Weekend trip with children, tips for children’s holidays

Weekend trip with children

A trip is generally referred to as a short-term trip, trip or excursion. The weekend trip with children is often decided from one minute to the next, i.e. without time-consuming preparation. This is the special attraction of a short vacation. In many cases, when you get up in the morning, you don’t even think about going on a short family vacation a few hours later. The parents coordinate with each other briefly, and the few preparations for the weekend trip with children and dog are quickly done. Accommodation with a holiday home, apartment or family-friendly hotel can be found quickly. Now everything is going very quickly, without it happening too quickly. The prospect of a two or three day weekend trip with the kids is so tempting that after a quick breakfast, the "quick breakfast" the journey into the short family vacation with children and dog begins. Everyone is in a good mood.

Cottage by the sea with garden and beach

A weekend trip with children promises a mix of variety, entertainment and activities every two or three generations. This is best guaranteed in a holiday home for the following reasons.

  • Generous options for staying with living and utility rooms
  • Time independence from any deadlines
  • Free choice between self-catering, going out and the ‘pizza taxi’
  • Sufficient opportunities for children to play directly at the holiday home
  • Enough space for the dog, at best with a nearby dog ​​playground
  • Bicycle rental from the rental service or on site

Such a weekend trip includes a manageably short arrival and return journey. The short hours should not be spent in the car, but at the holiday location. It is almost ideal if the arrival for the weekend vacation is on Thursdays and the return trip is on Sundays. The family wakes up on Friday morning in the sunshine in their holiday home on the North or Baltic Sea. Now two full days can be planned and spent on site. The return journey on Sunday does not begin until the afternoon, so that the morning hours are also freely available. Parents can relax on the terrace of the holiday home, while the children make a last trip with their dog to the beach and of course to the dog playground. Once at home, the weekend trip with the children ends with the preparation of the upcoming school day.

Alpine pasture and hut hike as a weekend trip with the children

The exact opposite of the North Sea with ebb and flow are the Bavarian Alps, or one of the German low mountain ranges like the Harz or the Sauerland. A proper family vacation includes hiking, in which all family members participate. The base is the holiday home on the outskirts. With

  • spacious living room
  • fully equipped and furnished kitchen
  • Children’s bedroom upstairs
  • Internet access
  • TV, radio and DVD player

the offer of a 3 * or 4 * apartment is as helpful as it is useful. The special kick of such a weekend trip with the children is the two-day mountain hike with an overnight stay in an alpine hut. It can, but it does not have to be reserved in advance. Hiking in the mountains with the accompanying hundreds of meters in altitude is as strenuous as it is entertaining. The beauty of the landscape, the nature and the panoramic view of the mountains are a unique experience. The last night in the holiday home before the return trip is urgently needed to rest and sleep. On this weekend trip with the children, the holiday home functions more like a family base. Otherwise, the days and hours are mostly spent outside the home.

River bike hike with children and dog

The weekend trip with children can be as interesting as it is unique as a river bike hike. Each well-known river has several cycle paths; such as the Elberadweg or the Donauradweg. These river cycle paths can be cycled along the entire length or in stages. You can either stay in a tent, at a nearby campsite, or in one of the Bed + Bike Hotels on the river. Cyclists are particularly welcome guests in these hotels. You can park your bike theft-proof, and a repair service is often offered or arranged. The dog can be placed either in the bike trailer or in the basket on the bike. The family is together all weekend and the children have their first experience of exploring the route along the river using GPS. The bike paths run away from traffic, which is as safe as it is liberating for children and dogs.

This makes the weekend trip with children a success

The expectations of a short vacation as a family vacation are particularly high among the children. It is often a rarity for them to travel with both parents. Against this background, the weekend trip with the children must be a success. This includes

  • choosing the right destination
  • the house with proximity to forest, meadow and dog playground
  • a program with activities and activities that demands but not overwhelms
  • cheerful educators with time for their children
  • an overall good holiday mood without any memory of everyday school life

The goal for the short vacation should be in a rural region so that the children can literally have free, unhindered exercise. It can lead directly to the beach, to a nearby forest, or to a lake. The dog playground must be within easy reach, because the four-legged friend also wants to have his share of the weekend trip with the children. In the end, family vacations must be as beautiful and harmonious as all family members imagine and wish before leaving.

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