Wedding poems – sayings, verses and poems for the wedding

For centuries, poetry has been a particularly artistic way of conveying feelings, events and life experiences. They arouse emotions and manifest themselves in the minds of people who delight in the very profound lines. Grief and pain are often processed in poems, but particularly beautiful feelings such as bliss and wit are also expressed. This is why poetry is often used to convey deep messages, to express wishes and wisdom to people, to share enthusiasm or to underline the importance of major events.

Poems stimulate thought and are often described as particularly romantic. Therefore, the wedding party is a good occasion to write beautiful and at the same time profound lyrical lines. Wedding Poems cut a good figure in invitation and congratulation cards, for example, but also sound very nice in personal addresses. Why not create a unique dedication in the form of a succinct wedding poem or add a touch of poetry to the guest book? Below are a few lines for inspiration.

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Pictures with wedding poems

Funny wedding poems

A poem does not always have to sound very romantic or even kitsch. Sometimes very modern lines like to be written that provide perfect entertainment and humor. So of course it depends on the personality and preferences of the bride and groom, whether you write a more classic wedding poem or with Charm and wit want to score. One thing is certain in any case: the wedding day is always a day of joy, happiness and happiness. Funny lines that make your eyes shine even more and your faces smile are not out of place here.

If you go to the trouble and create a particularly humorous wedding poem, it is nice if you can skillfully convey this to the recipient. In a wedding card it might go down a bit and the charm would be lost. So give it to the best in a stylish speech and share your lyrical wedding verses with the couple and their guests. Round off the special day in the life of two happily in love people and stay in your heart and memory for so long. Even in a little sketch a charming, funny and funny wedding poem arrive safely and ensure a good mood. Conclusion: Funny wedding poems provide fun and humor on the most beautiful day in the life of two loving people. Please come with us and let us show you how funny wedding poems brought to perfection in a funny way can be.

We don’t utter a lot of words today,
we prefer to feast on wedding cake.
Love brings you so much happiness
like us this piece of cake.
It’s delicious, it’s colorful,
it makes you happy and healthy!
Take life with joy
as a wife and husband!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We’re bawling from the back of our throats today,
that husband and wife are now married.
It’s time at last
for a good life for two.
We really like it,
that’s why we pop the corks.
Make a big mess today
until morning, without a break!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

You’re getting married, that’s great,
but don’t take both of you too full.
Let the scraps fly,
fight and fight.
If you both laugh afterwards,
you didn’t do anything wrong!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We can’t believe it yet,
what have you gotten yourself into??
Is your love so big??
You won’t get rid of yourself so quickly.
Now live a long life for two
until you are old and wrinkled.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

A wedding is a celebration
where you can celebrate well.
There is free beer and wine today
and many other goodies.
for so much good food and drink.
Since I am now completely eaten,
I don’t want to forget one thing,
Wishing you the best
for wonderful wedding parties!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

He carries her under a canopy and she does not carry him,
because that’s the old way.
The reverse was also true,
but here tradition prevails over emancipation.
unknown author

Marriage is like driving a car,
sometimes it is good, sometimes it is hard.
…. (Bride) is now sitting on … (groom) sides,
and will always accompany him.
The search for the parking space of life,
it is over, was not in vain.
If also called the car (bride); gets rickety and old,
(Groom) You have to look after them and take care of them soon.
The next TÜV, yes that is true,
it will only come in 25 years.
unknown author

It has nothing and you do the same,
yet you want, I see,
to the bond of holy marriage
Shake hands already.

Children, are you out of your mind??
Think about the chapter!
Without the proper means
you shouldn’t start a war.

The best congratulations on the wedding!
Wilhelm Busch

At times like this, I wonder,
why not laugh at marriage?
What is she supposed to do in times of emancipation?
where everyone does everything themselves?
The woman earns the money herself,
he cleans and sucks very routinely
and he knows exactly how "man" cooks –
While she repairs the car.
Husband and wife cannot complain –
Everyone lives quite well alone!
So I can only say one thing:
The reason must be true love!
unknown author

Do you close the marriage covenant as a woman?,
then remember in silence:
For the last time announced today
the man has his own will.

The woman rules from the hour
and has the pants on.
And now she is educating herself
the way she wants the man.
unknown author

A young couple gallantly kicks,
in marriage today.
Now we all want to know,
how the two kiss.
Purses her lips and prays eight,
this makes kissing easy.
We wish you for your long journey,
all the best in life and always wise.
Quarrels are one of them,
The main thing is to rest afterwards.
Through good and bad times
you should always walk side by side.
unknown author

There is a barometer in marriage,
that shows you the daily weather,
and so you should know,
I’ll give you the scale:

Does the female get new clothes?,
the sky is clear and bright.

