“We try everything”

The church has a pioneering role in the clarification of abuse, says the abuse commissioner of the federal government. He sees a need for improvement in society as a whole in dealing with sexualized violence.

"It would be good if the German Bundestag would accompany this process in a suitable format," Rorig told the "Suddeutsche Zeitung" on Monday. "It should be more concerned overall with the fight against sexual violence against children and adolescents and its consequences."

When it comes to the Catholic Church, politics and the media are currently reacting "like a swarm of gnats to the light," said Rorig. "But I have in mind the whole complex of sexual violence against children and young people. It would need a regular legal reporting obligation of my office to the Bundestag, to the Federal Government and also the Bundesrat."

Things are moving forward in the Protestant church and in sports

Asked whether he had the impression that other institutions were ducking behind the Catholic Church, Rorig replied: "The Catholic Church has a pioneering role as far as structured reappraisal is concerned. There is no one before her at the moment. Behind it are many."

The Protestant Church in Germany now wants to create a comparable structure. There are also talks with organized sports. "At the schools we would like to be more active, because of Corona is hardly possible at the moment."Rorig continues: "We are trying everything to get everyone out of the slipstream of the Catholic Church."

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