We work with state-of-the-art technology in the dental practice

We work with state-of-the-art technology in the dental practice

The most modern methods of diagnosis and therapy

In order to provide you with state-of-the-art dental treatment, we are constantly informing you about new options for diagnostics and therapy. The increasing mechanization is also noticeable in dentistry. Therefore, we are happy to invest heavily in innovative technologies to meet the needs of our patients. An optimization of your treatment using the following techniques can be considered:

If any of these techniques come into question, our dentists will tell you. Of course you get one detailed and understandable explanation of the respective procedure. Together we discuss advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional applications, so that together with you we can make a well-considered decision for a treatment method.

Air Flow and Piezon

In professional dental cleaning, we rely on the unique combination of techniques developed by EMS in our practice "Air flow" and "Piezon". The effect of the powder-water-air mixture in the air-flow method even very stubborn plaque and discoloration can be removed very gently. The Piezon technique allows us a highly precise ultrasonic scaling, with which both hard and soft concrements on the teeth can be eliminated completely.

Digital x-ray machines, intraoral camera and loupes

Modern imaging techniques open up a new dimension of accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. For example, digital x-ray devices have become firmly established in dental diagnostics. This radiologic procedure records x-ray images by electronic data processing, resulting in excellent image quality. Innovative 3D procedures such as dental volume tomography can also be of great benefit. Compared to analogue X-rays, patients also benefit from significantly lower radiation exposure.

In addition, we use handy intraoral cameras in our practice to produce high-resolution macro images of the teeth in certain diseases. In addition, we can make our patients’ illnesses so clear and understandable. Since detailed work is essential, especially in the areas of endodontics and prosthetics, we use another technical aid: the loupes. These powerful tools are used to optimally illuminate and magnify the finest tooth and gum structures.

Caries infiltration with Icon

You suffer from tooth decay, but under no circumstances would you like to receive a filling therapy including drilling? Then the so-called caries infiltration with Icon could be the right procedure for you. Smaller carious lesions can be helped by using this "Infiltration Concepts" Treat minimally invasively. The demineralized regions of the enamel are filled with a highly fluid plastic and stabilized. A progression of incipient caries can be prevented so early.

Zoom technique during dental bleaching

An effective and long-lasting bleaching of your teeth, we realize using the sophisticated zoom technology: In this effective method of teeth whitening we use highly concentrated whitening gels, which can be additionally activated by special LED light. The well proven technology allows a fast and visible whitening of the teeth by up to eight color levels.

Gentle sedation with nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide anesthesia is a pleasant form of sedation especially for sensitive patients. The odorless gas develops its calming, mood-enhancing and pain-relieving effect within a few minutes. Elaborate dental treatments as well as minor oral surgery can be carried out on a completely relaxed, but still approachable patient.

laser treatment

Also in dentistry, laser technology has long since arrived. The bundled laser light offers our dentists a variety of treatment options. We use the bactericidal effect of the laser mainly in the treatment of caries and periodontitis as well as in root canal treatment. In addition, the laser light allows low blood pressure in oral surgery with a reduction of subsequent swelling and pain.

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