Don’t let the man move,
to go dancing with the woman,
there’s violent tears of tears
and you can’t see the sun.

The man goes alone for beer,
the storm wind is at the door,
he wants to wet his throat,
there are strong weather lights.
When friends want to visit him,
you can hear a muffled rumble of thunder.

So that the sunshine shows up,
and the air is clear and pure,
let’s raise the glasses now:

Our bridal couple should live high!
unknown author

Man cannot be without love,
that’s why nobody likes to be alone.
Because the sparrow is part of the sparrow,
and the treasure belongs to the treasure.
And you as a bride and groom are so cool,
I fall off my chair out of sheer joy!
unknown author

The wild marriage is over,
now none of you is free.
Have you considered the step well?,
because one thing should be said to you:
There are roses before marriage,
full pants in marriage
after marriage, i don’t speak,
because then she’ll throw you out quickly.
So that it doesn’t get that far,
I tell you today and promptly:
Always love her and give her roses,
then she also irons your pants.
Pay attention, I’ll tell you,
then you never lose it.
unknown author

Even the happiest of marriages,
Daughter, has her trouble;
even the best men go
often according to their moods.
Who is from the golden ring
only promises golden days,
oh, he knows the way of things
and the heart of man is not.
Friedrich Wilhelm Glotter

The bees have honey so that they will delight us,
they have a sting to hurt us;
therefore the bee is a sour-sweet animal,
if you are afraid of the sting, you will find no honey here.
Such a bee is the sacred state of marriage,
there is honey delight, there is worry and woe:
This bee sweet and sweet made by Freud and Sorg,
Mr. groom and bride, I tell you this, be careful!
unknown author

You will experience a lot in marriage,
what was half a mystery to you;
soon you will know from experience,
how Eve once had to act,
that afterwards she gave birth to Cain.
Yes, sister, these marriage obligations,
you will do with all your heart,
because believe me, they are not difficult.
But every thing has two sides:
Marital status brings many joys,
he also brings grief alone.
So when your husband looks scowl at you,
that you didn’t think you deserve,
in his bad mood:
So think this is men’s cricket,
and say: Lord, it will be your will,
by day – and mine by night.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Short wedding poems

There are these miserably long poems that convey a deep message, but come across as monotonous and cumbersome. These are rather unsuitable for congratulations on the wedding, because today the couple will surely be showered with all kinds of congratulations and extensive wedding wishes, so that there is hardly any time or desire for lengthy wedding poems. The motto here is: The spice is in a nutshell! Therefore a short wedding poem just right and hits the nail on the head. There are many concise and short wedding poems, that are in no way inferior to the longer ones and even convey a particularly intense and profound message. The good thing about short wedding poems is that you memorize them quickly, internalize and process them faster. So you can also score with short poetic lines and, for example, spice up your wedding card, write a dedication or give a concise speech. There is also a short one for the guest book poem very advantageous for the wedding, because it catches the eye and summarizes the essentials in a nutshell.

You stroll to the altar today
and soon become a couple.
Our joy is great,
because we think that’s terrific!
You should walk through life from now on
and only ever give you happiness!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

He says YES, she does too
with butterflies in the belly.
This day so beautiful and fine
should be the beginning of the marriage.
And we are very close,
wish you for life
all the best and good luck
every day, for every piece!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

This day so wonderful
turns you into a couple!
And we all congratulate,
want to celebrate this big.
We all felt the same,
what God once brought together,
will never part again
and sometimes call themselves bridal couple.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The sky is blue, the sun is shining,
today you will be united.
And we’ll lift the glasses
on a great married life.
Wish you all the best now
on your new route of life!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Today you dared,
now be husband and bride.
Now master with all pitfalls
this new happiness.
Always be there for each other
in all of the coming marriage’s year.
Always stand together
and don’t let love blow away!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

It has to be something wonderful
for loving two souls!
They completely enclose each other,
never hide a word!
And joy and sorrow and happiness and need
so carry with each other!
From the first kiss to death
only say about love.
Oskar von Redewitz

Bear each other with patience,
Nobody lives out of guilt;
Don’t believe every dream,
Nowhere give space to Satan.
A little wind disturbs your rest,
Don’t yell, talk to yourself again.
Simon top, roof

To a newlyweds
Oh, live and love you, according to the custom
The golden age as a hut
Enclosed the lovers, the willing nature
From her abundance she nourished,
And for them brook and forest and field
The means of satisfaction!
Inspired by your example.
Convert who is gradually on the coast.
Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter

The two of you will be given the most beautiful festival,
a festival that never comes back.
You are now connected for life,
a lot of joy should always be given to you.

All your days like without worries,
pull past you in true happiness,
like a beautiful, cheerful spring morning,
let life bloom again and again for you.

