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It’s hard to imagine a wedding without poems. It does not matter whether a wedding guest recites a poem to loosen up the wedding celebration, a wedding poem is quoted in the wedding speech or the poem is printed in the wedding newspaper. Many of the poems are classics, timeless and atmospheric for every wedding. Even if some wedding poems may not sound up to date anymore, they contain feelings and wisdom that have moved us for centuries and instigated poetry.

Love, marriage and happiness are probably the most common themes in poems.

Wedding Poems

Marriage, love and a kiss – so that it has to rhyme: If you are buzzing in your head and heart, what do you want better? Those who no longer love and are no longer mistaken can be buried!
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It is and remains advisable always for a young woman to choose a man and possibly marry. Firstly: this is the custom. Second: you want it yourself. Third, you need leadership and male accompaniment; because, as is well known, some things that are great fun do not understand girls alone; As there is: go to the pub. – Often enough, if you want to, the right is not immediately found; and in the meantime you are so alone, otherwise you try to disperse.
Wilhelm Busch

Because where the strict with the tender, where strong and mild mate, there is a good sound. So check who binds himself forever, whether the heart is to the heart! The delusion is short, the regret is long.
Friedrich von Schiller

It is the right marriage, where two unite, faithfully united to pilgrimage through all happiness and woe. One staff of the other, and dear burden at the same time, resting and hiking together, and aiming for the kingdom of heaven.
Emanuel Geibel

Salted up the soup your wife, tame the anger, tell her with a smile: "Sweet doll, everything you cook is good."
Heinrich Heine

Wedding Poems

With much love and with kisses life should flow away until the most beautiful day appears that unites you forever.

love – you say nicely and correctly – is a thing that is extremely important. Not only do you take into account what you do with it yourself, no, you are also curious about what others are doing in such matters.
Wilhelm Busch

O happy, who found a heart that thinks and thinks only in love and, faithfully connected with love, only begins his beautiful life. Where two hearts love each other, to be only one in joy and sorrow, the sun of the sky must shine and smile cheerfully every time.
August Heinrich Hoffmann from Fallersleben

Love, what a lovely haze! But in marriage, there is art!
Theodor Storm

It can be through the journey through life to give nothing better than one who drives with him as long as the journey lasts.

I wish to me a pretty woman who doesn’t take everything too closely, but at the same time understand best how I feel best.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Wedding Poems

And here seal these two permanent love and loyalty. Love’s sweet dream is high above time and space.
Wilhelm Busch

Man’s existence, old and young, lives between hope and memory. Young, he sees all the gates open to his wish, and old, he remembers – just his hope.
Franz Grillparzer

The way from the first kiss The first registry office decision is sometimes long and sometimes short. For the result it is nice!

In the quarter, surrounded by roses, these two go in harmony. They just got married, and whether storms roar outside doesn’t matter to them. Because the only thing that matters is that they are happy in the hiding place behind their rose hedge.

To this newlyweds It’s raining hearts, but they don’t mind. Once you have found a heart, you no longer look at others.

Under a canopy he wears it and she does not wear it, because that’s the way it is. The reverse was also true, but here tradition over emancipation prevails.

Wedding Poems

you celebrates Wedding your way, goes on a honeymoon every year, often it’s just a few kilometers, sometimes walks in nature, always just a photo, and only of you two, then you go back to everyday life. You still love each other, that’s clear to us. We look forward to the photo from this year.

In fact, it’s hard to believe how well the two fit together. It is clear to all of us that they are an ideal couple. That’s why we cheer from the bottom of our throats: How lucky they are to get married today.

Love inhibits nothing; she knows neither door nor bolt and penetrates everything; it is without beginning, flapped its wings forever, and beats it forever.
Matthias Claudius

Wedding wish: Dear couple, the jealousy of happiness must never devour you, and the power of mortality never hurts your honor. God grant that year after year laugh in your mother’s arms what makes you, oh noble couple, alive after death.
Friedrich von Logau

You were out of luck and I had none; we took each other, now we have one. Where did we get it from? It came to us from heaven.
Friedrich Rückert

Wedding Poems

Leads, pure angels, the bride in a good pasture, through love and suffering, until the spirit in the lily dress separates from the Dornental and clear and pure and sings with us at the wedding feast: "O star and flower, spirit and dress love, suffering and time and eternity!"
Clemens Brentano

If, like you, two really like each other, then their marriage is also under a good star. In any case, we only wish you sun and bliss after every cloud! There are times when happiness is too much, and times when there is too little. There are days when you’re a beggar and hours when you’re a king.
Caesar Flaischlen

Lean your Wang against my Wang, then the tears flow together; and press my heart firmly against my heart, then the flames will beat together! And if the stream of our tears flows into the great flame, and if my arm encloses you tremendously – I will die of tendons!
Heinrich Heine

What fits, must come to fruition, what understands itself, find what is good, connect, what loves, be together. What hinders must escape, what is crooked, has to be the same, what is distant, has to reach, what germinates, it must thrive. Faithfully shake hands with me, be brother to me and don’t look away from me before your end. A temple where we kneel, a place where we move, a happiness for which we glow, a heaven for me and you!

Wedding Poems

So much snow flakes, so much ach and woe, so much drops of rain, so much happiness and blessings!

A little more joy, less argument, a little more kindness, less envy, also a lot more truth always, and a lot more help in the event of danger, a little more we, less me, a little more strength, not so squeamish, and a lot more flowers during life, than on They are in vain for graves.

