Welcome Foundation spi

Welcome Foundation spi

The Social Pedagogical Institute Berlin »Walter May« works to develop a society in which each person can freely develop responsibility for himself and for others.

Children and Youth

Childhood or youth per se do not exist. Children and youth have individual and highly varied life histories. But they are all the future adults of our society.


Accompanying families on their life paths, supporting them, where that is needed, being constructive contributors to an exchange of ideas, providing community – these are the things that the SPI stands for in its work with and for families.


Aging is one of the most explosive and disruptive topics and questions in our society. Most people do not like to think about aging. This is a mistake. People who avoid doing business with them.

School, Education and Work

Education is much more than gaining academic knowledge. Knowledge is the key to participation in social life. The Credo of the Foundation is therefore: Every person needs a school diploma, a learned trade or experience in the working world.

City and Community

In any given neighborhood, people shape more than buildings, streets and businesses. The Foundation SPI understands the city as a place of social coexistence. Urban development means: Reforming and shaping the existing urban space into an urban habitat.

Flight, Immigration and Migration

Immigration brings with it many opportunities, but along with them the risks of social conflict. The Foundation SPI works on issues such as early education, youth counseling and family counseling, housing and education as well as urban development.

Living and caring

The residence and / or the apartment is the place for the most people where they experience safety and security, but at the same time the place for communication, development and family. Maintaining one’s ability to hold a fixed residence is very important for all other forms of counseling and treatment.

Addiction and Prevention

Addiction is a socio-psycho-somatic disease through which nearly all of one’s physical, social and mental facets are affected. All forms of counseling and intervention done by the Foundation SPI are open-ended and integrate the wishes, volition and collaboration of the affected party.

Culture and Leisure

Concerts, exhibitions, theater, readings, films, public painting events, multimedia projects, dance performances, rehearsals – all of these and more have their place in our projects and facilities. Our understanding of culture is construed is a broad one.

Programs Agencies and Service Offices

Our programs and service offices are advised and supported by the Federal Ministry for Families, Seniors, Women and Youth, and the Senate Administration for Urban Development and the Environment as well as the Senate Administration for Education. Youth and Science of the State of Berlin.

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