But without complaining and without giving up,
you have to carry heavy things together.
Be bestowed on you in this world,
always love and plenty of money.
unknown author

And here seal these two
permanent love and loyalty.
High is the sweet dream of love
lofty over time and space.
Wilhelm Busch

Faithfully led there,
where love keep you in peace!
Victorious courage, mine win
unite in loyalty to the most blessed couple.
Champion of virtue, move on!
Adornment of youth, move on!
The noise of the festival has now escaped,
May your heart be won!
Fragrant room decorated for love,
now take up, removed from the shine.
Now move in faithfully,
where love keeps you in blessings!
Victorious courage, Minne so pure
unite in loyalty to the most blessed couple!
Richard Wagner

God like you both, like today,
In your whole life,
Health, peace and unity,
And give wine and roast;
In happiness and misfortune joyful courage,
And always full barrels!
Because full barrels are very good;
Satisfaction is better!
Johann Heinrich Voss

Happily goes through life together,
to make sense of existence.
Have patience and understanding,
because then the knowledge comes to you,
that the whole beautiful world
Love only holds together.

Then everything will succeed
and bring you so much joy
that no misfortune reaches you,
because love makes it easy for you,
Difficult to overcome difficult
and to find great happiness.
unknown author

You are one now, both of you,
and we are one with you.
Drink duration on joy
a glass of good wine!
And stays at all times
facing each other
through strife and discord
never destroyed your covenant.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

That is the love of the holy ray of the gods,
that hits and hits and ignites in the soul,
when there is a relative to the relative,
there is no resistance and no choice,
man does not solve it,
what binds the sky.
Friedrich von Schiller

Weightless and tumbling with happiness
that day never comes back,
but the strength from these hours
will round off your life.
unknown author

Your wedding sun is shining.
We hope you are honest.
If we go after two, three, eight, ten-
Years see you again,
we hope we can understand you then.
And if you – afterwards, in pairs –
even happier than you are with us,
still in love with the trial period,
double joy and half suffering,
then we friends are very happy.
Then hands should take hold like today.
We respectfully resign:
A second world is launched.
With God! Good luck!
Joachim Ringelnatz

Heart, my heart, do not be uneasy
and endure your skill.
New spring returns,
what winter has taken from you.
And how much is left for you,
and how beautiful the world is!
And my heart, what you like,
you can love everything, everything!
Heinrich Heine

In fact, it’s hard to believe,
how well the two fit together.
It is clear to all of us,
an ideal couple.
That’s why we cheer from the bottom of our throats:
How lucky they are to get married today.
unknown author

Faithfully led there,
where love keep you in peace!
Victorious courage, mine win
unite in loyalty to the most blessed couple.
Champion of virtue, move on!
Adornment of youth, move on!
The noise of the festival has now escaped,
May your heart be won!
Fragrant room decorated for love,
now take up, removed from the shine.
Now move in faithfully,
where love keeps you in blessings!
Victorious courage, Minne so pure
unite in loyalty to the most blessed couple!
Richard Wagner

It is the right marriage,
where two are meant,
through all happiness and woe
faithfully united to pilgrims:
One staff of the other
and love load at the same time,
rest and hiking together,
and aim the kingdom of heaven.
Emanuel Geibel

If, like you, two really like each other,
then their marriage is also under a good star.
In any case, we only wish you sun
and bliss after every cloud!
There are times when happiness is too much and times when there is too little.
There are days when you are a beggar and hours when you are king.
Caesar Flaischlen

Modern wedding poems

Poetry is a very old and traditional means of communicating your feelings, of touching and emotionally touching people. For this reason, excerpts from very old well-known lyrical works are still used, which are performed, for example, on large festive days. In the meantime, however, people are also relying on modern poetry that is contemporary and that seems more appropriate to many. Poems have been around for a long time, but you can always reinvent yourself and put good verses on paper, which of course sound very original and unique. So why not come to the wedding of your best friend, daughter or dear colleague with beautiful and individually composed lines, give them by means of a greeting card, wedding card or greeting card for the wedding or give them orally to the best? Find a few below contemporary wedding poems or modern wedding poems as a suggestion. A modern poem can sound very funny and provide a certain sense of humor, but it can also be particularly romantic or short and sweet. We show you how your wedding poems can come across as modern, contemporary and with pepp and whistle.

