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We give a new dimension to car care and offer to stand up to the loss of value of your car with customized car refurbishment. Your vehicle is exposed to external influences on a daily basis, which cause the car to age visibly. Adverse weather conditions, tar, road salt and chippings can take their toll on any car.

even parking at the curb leaves ugly scratches on the rims. even mechanical cleaning in the car wash can dull and dull the paint over time. A car preparation is like a beauty treatment for your car and lets your vehicle shine in new splendor.

We give a new dimension to car care and offer the loss of value of your car with customized car valeting. Your vehicle is exposed to external influences every day, which cause the car to age visibly. Adverse weather conditions, tar, road salt and chippings can take their toll on any car.

Even parking at the curb leaves ugly scratches on the rims. Even the mechanical cleaning in the car wash can make the paint dull and lackluster over time. A car reconditioning is like a beauty treatment for your vehicle and lets your vehicle shine in new splendor.

Vehicle preparation to the highest standards

car preparation

We take care of the interior, bodywork and rims according to your needs. Choose from our packages or. Individual services.

Window tinting for a cool interior

Window tinting

Whether against the heat, as UV protection or as protection against prying eyes. For your tinted windows you have the choice of different colors and tint levels

smart repair fast and reliable

Smart repair

Whether parking damage, hail damage, paint damage and/or dents are repaired quickly and easily. We are also happy to repair your aluminum rims

leather repair as well as textiel repair

Leather repair and textiel repair

Whether it’s a car seat or a sofa, leather and textiles are here to stay. We also repair damage to these sensitive materials quickly and reliably!

Accident repair in affiliated workshops


If the old paint has become too boring? Turn old into new with a full wrap, set accents with partial wrap or vehicle lettering.

Vehicle preparation in a class of its own

Perfectly maintained with professional car preparation

the well-kept appearance of your vehicle determines the first impression. This is especially important if you want to achieve a higher resale value for your car or if the lease is due to be returned. Our professional car preparation ensures that the value of your vehicle is maintained or restored. Last but not least, a perfectly maintained car is a reflection of your personality and increases driving pleasure. We offer you an individual car reconditioning made to measure.

At adrian’s autopflege your vehicle is in the best hands. With a professional car preparation, which is tailored to your individual needs, we quickly eliminate small and large defects. In addition to interior and exterior cleaning, our catalog of car care services ranges from engine washing and innovative nano sealing to professional top impregnation and odor neutralization with ozone. With a car preparation from competent hand your vehicle is fit for new challenges in no time. Whether you use our vehicle preparation services as a package or as an individual service is entirely up to you.

Car preparation also in the interior in perfection

Car preparation – inside and outside in impeccable condition

With us, professional interior cleaning goes far beyond simple vacuuming and dusting. Car preparation and care also includes the cleaning of plastic parts, upholstery, carpets and textile coverings. Whether repair, cleaning or care – even your noble leather interior is like new again after a car preparation. Thanks to special care products, your vehicle will also shine again from the outside after a car preparation.

Vehicle preparation with nano sealing

The paint of your car is like a protective shell. Caring for it is correspondingly important, because every season holds its challenges in store. Whether bird droppings and insect adhesions, honeydew and escaping tree resin or grit and salt – everything has a negative effect on the paintwork. Here a nano sealing can effectively remedy the situation. Nano-sealing makes the paint extremely resistant to adverse environmental influences, UV rays and mechanical abrasion. The innovative micro-particles bond completely with the paint – the surface is extremely smooth and shiny after nano-sealing. dirt cannot attack the paintwork and can be removed with ease.

Smart repair – the magic word for perfect vehicle preparation

Smart repair stands for a car preparation which has it in itself. Smart vehicle preparation consists of many individual components that visibly improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. Within the framework of this premium car preparation, we remove paint damage caused by small stones or hail. Dents or dings, scuffed alloy rims and damaged plastic elements are a thing of the past with smart repair. You will hardly recognize your car after vehicle preparation!

Car preparation also under the hood

With a professional engine wash as part of a car reconditioning, the heart of your vehicle is as good as new again. We thoroughly clean the engine compartment of accumulated dirt and oil residues and carefully remove adhering soot. The result shows: vehicle preparation is also worthwhile for the interior of your car!

Top cleaning and impregnation belong in professional hands

For convertibles, the usual car care is not enough – the open-hearted racers need a loving special treatment. Changing weather conditions and dirt are a constant challenge, especially for the soft top. In this case, we recommend professional impregnation as part of the vehicle preparation process, which not only protects the top from moisture, but also from deep soiling caused by pollen, bird droppings, road dirt and salt.

Odor neutralization with ozone

A vehicle treatment can also provide a breath of fresh air inside your car. If even a thorough interior cleaning is not enough against annoying odors, odor neutralization with ozone is the right choice. Ozone (O3), with its three oxygen atoms, is a potent odor killer and can even deal with intense odors of cigarette smoke, sweat or dog.

car preparation at adrian’s autopflege – hand in hand to perfection

We are perfectionists – and vehicle reconditioning is our passion! Our up-and-coming, certified company is your reliable and competent partner when it comes to premium class car reconditioning. We do all the work around the vehicle preparation with the utmost care and consider every new task as a welcome challenge. Trust in our competence and experience in vehicle preparation and contact us today – we will be happy to assist you. the team of adrian’s autopflege is looking forward to you!


We are a young team in kirchseeon near ebersberg and have made our passion our profession.
We care about your satisfaction, that’s why we take care of all your car preparation and maintenance needs with the utmost care and precision.

No matter if you need exterior or interior cleaning and care, as a certified company for vehicle preparation as well as vehicle care, we have everything that perfectionists need.

On the following pages, we would like to introduce you to the services of our vehicle preparation and maintenance.

We are your competent contact for professional vehicle preparation and attach great importance to cleanliness and care for your vehicle / fleet.

Since 2007 adrian’s autopflege in kirchseeon offers you a comprehensive range of services in the field of professional vehicle preparation.
we offer nano-paint refinement, ozone treatment, dent removal without painting, smart repair and painting services for private and commercial use.
If you only need a rim cleaning, an engine wash or a dent removal, you will receive an offer according to your needs.

Of course we also take care of your boat, your motorcycle and even your truck.
Many customers from ebersberg, grafing, zorneding, kirchseeon and the greater munich area trust both vehicle preparation only on us. just come by and let us make you a non-binding offer!

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