offer.

Prophylaxis for a beautiful smile

Regular care at the dentist has a positive effect on the health of your teeth in the short term as well as in the long term. As a member of the statutory health insurance companies, the bonus booklet can also provide you with benefits in the case of complete pension proving. In addition, you can take advantage of the possibility of professional teeth cleaning with us. Unsightly tooth discolouration through stimulants and bacterial deposits are removed extremely gently. Thus, the procedure prevents phenomena such as tooth decay and periodontitis. In this way, it also serves the preservation of implants and dentures. Your children are also in good hands with our experienced staff and should undergo regular check-ups. Under the point "prophylaxis" find more information on questions like:

  • When is a professional tooth cleaning necessary??
  • What will this cost me? Are there health insurance companies, which take over the costs for insured ones (AOK etc.)?
  • How long does the dental treatment take??

Implantology – more than just dentures

The field of implantology is concerned with high-quality dentures. Implants represent a comfortable and fixed denture, which is visually indistinguishable from the natural dentition. Thus, the dentist can avoid the grinding of healthy adjacent teeth. A careful treatment, sufficient fiber-rich gums and a good oral hygiene form the best constellation for a long life of the implants. Here you will receive additional information on costs, scope and possibilities of implantological services.

Dental Surgery

The field of ambulatory oral surgery in our practice includes the surgical removal of wisdom teeth, cysts, gum proliferations and annoying cheekbone approaches. We also perform gentle root tip resections – possibly with retrograde root filling – and take care of the coverage of exposed tooth necks. Questions regarding pain, anesthesia procedures, costs etc. can be found on our dental surgery information page.

Root canal treatment / endodontics

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the soft tissue within your teeth, the so-called pulp, has become inflamed or already dead. In addition, the root canal treatment can also be of great benefit for the subsequent health of your tooth in the case of an impending inflammation. On our page about root canal treatment we describe the exact procedure of the procedure and provide you with specific background knowledge in the field of endodontics.

Paradontology in our practice

About 80% of over-35s suffer from gingivitis. This leads untreated to bone loss and associated tooth loss. We are happy to inform you about the spectrum of periodontitis treatment in our practice.

Treatment of temporomandibular joint disease

Do you suffer from severe pain in the temporomandibular joint, annoying cracking or a jaw lock? On the following page on Temporomandibular Joint Diseases you can get detailed information on possible therapeutic approaches such as bite splints or NTI-tss and the associated costs.

Orthodontics with modern concepts

Thanks to our state-of-the-art orthodontic therapy concepts and services, we are able to correct dental malpractices in children and adults particularly gently. We use the innovative Alphalign rails which, with their inconspicuous appearance, meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. In this way you will receive an even smile after appropriate treatment by the dentist and strengthen the stability and health of your system of chewing. In addition, you benefit from the fact that our practice combines the services of orthodontics and the various dental specialties. This saves you a double appointment and additional waiting times.

Prosthetics / dentures from the expert

If your dentist decides that the replacement of one or more teeth is necessary for the health of your teeth, various dental treatments are available, depending on the findings. Basically, the dentist differentiates between crowns, bridges, partial dentures and full dentures. The right dentures manufacture specially qualified technicians in our in-house dental laboratory. A special focus here is the aesthetic reconstruction of anterior teeth using wafer-thin veneers and all-ceramic crowns or bridges. A detailed overview of our services as well as the costs in the field of prosthetics is provided by our online page on dentures and prosthetics.

Aesthetic dentistry

Beautiful teeth and well-groomed gums should play a significant role in your quest for health. In addition, an aesthetic smile also takes a high priority on an interpersonal level and contributes to the positive effect on fellow human beings. For this reason, aesthetic dentistry is an important option of our dental treatments. Depending on the individual presentation, our dentists can perform a professional bleaching or use so-called veneers. Veneers are thin ceramic veneers, which are attached to the tooth and thus make small blemishes disappear. Corrections regarding the shape or position of your teeth are also minimally invasive possible. More information about this service can be found in the section Aesthetic Dentistry.

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