How cool that you dare
to become husband and bride today.
Long marriages are unfortunately rare,
that’s why we celebrate the beautiful couple
and wish you a long marriage,
that best never pass.
Enjoy the great happiness of love,
look ahead and never look back!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

It was about time,
that your life is now going in pairs.
You don’t necessarily need a marriage certificate,
to be full of happiness in life,
yet it is, as is well known,
more beautiful with a ring on the hand.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

For a long time you are a couple,
but today it is clear to everyone,
that you understand each other so well,
going into the future together.
Shall this day be full of sunshine
be the beginning of the new.
We are happy and wish you a lot
good luck and much more!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

She loves him, he loves her,
a life so full of harmony.
That’s why they both say YES today
to a life as a couple.
‘There’s no better day,
just looks the radiance on the face.
We wish you for the wedding today ’
a lot of fun and also a lot of joy ’!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

When two hearts unite
the sun will shine for them.
When two hearts are found.
May they bind themselves forever.
When two hearts love each other,
you will be satisfied.
unknown author

Love shouldn’t,
Love doesn’t fight,
Love won’t,
love is.
Love doesn’t seek,
Love doesn’t ask,
Love is the way you are.

Two hands, two rings, a promise.
Two bodies, two souls, a life together.
Two become one and still remain two –
together, together and yet free.
unknown author

Where two hearts connect,
that cannot separate the world,
because they both feel the same,
Heaven is singing songs.
Where two like-minded souls
promised themselves love and loyalty
the blessing will never be missing
in the beautiful May of life.

May you who connected
for the serious lifetime,
happy radiate every hour,
that heaven gives you.
May God control the storms,
that they have nothing on you,
may he give you peace
for the whole lifecycle!
unknown author

Because everything about you makes me so easy
because you can reach me everywhere
because you see me and forgive me
and you love beyond words
because everything about you makes me so easy
because you set me free every day
because you woke up while I was sleeping
and you are indescribable
because everything about you makes me so easy.
Laith Al-Deen

It was in a long life
the young couple surrounded by happiness.
Whatever happens in the world:
Your marriage is always loving!
unknown author

Carrying everything together:
The joy and the pain.
Dare everything together:
That ties heart to heart.
So you should look forward,
and so you look back:
With loving trust
constant happiness grows.
unknown author

Two people who find each other
and tie together,
if they swear allegiance,
belong entirely to the other,
then it’s wonderful
and love completely.
unknown author

You’re the best thing that ever happened to me
it does as good as you love me.
Forget the rest of the world
if you’re with me.

You’re the best thing that ever happened to me
it does as good as you love me.
I tell you far too rarely
it’s nice that you exist.
silver moon

May you who connected
for the serious lifetime,
happy radiate every hour,
that heaven gives you.
May God control the storms,
that they have nothing on you,
may he give you peace
for the whole lifecycle!
unknown author

What you have been longing for,
that has been a reality since today.
Your most beautiful dream is true,
You two now a couple.
Let love carry you,
in good as in bad days
to be loyal to one another,
go through life together
Then you will at all times
Always accompany God’s blessing.
unknown author

Today we want to raise the glass on the newlyweds,
it should be happy with married life.
Of course, love comes first,
hopefully he will … carry the … over the threshold today.
Because old customs should bring good luck,
we also want to swing our legs today.
But first we want to honor the newlyweds
and finally empty our glass of sparkling wine!
unknown author

Dear nation,
I want to go to the registry office
Because I love this woman,
it kindled my heart
It is good for my soul,
it gives flood to my ebb
It is all I want.

Wrong world,
I want the contingent
Because I love this man,
he is my lifeboat
He is more than just a friend,
I’ve long dreamed of that
He is all I want.

Yes, yes, I want
For us the wedding party
Not just tomorrow, but now
And I will,
I will,
I need,
I go,
I can.
Yes, yes, I want
The bell sound for us
No matter whether woman or man
And I will,
I will,
I need,
I go,
I can
To the registry office

Dear nation,
I don’t see it at all
I don’t just want to be alone
to be out of your mind
We are a couple, me and her
I fall on my knees in front of her
It is all I want.

Wrong world,
I want to see the marriage certificate
I no longer want to be offside
We are a couple, he and I
And I don’t surrender
He is all I want.

Never forget the feeling that day,
that may accompany you for a long time!
Always be there for each other
and stick together, year after year!
Always be loyal and honest with each other,
then nothing brings you apart and nobody!
unknown author

I wish you – one with the other –
a happy walk together
cheer, hand in hand,
into a happy future country.
Whatever you achieve, wherever you go,
what life gives you
of joys and sorrows, of happiness and pain:
You should always be one and united!
unknown author

Marriage is the resting of two hearts,
there is no longer a longing and there is no pain,
there is no searching, no, one has found.
You live and live, but you never count hours.
It is a life like two trees live,
that weave their roots together,
embrace each other faithfully with the branches;
a storm comes, none of them can leave the other.
Theobald Kerner

If you found him,
the other one who thinks of you,
that guides your steps,
that gives joy to your heart.
If you found him,
the other one who understands you,
with whom you share, who goes with you.
If you found him,
the other, from whom nothing separates you,
then you have what is called love.
unknown author