Power and home from the parents the chaste bride steps out of life’s sheath – go and love and suffer! Acquitted, subjugated, like the young breast throbbing in the robe of silk – go and love and suffer! Pious eyes bright lust outshines flashing jewels on the chest – go and love and suffer! Remember it, you blond hair: pain and pleasure siblings, inseparable both – go and love and suffer!
Conrad Ferdinand Meyer

I’m away from you, I am in a dream with you, talk to me, that you have given me your heart a thousand times, that you have given me a thousand times. When I see a girl, I go straight to her, look her face. But as I get closer it is not her eyes and not her face. It is not an hour in the night when my heart does not wake up and think of you that you have given me a thousand times, that you have given me your heart a thousand times.

Wedding Poems

A smile for both, a laugh for two, with joy and sorrow bliss. A word for love, a "Take and give", whether cheerful or cloudy, happiness is a blacksmith. A pressure for the hands, a you who like it, a band without end that holds us forever.
Georg Ihmann

Take my heart and keep it well, the covenant is closed. We are connected by a yes, by hand and ring and mouth. Love has looked at us with every step. The day, the hour and the year go with you as companions. I am happy and it is true that you are mine now.
Georg Ihmann

Let’s stick together in worry, Joy and sorrow, then the forces do not throw us out of our time. Let’s stand together, whether storm or wind, if we go together, it will be the greatest happiness.
Georg Ihmann

The Liseli looks so friendly, Wants to have a wedding today; An angel of God should watch over their house and yard!
Matthias Claudius

One does about the ducats, the second for a pretty face, the third can’t wait any longer, the fourth because mom speaks like that. The fifth wants to sit down once, the sixth does not like to be alone, the seventh hopes to indulge, the eighth also wants to be free, the ninth is compassionate, but you – you will only marry for love.
Wilhelm Busch

Wedding Poems

Give your hand to the pledge in loyalty and duty. Love is light! Rejoice in happiness and moment, do not argue. Love is light! Hold on tight now and now. It has weight: love is light!
Georg Ihmann

Good luck and God’s blessing on all your life paths. And that the dice fall cheaply for you, this wish comes from all of us.

If you are silent, be silent out of love. If you speak, speak out of love. If you blame, blame for love. If you spare, save for love! Let love be rooted in your heart and only good things can come from it!

Always be guided by love, In good times and bad, you should always stand together and go through life.

What is love?? Say! Two souls and one thought, two hearts and one beat.
Friedrich Halm

Wedding Poems

Love was no small. They went really pale They said a thousand things to each other And still knew what. They had to struggle for a long time, but finally it came about that they could marry. Now the souls are at rest.
Wilhelm Busch

I wish you – one with the other – a cheerful courage to walk together, hand in hand, into a happy future country. Whatever you achieve, wherever you go, whatever life gives you joy and suffering, happiness and pain: you should always be one and one!

Without you, dearest, what would the festivals be?? Without you, honey, what would the dance be? If you were not my darling, I would not like to dance, if you always remain, life is a celebration. Without you, dearest, what would the festivals be? Without you, honey, what would the dance be??

Always goes in the same step, then happiness and love go with it!
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Two people who find each other and bind to each other, if they swear allegiance, belong entirely to the other, then it is wonderful and love completely.

Wedding Poems

Weightless and tumbling with happiness this day never comes back, but the strength from these hours will round off our lives.

And was the tape, that connects you, soulful, warm and holy pure, let the last of your hours be like your first hours cheerful.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In honor of the lovely bride emptying a full glass will not prevent me; everyone joins in happily: The beautiful bride should be happy!

Love inhibits nothing; she knows neither door nor bolt, and penetrates through everything; It is from the beginning, flapped its wings forever, and beats it forever.
Matthias Claudius

Two people who find each other and bind to each other, if they swear allegiance, belong entirely to the other, then it is wonderful and love completely.

Wedding poems

Love is poetry and poetry is best expressed in rhyme. That is why poems are often used for the wedding card and to convey congratulations. Rhymed verses can also be inserted very well in a wedding speech or in the guest book of the wedding. Some of the most beautiful poems for the wedding we have put together for you here.

We cannot get the stars from the sky,
but we will carry on hands,
so that we can always touch them together,
we vow that on our beautiful day
and you should be our guests.

Joy should never be silent.
Joy should show itself openly.
Joy should laugh, shine and sing.
Joy should thank you for a lifetime.
Joy should shine through your soul.
Joy should swing on.
Joy should last
A life long.
Joachim Ringelnatz

It is and always is advisable
For a young woman,
Choosing a man
and possibly to marry.
Firstly: this is the custom.
Second: if you want it yourself.
Third, you need leadership
And the male escort;
Because we know some things,
What great joy,
Do not understand girls alone;
As there is: go to the tavern.
Wilhelm Busch

So take my hands and lead me,
to my blessed end and forever.
I don’t like to go alone, not a step,
where you will go and see take me with you.
Julie von Hausmann

With love and with kisses
let life flow away from you,
until the beautiful day appears,
that unites you forever.

If you are silent, be silent out of love.
If you speak, speak out of love.
If you blame, blame for love.
If you spare, save for love!
Let love be rooted in your heart
and only good things can come of it!

Love, only love is life:
Can you Christmas your heart of love?,
So God gave you enough,
Hail to you! The whole world is yours!
Hoffmann von Fallersleben

You have made the covenant of marriage,
that each of you is not alone in life,
that each of you go with the partner,
that each of you see the common ground.
I have closed the covenant,
and you announce this today with your wedding.
We wish your life is colorful,
in bright colors and that yours stays healthy.
We wish you cohesion for life,
that you can always give each other a lot of love,
that your love defies storm, strife and quake,
that you can rise together in love.

Love, what a lovely haze,
but in marriage, there is art.
Theodor Storm


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