Wedding insurance, good reasons for

Wedding insurance, what is it??

A Wedding Insurance occurs when the wedding is canceled, a change in the planning causes higher costs or the wedding celebration must be canceled. This is very similar to a travel booking with travel cancellation insurance and travel cancellation insurance. Usually not all costs are replaced, but only the costs that are actually incurred. About the loss of rent for the hall rent or the Cancellation costs for the band.

Wedding insurance, we clarify the most important questions

The following services offer a wedding insurance

  • In case of insolvency of the host, hall, catering, etc., the deposit will be taken over
  • If the wedding has to be postponed, cancellation fees will be refunded for the original date or higher costs for the replacement date

Important to know, once you have completed a wedding insurance, you can not just cancel this insurance policy. The insurer makes already at the moment of the conclusion of the contract and the benefits began immediately. Therefore, a wedding insurance can not be easily canceled.

Wedding insurance is worth it, we say when!

A wedding insurance works like a travel cancellation insurance for the holiday. The initial situation is similar, you have long saved for your dream and with a high down payment with long lead booked the desired date and desired location. Until the longed-for day of departure for the holidays or just the dream wedding, many weeks and months pass in which a lot can happen, which may lead to a cancellation or a time delay. Also FINANCE test has the question of wedding insurance yes or no rated in this article and comes to the conclusion, in certain cases yes!

In these cases, a wedding insurance can make sense, even if it is not absolutely necessary. In any case, you should have a private liability insurance, because only this way you can protect your financial existence. For a wedding insurance speaks if the conditions of your wedding are:

  • They have to pay a high down payment in advance for the room rent
  • The close relatives are confronted with high risks of illness
  • The bride or groom often travel abroad for work, and the arrival to the wedding can possibly be prevented by a flight strike

➤ Our recommendation is similar to the cancellation insurance!

If you have had to save a long time on this one day, plan a relatively high investment for the best day of your life, you should secure this investment with a wedding insurance. So in case of a case, you can arrange a really splendid replacement wedding later, without having to sell house and yard.

If it is just a small celebration in the closest family, a wedding insurance is not necessarily useful. You can invest the money saved better in a prosecco for aperitif.

These events trigger the benefits of the wedding insurance

A travel agency must point out in the consultation on the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance, in the wedding preparation you are unfortunately more likely to be on your own. We want to clarify at what events the Wedding Insurance Cancellation costs at one Resignation from the wedding party takes over:

  • an unexpected, serious illness of the bride or groom
  • a death in the families of the wedding couple
  • a serious accident of the future spouse
  • serious damage to the bride and groom’s home by fire, explosion, storm or lightning
  • unexpected pregnancy preventing the wedding celebrations
  • the function room can not be used, for example by a water damage
  • Bankruptcy of the organizer of the wedding party. So they do not lose their deposit for the celebrations
  • Loss of wedding dress or wedding rings, for example, by theft or fire
  • The wedding photographer ordered has an accident
  • The made wedding photos are deleted by mistake

These are the persons at risk who trigger the services of the wedding insurance

  • future spouse or life partner
  • the witnesses
  • near relatives of the bride or groom

These cases do not cover a wedding insurance

  • personal reasons, the bride literally runs away on the wedding day
  • Framework of the wedding, such as when bad weather threatens a planned wedding outdoors

Of course, not every provider has the same benefits and the same triggers for the wedding insurance. Our recommendation is the Hanse Merkur, which provides a very comprehensive service here.

Wedding insurance, you must take into account in the wedding budget for this protection

If we set a cut of about 10,000, – € for the wedding celebrations, proposes the wedding insurance in the budget with about 200, – € insurance contribution to book. You can on average with 2% of the sum insured as a premium for your wedding insurance count.

The vendors differ very little in pricing, your focus should be on the included services judge. Best bet on the performance of a proven and established provider.

The providers of a wedding insurance

You can take out your wedding insurance with different providers. The established travel insurances have also specialized in this topic, since the conditions of performance can be calculated analogous to the cancellation insurance. So you will find good offers at the Allianz Global Assistance and at the Hanse Merkur, which we recommend:

The Hanse Merkur wedding insurance in detail

The wedding ceremony is defined as the marriage of the bride and groom, as well as the celebrations in a partnership of same-sex couples. This includes anniversary celebrations, a silver wedding and a golden wedding.

Insured persons:

Risk Persons:

  • their children and adopted children
  • Parents and adoptive parents, as well as foster parents
  • Grandparents and siblings

Important to know: Just as with the travel cancellation insurance, illnesses that were already diagnosed at the time of the insurance conclusion are not insured. Illnesses have to happen unexpectedly and suddenly. Also mentally caused reasons are not covered by the wedding insurance of the Hanse Merkur.

The contractual cancellation costs will be replaced if the wedding celebrations are canceled for an insured reason.

• Insured reasons are:

  • a serious accident injury
  • an unexpected, serious illness
  • Pregnancy complications with the bride
  • Substantial damage to the property of the insured persons
  • Unexpected, operational termination


For a wedding package price of 10,000, – € fall to 199, – € insurance premium.

Wedding and wedding insurance what changes legally for you?

The most important reason for a wedding is, of course, love and the common way into the future. But it also results Legal and tax consequences of a marriage. We give a brief overview of what a wedding means to you, after we have clarified how useful a wedding insurance can be.

The legal aspect

Marriage and family are protected by the Basic Law, so the Income tax return together be delivered. But there is also the Obligation to mutual maintenance. If one of the spouses dies, the other is through the Widower or widow’s pension hedged. The obligation to maintain one another not only counts after a divorce, but also when, for example, one spouse loses his job and is dependent on the other.

Family law consequences

Married parents automatically have that joint custody for a child. For unmarried persons, the custody is first with the mother alone and can only be passed on to both parents by a special declaration by the parents.

Spouses are entitled to the death of the other. This is done by the Legal succession regulated. By law, spouses live in a winning community. Everyone retains the wealth he brings to the marriage. After the marriage both build a common fortune.


If a spouse is covered by statutory health insurance, the spouse may be co-insured free of charge. Instead of two insurance contributions, only one has to be paid.

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