Wedding poems for children

Of course, many small guests are invited to a large wedding celebration, who would like to convey their dear wishes to the couple. Children love poems because they sound particularly beautiful and are mostly written in rhyme form so that they can be memorized quickly. Let the little ones take care of the grand entrance and give them the joy of conveying a stylish and unique poem to the newlyweds. Since children like to be given special attention, it cannot be wrong in one child-friendly wedding poem to let her communicate his dear and congratulations on the wedding. Of course you should Wedding poems for children also be written in an understandable way, i.e. not only sound memorized, but also performed with a lot of childlike charm and profundity. Perhaps the grandson or the child of the newlyweds would like to give the newlyweds a treat on their big day with a self-designed wedding card and decorate it with a wonderful poem. Here we present some suitable wedding poems for children.

You can be a princess today
that day full of sunshine.
And the prince, he does bring them,
comes with beautiful rings.
You look at each other, both say YES
and whoops, are you a married couple!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I’m especially happy today,
because I can finally sprinkle flowers.
I sprinkle them on all roads,
wish Freud ’and God’s blessing.
I love you and that very much,
find the day so wonderful!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

You’re going to be a role model today
for all dear children.
Because you show the whole world
what really matters in life.
That’s why you should never break it
Your big promise.
We wish you a lot of years ’
as a wonderful couple!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

A bride in a beautiful dress
is ready to marry today.
We look forward to your YES,
because we think it’s wonderful!
After that we want to go celebrate
and see your wedding dance.
Do love and honor yourself
and bring you good luck.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

You’re getting married, that’s great,
then the house is full today.
Because with a really large number of guests
it celebrates best.
Congratulations to the wedding couple,
to many beautiful years of marriage ’.
So that you are always happy
in your long lifetime.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Some say "toi, toi, toi",
the others shout "ahoy",
and I, I say cheerfully:
Dear bride and groom, do it well!
unknown author

I can not yet
a long poem
say out loud:
I wish the bride,
that looks at me,
and her husband,
as best as I can
Love and blessings,
in all your ways!
unknown author

Now we want to curtsey
Give you our bouquet.
Then we call out as loudly as possible:
You two should live high!
unknown author

Dear, dear people!
I say few words today,
but they are mine from the heart:
Newlyweds, you should be happy!
unknown author

I am the smallest gnome here,
that tells you a poem.
You should always be happy,
Fotuna brings you this pink pig!
unknown author

We brought flowers with us
and are here to congratulate.
We made ourselves extra fine,
we are not almost as beautiful as you?

You’re the main characters today ’
with all the wedding guests.
And who is most happy here,
you know that yourself best.

Now we want to curtsey
Give you our bouquets
Then we call out as loudly as possible:
You two should live high!
unknown author

Now I’m standing here as a little man,
who can’t really write poetry.
Mum thought,
quickly made me a verse,
and now hear what I say:
The bride and groom live high for every day!
unknown author

All clocks tick,
all flowers nod it,
and the birds sing loudly,
You are a beautiful bride.
Even the giants and the dwarves
in the valley and on the mountain
together with the animals ’,
praise your groom.
But also all people,
have great joy in you
and you say it’s true,
You are a very nice couple.
unknown author

Two bride and groom, like you and you,
are almost like a pair of shoes:
You have a lot to hike
From one place to another,
to wear different amounts
in their marriage days.
unknown author

I made up a little verse,
I hope you enjoy it.
It only says briefly and clearly:
Good luck to the young couple.
unknown author

For your wedding, the beautiful festival, I can only say one sentence:
Love you as much as you can until your heart bursts!
unknown author

Walked in, walked in,
Congratulations are being made here,
and a huge crowd of people
surrounds the married wedding couple.
Join everyone, get closer
and makes a thousand wishes!
unknown author

Wedding poems for the guest book

A large guest book usually goes round at a wedding party and is occupied by the many invited friends and relatives. They want their loved ones Send wedding congratulations to the newlyweds and give them only the best for a future together as a spouse. A wedding poem cuts a particularly good figure in every guest book, because it conveys a clear message in a wonderful form and artfully brings the essentials to the point. While the heartfelt congratulations on the wedding of many guests may be very similar, a stylish and expressive wedding poem stands out particularly positively, because it is quickly memorized in the memory and heart of the recipient. For many, a beautiful poem also serves as a companion to life and therefore provides even more emotion, joy and enthusiasm. Wedding poems for the guest book should not be too lengthy because the spice is short. Clear and profound wedding poems are best received here and work excellently between all the many pages with lovely wedding wishes and personal dedications.

