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If you want to give a speech to the wedding, you have taken on an often difficult task. After all, the wedding speech should not bore the guests, but entertain them, be personal, not too short or too long and at the same time be engaging and romantic. That bridegroom, father of the bride or the best man ever get sweats, if they only think of writing the speech to the wedding, is not surprising. But the fact is, even if you do not consider yourself as a source of creativity, you too can write your own wedding address. The right tools as well as the Do’s and Don’ts can be found here.

First considerations for the wedding speech: So start

Before you jump into writing your wedding address, you should make some preliminary considerations. If your wedding congratulations are to captivate not only the bride and groom, but also the other guests, you must be prepared for your target group. Possible questions are:

  • Who is the bride and groom??
    Worry about the newlyweds. Are they always in a good mood and having fun for everyone? Then a funny wedding speech could be just the thing. On the other hand, if you are serious and would like to treat this day with respect, you are better off with a more romantic speech.
  • Who are you?
    For the type of wedding speech, of course, it also matters who you are. If you talk as the bride’s father, it will inevitably be more involved and more personal than when a colleague or acquaintance is speaking. In addition, an emotional speech is one of the most important tasks of the maid of honor and the best man, who may quietly build something funnier and less formal.
  • How does the audience get together??
    How well do the guests know the bride and groom? Are there only a few close relatives and friends, but many expansive acquaintances? This should be reflected in the content of the table speech for the wedding. The better the guests know the bridal couple, the more intimate the wedding speech may be from the bride’s father or the groomsman.
  • Which guiding idea do you want to choose??
    In order for wedding addresses to follow a common thread, they are usually given a major theme, which they keep coming back to during their course. These can be, for example, values ​​around the topic of marriage and love. For example, the areas of loyalty, partnership, honesty, reliability, trust or respect are suitable as a guiding theme for the speeches on the wedding. The chosen guiding idea will come up again and again, for example, if you select suitable wedding rhymes, look for anecdotes about the bride and groom and draw parallels to their lives.


Do you still lack the right ideas for your wedding speech as best man or father of a bride? Then you should not just remember, because inspirations from different sources can make your job easier:

  • Conversations with relatives, friends and acquaintances: Converse with other people who know the bridal couple well, their idiosyncrasies and beautiful, funny or special experiences.
  • Photo albums: Browse together through older photo albums, from childhood through the wild youth until the time together as a couple. You will certainly come across some nice anecdotes that you can use for your funny wedding speech.
  • Newspapers, internet & Co.: Use the research capabilities in the Internet, newspapers and other media, for example, to discover events of certain days, to read examples of wedding speeches or to discover interesting facts about the couple.
  • Poetry books and award collections: Be inspired by great speakers and meaningful quotes.

Important NOTEFirst, include all your spontaneous ideas, ideas, anecdotes and wedding stories on your list without evaluating or dropping them. First, let’s create a list of different thought approaches. Only when you have decided on a direction in which your wedding speech should go, check which ideas fit your wedding speech.

Possible contents for wedding addresses

What you would like to rely on in your wedding speech as groom, maid of honor or father of the bride depends entirely on the individual situation. But at these points you could perhaps start:

  • Stories about getting to know the bride and groom
  • gracious character traits of bride and groom
  • Parents’ childhood stories that are typical of the bride or groom’s character traits
  • Anecdotes to smile for a funny wedding speech
  • bizarre events
  • Quotes
  • Events on specific dates of the couple (eg get-to-know, first anniversary, first shared apartment, engagement)

A nice introduction could be, for example, to research events from the day of getting to know the bride and groom. An example: “On 10 January 2010, Sturmtief Daisy swept across the German Baltic coast, Ivo Josipovic won the election for the Croatian presidency and the African Cup of Nations began in Angola. And something wonderful happened: Daniel and Angelika got to know each other. “

Also suitable as a hanger is a special gift. If the bride’s mother holds the wedding speech, she can hand over her daughter’s first pacifier as a sign of a rich rain of children. In her speech, the maid of honor refers to the place of the couple’s first couple’s holiday and to receive the pleasures of first love – and finally gives away a vacation trip financed by all friends back to the beginning of the relationship.

