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The Lukas Kindergarten is looking for a new management!

Applicants or interested parties are welcome to contact us directly or our sponsor, Ev. Jugendhilfe Neuss-Süd, report!

We look forward to your interest !

Also this year we would like to celebrate a Christmas service together before Christmas!

3pm coffee & Cookies in the kiga

4.15 p.m. solemn service

All families and friends are cordially invited! We look forward to numerous registrations!

"Good afternoon i am nicholas!" it was said in our kindergarten today. Everyone listened attentively as Santa Claus read from his golden book. And of course there was also a small gift bag for each child.

We wish everyone a nice Santa Claus evening and say "Thank you, dear Nicholas, for your visit!"

The days are getting shorter again and St. Martin is not far away. Children and parents in the Lukaskiga make the lanterns of the Potato King together.

On November 13th (Wednesday) the facility closes at 1 p.m. At 5 p.m. we meet again for a St. Martin’s parade and a delicious cocoa at Lindenplatz!

How the time flies.

In the category "Events & Info" can now be found

everything important for the coming year!

On Sunday, October 6th, we celebrate together in the local community a harvest thanks to worship in the Lukaskirche. We look forward to a lively participation – the start is at 11 a.m. at Lindenplatz!

Goodbyes are celebrated regularly in the Lukas kindergarten, schoolchildren are said goodbye to the new phase of life, interns or colleagues leave us from time to time.

After more than 40 years in the Lukas Kindergarten we were able to say goodbye to our long-time director, Ms. Barabasch, in the well-deserved retirement. Together we had great moments and many wonderful memories! All the best for the future ! stay healthy !

At the start of the new kindergarten year, we would like to invite all new and remaining parents to a convivial parents’ evening. We look forward to a lively exchange and a nice evening with you!

Date: Thu, 05.09. from 6.30 p.m.

From today on we are slowly welcoming the new Lukaskids to us.

We look forward to an exciting time to get to know each other and Piet is also looking forward to a first sniff.

The Lukas Kindergarten wishes everyone a nice summer time!

We close from 15.07. by 02.08.19 the facility and are already looking forward to it on 05.08. to see again for the first kindergarten day in the new year.

From 06.08. Then the individually designed acclimatization period of the new kids begins !

Welcome to you & your families !

Also this year our school children are invited for the final excursion to the AOK submarine project in Düsseldorf.

In the colorful underwater world there are a lot of sensory impressions and many stations to try out yourself. We look forward to an eventful day with our grown-ups!

The strawberry field in Holzbüttgen invites families and connoisseurs to pick them themselves.

Armed with a basket, part of the Lukaskids made their way to the field on two days and brought a lot of delicious fruit for everyone.

One or the other strawberry did not end up in the basket, but directly in the mouth.

There is a lot to discover in the Vorster Wald! At this year’s forest day we did a big round through nature, built houses from sticks and rocked in the cozy hammock.

After a walk back to kindergarten, everyone had a delicious lunch and a photo show. Nice that so many parents were there !

In the section you will find the current version of our concept as a download.

Have fun while reading & rummage .

By the way: As part of quality management, our concept and thus our daily work is subject to a constant review and further development process in which the entire team of the Lukas kindergarten is involved.

This year’s holiday leisure was once again a real highlight:

For a total of 9 children and 5 employees, there was a lot to experience and discover at the Hubertushof in Eslohe last week! A week in nature, with lots of farm animals and tractors. And for many children it was the first big trip without mom or dad.

Now everyone has arrived home safely – with so many wonderful memories in their luggage !

In the radio magazine "Heaven and Earth" the Evangelical and Catholic Church will soon be introduced to the curative-educational Lukas kindergarten. Young and old told the reporter from the local radio station today what makes us special at LUKAS. Pastor Maike Neumann also enriched the interview. We are excited to see what comes out of it! Many thanks to the parish for this great opportunity!

Broadcast date: Sunday May 5th on News 89.4 !

Here is the post for everyone who missed it !

On Thursday, April 18, 2019, we would like to celebrate Easter together with the Lukaskids and their families.

A common breakfast in the kindergarten as well as a church service on Easter history kick off the Easter holidays for us. The kindergarten closes at 12 noon on this day.

Every spring in the Lukas Kindergarten: The fire brigade is on the loose! Together, our children learn many exciting things about fire, extinguishing and cars with sirens. Various materials and experiments invite you to do so. For our preschool kids, a visit to the guard is a real experience. Who doesn’t want to be in the front of a fire engine?!?

It’s not far to Carnival now! All groups in the Lukas Kindergarten are designed to match the BLUE theme. Together we will make fish costumes with all children and are already looking forward to a great party for old women! A delicious breakfast buffet and cool music shouldn’t be missing.

We have already discovered the first loose teeth and maybe even a tooth gap !?

Our school children visit the dental practice on Lindenplatz and are allowed to explore everything there. What instruments does the dentist use? and when you have to brush your teeth again so that there are no holes?

We are excited to see what the dentist has to tell. Brave school kids in front !

We hope you have had a good start to the new year with your families.

The whole team of the Lukas Kindergarten wishes you all the best, luck and above all health!

We wish you and your families a nice Christmas season!

Stay healthy – we look forward to seeing you again in the new year!

The kindergarten operation starts again on Thursday, January 3rd, 2019!

Together with the local radio station News 89.4, Lichtblicke supports projects for a good cause. This year we tried our luck in the Lukas Kindergarten and in fact we are there too! Maybe you even heard the live interview on the radio !?

Our Snoezel room, which is getting a bit old, will be refurbished in 2019. A new light shower, various storage cushions and a wall installation should make the room for the Lukaskids shine in new splendor again. We are very happy about this project and say with all our hearts:


Packed with a sledge and a large amount of presents, Santa actually came to visit us!

All the children listened very carefully to what was written in his golden book this time. And of course the chocolate surprise also tasted good!

Thank you very much, dear Nicholas!

Advent is here and with us in the Lukaskindergarten everything is ready for the pre-Christmas period. The children decorated the Christmas tree with great joy and the crib was also discovered by them.

The children were allowed to open the first candle on the advent wreath and the first packages of the advent calendar.

We wish all children and their families a peaceful Christmas season!

Don’t forget: Our Christmas party will take place on December 13th. at 3:15 p.m. We look forward to seeing you and your children!

Finally, the time has come: The new wooden house is ready and was inaugurated as a real highlight for our children in the garden. The construction work was of course examined very carefully by the children.

Many thanks to master carpenter Fritz Stefen, who House extra

designed and built for our children!


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