This book is said to be so pretty and small
’Be a good memory to you.
A memory of the festival,
to all the dear wedding guests.
You two dared today,
now be husband and bride.
So that you never forget that,
you leave some greetings.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I love to write in the book
that day full of sunshine.
You became man and woman today
and I know one thing very well:
That in 50 years ’
are such a great couple!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Many paths and goals,
not just one, but the same number,
are waiting for you as a couple
in all of the coming marriage’s year.
You will all master them
and always inspire you.
Because your love is so big,
You are simply terrific as a couple!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Because I like you so much
thank you for this day.
It was a great joy to me
To see you as married couple!
I hope that in 20 years’ time
You are such a great couple.
Good luck in all ways,
always joy and God’s blessing.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Because I like you so much
I congratulate on the wedding day.
This day is worth so much,
gave everyone so much joy.
It’s so nice to see you like this,
to go this way with you.
I wish you sun, never rain
on all coming marriages.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Now forge by hand
happiness in marriage – for two.
My wish: it is permanent
and durable all the time!
unknown author

It was a wonderful day.
We wish you dear ones
of whole hearts,
that your hearts and eyes
not just shine like this today
but all your life!
unknown author

Hard to believe, but true:
Today our dream couple is getting married!
We knew from the start,
that you two are made for each other.
After the wedding we will wait for it with excitement,
when you want to start planning your family!
Because with this perfect combination
the youngsters will surely be a sensation!
All the best and good luck wish you …
unknown author

Marriage is certainly not a dance or a gimmick.
Their existence must prove itself in everyday life.
It goes with lust and love and everything will go easily.
After all, you are woman and man in love and understanding!
unknown author

Your love should above all
constantly bring you closer to each other.
Never let your luck down.
Everyone wishes you that; especially me!
unknown author

It was a wonderful evening;
enjoyable, lively and lulled.
For food and drink
all my heart:
Thank you so much!
unknown author

Carrying everything together, the joy and the pain.
Dare everything together, that binds heart to heart.
So you should look forward and you look back!
Constant happiness grows out of loving trust!
unknown author

We thank you for the wonderful hours,
they were cheerful and full of energy.
What we found in hospitality,
we remember that!
unknown author

One heart is big, the other small,
how should it be different in life,
than the scales move,
deflects to one side.
Sometimes you are up, sometimes down,
luck who found a man,
that brings him up from below,
one should always praise people!
unknown author

My dear bridal couple!
It was a wonderful day.
We wish you dear ones
of whole hearts,
that your hearts and eyes
not just shine like this today
but all your life!
unknown author

You will spend many wonderful hours together. But there will certainly be moments when you do not agree. If the small conflicts are best resolved immediately, they will not pile up to insurmountable mountains.
unknown author

Put everything in God’s hands,
leave everything in God’s hands,
take everything from God’s hand!
Hand in hand on lifestyle:
Good luck! Much love! A lot of brains!
unknown author

Connected in eternal love,
no thieves can take it,
Faithful to all times,
also in everyday life.
unknown author

Wedding poems

A wedding is one of the most romantic and beautiful days in the life of a couple in love. What better fits here than poems to convey his heartfelt congratulations that wonderfully enhance this day? Wedding poems are available in a wide variety of facets and variants, from particularly intimate and soulful to rather peppy and amusing. But they all have one thing in common: they ensure a good mood and are sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient. According to the taste of the bride and the writer, a poem should be written in a targeted manner, that is, it should not sound superficial, universal or boring. It can be inserted in beautiful greeting cards for the wedding, personally communicated, designed as a dedication or even wonderfully expressed in a festive speech. Even the little ones can write their love verses to the couple with lyrical wedding verses suitable for children, or even send them as a digital message if, for example, you cannot go to a big celebration, but still their honest and heartfelt ones Wedding greetings to the newlyweds want to get rid of.

Many marriages have little hold,
therefore lives with love and reason.
Not every day is beautiful,
but you have to stand by his word,
always in bad times
show at its best.
Then love will never go away
and you always get on well.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

‘A good marriage, that’s true,
only shows up after many years ’.
So a yes word is quite nice,
but it has to take some time,
in which you prove yourself as a couple
and teaches life.
But I’m actually in a good mood,
that you succeed a lot in life,
because you are a great couple,
together simply unbeatable!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Two people have found each other,
now firmly bound in life.
Gave themselves to many people
a very big promise today ’.
And what was promised once
is not broken in life either.
Love each other, be ready,
for an exciting time.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

A gate of life opens,
There is a lot ahead of you now.
We laugh a lot together,
half a problem.
You should fully enjoy the marriage,
water them like a plant every day.
So there will always be sunshine,
they get bigger and thrive.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