By the way, there are also topics that have nothing to do in a wedding speech. These include in particular negatively charged topics such as divorces, ex-partners, erotic topics, hurtful jokes (eg mother-in-law jokes) or too embarrassing stories about the bride and groom.

The best quotes and sayings around marriage and love

· Marriage is something like mutual tenderness of two grindstones.
John Osborne

· Marriage is a building that has to be rebuilt every day.
André Maurois

· Love is not about looking at each other, but about looking in the same direction together.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

· Before you get married, keep both eyes open. Afterwards press one to.
Idiom from Jamaica

· Do you love your child, so send it on trips.
Indian proverb

· Love is the shared joy of mutual imperfection.
Ludwig Borne

· Love means surrendering to others without any guarantee.
Erich Fromm

· The noblest thing about love is the trust in each other.
Julius Grosse

· Love alone understands the secret of bestowing gifts to others and getting rich themselves.
Clemens Brentano

· The greatest happiness of love is finding peace in another heart.

· Love is the stuff that nature has woven and embroidered the imagination.

· To love a human being means to see him as God meant him.

· Love gives nothing but itself and takes nothing but itself. Love does not possess, nor does it want to be possession. Because love is enough for love.
Khalil Gibran

The Four Parts of Wedding Speech: How To Structure It Correctly

If you want to give a speech at the wedding, you should structure it correctly. A wedding speech always consists of four parts:

Part 1: Welcome

First greet the bridal couple in person, then their parents and siblings, and then all the guests.

Part 2: Introduction

Now move on to the introduction, where you introduce your guiding theme. Whether you start the introduction with an anecdote, a sentimental quote, or a famous phrase from a movie, what matters is that it fits in with your theme and ensures your audience’s attention.

3rd part: main part

Now you continue to develop your guiding theme, talk about it in general, bring in more stories, anecdotes and your own thoughts. Most importantly, your speech is as personal as possible. Bring your own relationship to the bridal couple, talk about their shared history, their hobbies, professions or character traits.

tip: Talk to the couple again and again in person, for example: “Love needs a solid foundation on which it is rebuilt every day. With you, dear Stefan and dear Moni, everyone can see that your love is on a secure basis. “

Part 4: Final

Draw a short conclusion and deliver your wedding congratulations. Do not end your wedding speech with a succinct “Now I’m done” or “Finally you’re allowed to eat“, but raise your glass to the bride and groom. Make a toast, for example, “On your common happiness” or “Have a nice day”.

Tip for writing and holding your wedding speech

So that the wedding speech of bridal couple, father of the bride or father of the groom is well received by the audience, you should follow this advice:

  • Do not use ready-made speeches in which you just have to change names – people will notice that the wedding thank-you speech is not yours.
  • Use short sentences.
  • Avoid the passive language.
  • Clarify in advance how much speaking time you will receive.

Rehearse your speech several times before the big day, first alone in front of the mirror, later best in front of your family members. Create a keyword list as a “cheat sheet” so that you have an orientation if you lose the thread during the speech. Do not stand motionless during the speech and do not gesticulate wildly – move as naturally as possible while keeping eye contact with the bride and groom and the audience.

by the way: In order to make oneself heard, one taps at most in kitschy films to the glass. Let the master of ceremonies announce you in order to catch the attention of the audience.

Duration and time of speech

Usually, the bride-father holds his wedding speech first. After that, if necessary, the father of the groom will follow with his wedding speech and then it will be the maid of honor or the best man’s turn. Now, bridal people or other guests can talk. However, this more traditional classification does not have to be considered so strict today. Often today also the bride’s mother or the bride speaks, which was not provided earlier in the protocol. The ideal time is the time between the starter and the serving of the main course.

You may wonder how long the speech should ideally be. Be brief so as not to bore the guests, especially when several speeches are planned. The ideal duration depends on how you are with the bride and groom. As a father of the bride you have a longer time to speak than a distant acquaintance. Basically, a period of three to five minutes is considered optimal.

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