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(Last update: 7.06.2017)

Wedding poems are suitable for congratulations on the wedding, as part of a wedding speech or for a dedication in the guest book. So in all those moments when you are lacking the right words to express your good wishes. Below is a collection of beautiful wedding poems.

Beautiful wedding poems

Cupid shot the arrow.
Your love was kindled.
Shortly thereafter, God decided,
that he will make you a bride and groom.

Found you through longing.
Which person likes to be alone?
Love has connected you now
Your happiness should be forever …
(Klaus Enser-Schlag)

I look at you and I am touched …
Love has guided you well.
The path went in front of the altar
yes, your wishes came true!
A silver moon shines tonight.
Guarded tenderly by its light
you should be happy forever,
not just in the silver moonlight!
(Klaus Enser-Schlag)

The only important thing in life
are the traces of love,
we leave behind,
when we go.
(Albert Schweitzer)

We are invited to the wedding today,
we think that’s wonderful.
We would like to advise the young couple,
nurture your love year after year.
Always goes hand in hand
with heart and with mind.
(Anita Menger)

Two hearts are singing,
the bells ring.
A dream becomes true.
We wish the young couple happiness.
(Anita Menger)

Once knotted and connected,
holds together what loves.
It has found its luck,
who goes into his care.

You also decided,
to honor each other, to love each other,
to find happiness together
– may this bond connect you.
(Cornelia Sander)

Accept it, the summer rain,
And now let the cups be raised loudly,
A truly long life,
In which two souls weave forever.
(Christian Morgner)

Understanding for the partner
and also give him compliments,
to always see the good,
then you will go together as an old man.
(Silvia Klemke)

Love has found a home
and settles in comfortably.
It gives you happy happy hours,
but she wants to be well protected.

Give her the space to unfold,
she maintains that she is doing well.
So she will be loyal to you
even when a rough storm wind blows.
(Anita Menger)

We wish you this courage at all times
Times come with happiness and suffering.
That you say “yes” to each other every day.
Stay happy with each other, never be despondent.
(Martha S.)

But there is so much more to it,
a word cannot grasp that at all.
You have the recipe for a happy life:
Two people that fit together.
(Martha S.)

Wedding poems from groomsmen to the newlyweds

I always wish you sunshine
and never leave you alone!
I know it’s not an exaggeration,
You float away on cloud nine …
I’ll look after you and stay behind
and I’m happy about your luck.
Now you are on the horizon,
where love is enthroned forever …
(Klaus Enser-Schlag)

The longing to look for,
to land to find,
to fall in love
and bind forever;
that’s why he flies again and again,
but eventually he settles down,
builds a nest, furnishes itself
and from a love
becomes a common home.
(Cornelia Sander)

I want to continue along this path with you:
Wanna laugh with you if you are happy.
Will help you if you need help.

I am happy me on seeing,
how you are together as a couple.
How you grow old and what you achieve together in life.

You are made for each other.
I testify your marriage from the bottom of my heart.
(Martha S.)

Wedding poems from parents to the newlyweds

It’s really been so long
when we cradled you to sleep?
The homework was difficult,
we often admonished: "Oh, be good!"

How quickly the times flee …
Today you say to each other: "YES!"
And the memories draw
in our heart – so wonderful …

Now go the way of yours
and take our hands again!
Luck has chosen you
and stays together – until the end …
(Klaus Enser-Schlag)

May your love
always lead and lead.
We are called parents
always accompany you.
(Cornelia Sander)

Take good care of each other.
One stands for the other.
Marriage doesn’t just take its course,
You have to be responsible for each other.

Think of love, even in the darkest of times,
once she’s gone, she’ll bring it back.
Don’t give up, even if it seems easier.
Marriage is sometimes difficult – but much more happiness.
(Martha S.)

Didn’t find a suitable wedding poem? Then maybe among our quotes is the right saying for the wedding.

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annick veillet • August 27, 2013

I particularly like the poems by Klaus Enser-Schlag. They are written with soul.

Julia • July 17, 2014

I don’t find these poems bad. ¡¡

Mary • August 7, 2014

Jule • August 18, 2014

Great … I especially like the poem here:
Heart wishes for the newlyweds;)

Rene • August 18, 2015

Cornelia Sander’s poem was personal to me
liked best.
Simply great.

therese • October 31, 2015

you have great poems

Fridolin • March 15, 2016

I think all the poems are very, very nice

Helga mensah • April 17, 2016

I find super poems very soulful and beautiful

Flo • May 16, 2016

So that with the rhyming cleanly, measure and a bit of elegance in the language we practice again;) At least with some. Otherwise you will start to feel ashamed again. And for the wedding? Please do not!

Kenny Dean Weber • June 8, 2016

I am a son whose parents marry.
I wanted to thank you for always being there for me poem recite and these poems helped me a lot.

Louis 12 • September 7, 2016

My brother is getting married so I wanted to find a nice poem
I found it here
Thank you


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