You gave yourself the yes word,
sharing it now life.
Always delight each other,
lives from beautiful moments.
But love does grow
in the event of storm, emergency and danger.
That’s why g’rad gives way to you in difficult times
never really from the side.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We dreamed of each other
And awoke from it.
We live to love each other,
And sink back into the night.
You came out of my dream,
I emerged from yours,
We die if there is one
In the other completely lost.
Shiver on a lily
Two drops, pure and round,
Melt into one and roll
Down into the bottom of the chalice.
Friedrich Hebbel

O happy, who found a heart,
that thinks and thinks only in love
and faithfully connected with love
his beautiful life is just beginning.
Where two hearts love each other,
to be only one in joy and sorrow,
the sun must shine there
and smile cheerfully every time.
August Heinrich Hoffmann from Fallersleben

Take the ring of loyalty,
This picture of eternity!
O that mistrust or new
Never desecrate his sight!
That it is our federal warmth
Every morning you renew!
That once again, flooded with gratitude,
Your heart in the long line.
Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter

A marriage is then happy,
when one fits into the other,
when one loves and shies the other,
he doesn’t command, she doesn’t swear,
and both are so gentle,
as if they wanted each other first.
Christian Fürchtegott Gellert

It is a flute and violin,
Trumpets smash;
There the wedding dance dances
My darling, mine.

It is a ringing and roaring
Of timpani and shawm;
In between, sob and moan
The good angels.
Heinrich Heine

If in the deepest heart
meet two people silently,
then they close the holy covenant,
bless the angel of god.
The only moment is enough,
to know each other forever.
And what fits together,
only God can separate.
George Elgar Hicks

When I think of you, I’m not afraid:
You fit together – for life!
Always goes in the same step,
then happiness and love go with it!
Happiness and blessings like all times
to accompany you through a long life!
Friedrich Morgenroth

O groom, what a bride
becomes a prey to your arm!
With my lyre I swear it out loud:
The crown of beautiful brides!
Gottfried August Bürger

The storm night married us
In roar and frenzy:
What our souls have been hiding for a long time,
We realized it.
I read so deep in your look
With the beam from the weather lights:
I read my blazing happiness in it,
In its shine, the wet one.
The wind threw your fragrant hair
Playing around my forehead and cheeks,
The flock of waves whispered temptingly
Of hot, deep desire.
The lips were so close,
I held you tightly;
My wooing and your stammering yes,
The wind devoured it.
Hugo von Hofmannsthal

O happy, who found a heart,
that thinks and thinks only in love –
and faithfully connected with love,
his beautiful life is just beginning.
Hoffmann von Fallersleben

Where everyone is today, big and small,
cheer so happily,
I would like to be there too
and congratulate warmly.
Blessings to the young couple
to his covenant!
The Lord keep it through the year
in good ’and bad hour.
He gives you strength to work
every new morning
and possible a good partnership
the gifts get you.
unknown author

Even the happiest of marriages,
Daughter, has her trouble;
even the best men go
often according to their moods.
Anyone looking at the golden ring
Only promises golden days,
oh, he knows the way of things
and the heart of man is not.

Some throw themselves without worries
in the husband’s arm like you
and wept the next morning
their freedom, their rest.
From the slave of their looks
becomes a grumpy tyrant;
Anxious grief follows happiness,
that melted away with her dream.

But create your luck for yourself,
Daughter is in your hand:
nature gave you the weapons,
gave you gentleness and reason.
Learn your husband’s heart
walk lovingly,
pain slight injuries,
overlook small mistakes.
Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter

That never cloudy adversity,
that you need and shame stay away,
that you never cry a tear,
that you always unite in love,
that you always have all your worries,
I wish that to the engaged couple!
Theodor Storm

The love is spring bloom,
The marriage autumn fruit,
The love is an ocean wave,
Marriage silent bay.
Sweet love conjures
You into a paradise;
The mild marriage makes you
Certainly the earth.
Those who are smart pick the flowers
And the fruit gathers;
Ships through the sea’s wave
One in the quiet bay.
Do in the paradises
Many a delighted look,
And return to earth,
His homeland back.
Eduard von Bauernfeld

Love does not inhibit;
She doesn’t know the door or the latch
and penetrates through everything;
It is without beginning,
flapped its wings forever,
and strikes them forever.
Matthias Claudius

We dreamed of each other
And awoke from it.
We live to love each other,
And sink back into the night.
You came out of my dream,
I emerged from yours,
We die if there is one
In the other completely lost.
Shiver on a lily
Two drops, pure and round,
Melt into one and roll
Down into the bottom of the chalice.
Friedrich Hebbel

Dear couple! the whole life
Be a constant war with you,
So that both are given
Same prey and same victory.
Fight against love with love,
And fights against loyalty with loyalty;
That conflict never troubles you,
Never regret buying.
Friedrich von Logau

Video with wedding poems

Interesting facts and information about wedding poems

Today – in the digital world – old values ​​often go under and the interest in real cultural assets fades. So it is for example with traditional poems, which are so artfully and beautifully written, but unfortunately hardly get any attention in today’s society. Fortunately, it is possible to combine the modern with the classic and use the Internet to revive poetry. And it actually shows that more and more people with a poetic tendency are looking for suggestions and inspirations online, for example to be able to enhance greeting cards, dedications or congratulation texts with beautiful verses. Poems are by no means extinct, they are timeless and many people are increasingly resorting to lyrical lines that they take from very classic works or even write themselves. For example, for large events such as the wedding, to which you naturally congratulate in a particularly stylish and unusual way and thus express your enthusiasm and solidarity.

