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This weekend we spent quite relaxed and cured ourselves further.


The day begins with the still highly feverish Knuffel bunny. He was the last one to get infected, who already has the whole family under control for the whole week.

While we still cuddle up with him in bed, the big bricks produce in series and build a wall.

For breakfast there are muffins in fast food style. I could do it again.

The children have to catch up on their homework bit by bit, therefore new clay works are always created in a changing composition, while the other one writes in peace.

Before lunch, the children enjoy a few chocolates. They already have their best time behind them and I ask first where they found them. Somewhere in the back of the cupboard is the answer.

Luckily, they actually only started and still taste good.

For lunch, we’ll have yesterday’s noodle leftovers. Today with the incredibly delicious tuna spinach sauce.

For a part of the children baked with cheese. We are very happy that the bunny is hungry again and eats a small portion despite his sore throat.

The afternoon we overslept for the most part, while Daddy Mouse makes a bicycle tour.

The Kaisermotte proudly presents me that it can finally play with the Jojo.

For dinner there are oven vegetables with quark yoghurt dip.

The cuddly bear would like to try another experiment from his schoolbook.

We place a piece of blotting paper on the water surface and place a paper clip on top of it.

Unfortunately, the attempt doesn’t work the first time. First the blotting paper doesn’t suck up fast enough. Then it goes under too fast. Next time the clamp is not right.

The children are already going to bed. I watch the glass with the camera in my hand …

… and actually after a while she swims!

The children can watch the miracle by video call and then quickly fall into a deep sleep.


Sunday begins with fresh crêpes, if the cuddly bear so desires.

Afterwards we play in the nursery. This cheeky dinosaur actually nibbles on the bunny bunny.

Shortly afterwards the bunny falls off the couch and needs a coolpack for his bump.

For reassurance we all look at a book together with many flaps (*advertising link). The two little ones outbid each other with the speed of opening the flaps.

Meanwhile Daddy Mouse has tidied up the room and the cuddly beetle sucks with a lot of energy afterwards.

I’m trying out a new prescription: Plucked pizza.

The preparation takes some time. During this time, the children make things with paper.

The children first look at the food in disbelief and then eat it at breakneck speed.

While the children already disappear with daddy mouse in the rooms to the midday nap, I tidy up the kitchen. It is the time of the peanut shells.

Finally my bread is ready and I want to be freed from the pot.

After a short nap we play together UNO (*Werbelink). I don’t win any of the countless rounds.

Meanwhile, the bunny plays with the cars made by the children.

I’m hungry, so there’s something warm for dinner again. This time fried noodles. In the picture still without noodles.

After dinner, the children play a short game. Luckily the rabbit is feeling better again. He babbles in a tour and is totally absorbed in his game. I could watch him for hours. Unfortunately he also has to go to bed.

After all the children are in their beds, Papa Maus conjures a really tasty and pretty fruit snack for me, which we enjoy together on the couch.

This is the end of a very relaxed weekend and I hope that everyone is finally healthy again.

Next week there will be some appointments in the school and I am very excited.

You can find more weekends in pictures on Susanne’s blog.

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