Weekend trip with children: cheap offers, many extras

Weekend trip with children: cheap offers for a weekend holiday with children

The whole family should go on vacation over the weekend. No matter where you are going, you will find the cheapest offers for a weekend trip with children with us. Inexpensive family rooms and free overnight stays for children are possible with many offers.

Our weekend trip offers

Weekend trip with children – a gift for the whole family

You don’t want to go on vacation with children yourself, but you want to make others happy? Then you will find the right offer for the whole family in our extensive range of hotel vouchers.

Gives away a weekend vacation with children to friends or relatives and thus provides a nice surprise.

Children stay free in the family room

With all our offers, the little ones can sleep in the family room of their parents free of charge. The age limit can vary from hotel to hotel. You can find the exact information on the offer page under the item travel information.

The offer also includes special inclusive services for the children. These include visits to the zoo, free tickets for thermal baths and childcare.

Weekend trip with children: cheap hotel deals for the whole family

A weekend vacation with children and bowling is on your agenda and you are still looking for a cheap hotel for the whole family? With us you will find many accommodation options for two adults and two children. Either you stay in a cheap family room, a double room with an extra bed or you book an apartment with two separate bedrooms and a living room. We have a suitable and affordable hotel room for every need and budget.

Adventure weekend with children: planning is important

A trip with children is always a small logistical challenge. To make your weekend vacation with the family a relaxing undertaking, there are a few things you should consider when planning your trip. First of all, you should choose a hotel that caters to the needs of small and large guests. It should be possible to book a family room or an extra bed for the double room. In addition, you should choose the travel destination so that fun is guaranteed for the whole family. Find out in advance about possible leisure activities that are child-friendly and age-appropriate.

The best travel destination for a weekend vacation with a child

There are various options for your weekend trip with the family. We have listed for you where you can go best.

1. Germany

A weekend trip with children in Germany is particularly useful if you only want to travel for 2 or 3 days and don’t want to travel long distances. You know best how far you can go and what you can expect your children to do. In Germany you can expect a variety of options for a family vacation over the weekend. The Baltic Sea islands await you with a lot of nature, the water and enough space to play. You can go hiking in the Harz Mountains for the weekend with the whole family, be in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains or in the Bavarian Forest. The Weser Uplands or other regions are also suitable for a holiday in Germany.

2. Austria

In Austria you will find a variety of offers on your weekend trip with children. How about spending the night on a farm or hiking on an adventure trail. Children get to know nature and its phenomena up close. As a travel destination for a long weekend with children, a visit to Wörthersee or Faaker See is also worthwhile

3. Italy

You have a slightly further journey if you want to spend a weekend trip with the family in Italy. Here you have the best chances to have good weather in most of the year. So nothing stands in the way of a lot of outdoor activities. Hiking in South Tyrol or rather a few days on the beach in Rimini: in Italy you will find many options. A visit to one of the Italian metropolises with the family is also worthwhile. If the children are a little older, spend a weekend with the family in Rome, Milan or Venice.

4. France

The neighboring country of Germany can be reached in a few hours by car, depending on the starting point. Spends a long weekend with the children in Strasbourg right behind the German border and goes on extensive bike tours through the beautiful nature and along the Alsace Wine Route. Explore Paris as a family or spend a few days on the beaches of the Côte d’Azur around Nice. You can find suitable and affordable hotels for the whole family in our voucher range.

5. Denmark

Denmark joins in the north of Germany and here you can also spend a few relaxing days with the family. The countless islands of Denmark promise plenty of space to run around and – especially if you are traveling in summer – the possibility of a swim in the North or Baltic Sea. Many exciting sights are equally suitable for young and old. So nobody is guaranteed to get bored.

Weekend with children – the best destinations

When it comes to weekend vacations with the kids, one thing shouldn’t happen: boredom. To prevent this from happening, we have a few suggestions for perfect leisure fun for you.

They are particularly suitable for rainy days and also for weekend trips with small children, fun pools and spas. Children under the age of 3 have free admission to many pools. Some of our hotel offers included the day entry to a thermal bath. Children can expect a lot of variety in the bathroom and a little relaxation in the thermal and sauna area for their parents.

Amusement parks also provide fun and variety. The children want to try out countless rides and try their courage to the limit. You will find countless zoos and zoos throughout Germany and of course abroad. A visit to giraffes, elephants or goats is guaranteed to be fun for the whole family.

The discovery tour takes the children to countless museums. Many are specially designed for the needs of children or at least have a children’s program on offer. Take a journey of discovery through the museum landscape with your children.

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