Wedding poems were sent to newlyweds hundreds of years ago. If guests were once unable to appear in person for the big celebration, messengers were even sent to recite a specially created poem for the jubilees. There were also employees at the court who were solely responsible for the writing and transmission of poems, thus poetically putting the mood, sadness, joyful messages and painful experiences of the nobles on paper and presenting them to the people. People can often be found in poems, they stimulate thought and enthusiasm, and often entertain and exude a certain charm. Therefore a self-written wedding poem for a modern wedding celebration certainly a very special surprise today, it gives pleasure, moves and inspires.

How best to convey a wedding poem?

It always depends on yourself how you would like to send your wedding verses to the bride and groom. If all guests should have something of the beautiful lines, then it makes sense to present his wedding poem in a solemn speech before the dinner together or to integrate it successfully into a sketch. But if you really only want to give it to the bride and groom, then you can insert it into a stylish card or use it as a dedication. It also cuts a fine figure in the guest book and is a lifelong beautiful reminder for the newlyweds. Wonderful poems should be given to the recipient in a very special way, so that they really go to the heart and the beauty and depth of thought of the poetic lines come across perfectly. Even if the couple in love is not the greatest friend of poetry, you will surely be able to convince them with your expressive verse, to express your joy, dearest wishes and solidarity.

Successfully insert a poem into a card – this is what successful wedding cards look like!

In addition to suitable gifts, it is above all congratulations cards that are happy to be presented at weddings. Since the big wedding day is a unique and unforgettable event in life, be loved Congratulations cards for the wedding mostly kept for a lifetime and serve as a wonderful reminder of this special highlight in the life of a couple. A Wedding card should therefore be designed with much effort and meaningfulness and not just be like any other card. A stylish wedding poem is a perfect means of artfully upgrading such a congratulation card, giving it a certain charm and originality. Nice lyrical verses can heartfelt congratulations on the wedding such as loving wedding wishes ideally upgrade and underline the special nature of the big event to a high degree. It is important that your verses are skillfully integrated into a card, catch them in the eye and go to the heart.

In order to score with a beautiful wedding poem, the lyrical lines should definitely match the bride and groom. So you have the choice between amusing verses, soulful templates, rather upbeat words or very concise poems with which you can express your congratulations to the couple. Each poem has its own charm and can be wonderfully personalized. So the jubilee couple should in any case be addressed by name and perhaps deal with peculiarities or events in the life of the newlywed couple. This enables the couple to identify well with them and knows that your poetic lines are intended exclusively for them.

A wedding poem should be a core element of your congratulations card and take a separate place next to your loving congratulations. So keep it relatively short and don’t overfill your card with too much text. So a beautiful poem can work wonderfully and touch hearts.

Which wedding poem fits best and is suitable for a successful wedding congratulation?

Of course, it always depends on who you want to write a beautiful wedding poem for. For the more distant boss, you will certainly not want to convey very intimate or even teasing lines, while you add a lot of humor and wit to the beloved sister and future brother-in-law with a lot of humor and wit. There will be a suitable poem for every taste, because if you invest a little creativity and time, you will be able to poetry to adopt it, perhaps to rewrite or expand already known verses accordingly, or even complete one new wedding poem to design. When designing a unique poem, the personality and mentality of the bride and groom should be considered so that your words are well received and remembered for a long time.

Why not on such a joyful day with equally happy, funny and humorous lines congratulate on the wedding and convey a very amusing and funny poem to the bride and groom? A poem that provides the ultimate sense of humor and really shakes up the party is just right here. Enhance the unique day in the life of the newlyweds and conjure up an even wider radiance on the face of the newlyweds.

If you are invited to the wedding of the boss or a business partner, you should rather rely on particularly tactful and concise lines, with which you duly congratulate the great event. But also a poem by email or a stylish wedding card that you write with all your colleagues will surely be a source of great joy and gratitude.

The wedding is a very romantic and emotional event in a couple’s life. Of course, appropriate poetic lines can wonderfully underline these positive feelings and put the icing on the cake. Provide great feelings with an individually composed wedding poem and perfectly round off this unique day of marriage.


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