Welcome to the children’s circus world!

With our cool and action-packed game and animation concept, we would like to offer your children an opportunity to live out their childhood to the fullest.

The idea behind our concept is as simple as it is plausible.

At KINDER circus WELT, the kids can fulfill their heart’s desires: let off steam, play, move and just have fun.

Children usually do not like "coffee wreaths", but cool ones "Äktschn".

We control and manage them in a regular manner, whereby safety is of course always the top priority.

We like to come to corporate events, private Celebrate as well as at family celebrations, weddings, school events, kindergarten parties, carnival parties and much more.

Ask about our conditions!

If we have piqued your interest, give us a call or write an email, we are happy to help you!

Activity programs

With our active programs we offer children the opportunity to let off steam, to realize their heart’s desire, to play, to move and just to have fun.

show programs

The KINDER circus WELT show programs not only entertain the youngest viewers, but also the adults. "Laugh until the doctor comes," is the motto.

school projects

KIDS circus WORLD, the experts for circus projects in schools.
Our competent team combines years of experience with spontaneity and enthusiasm.

The KIDS circus WELT introduces itself

Children live in their own world. They find typical events for adults boring.

Stress and anger for parents and children are often pre-programmed.

Our goal is to meet the needs of Big and bring Klein together. We organize professional children’s entertainment based on this idea.

Children are not deported with us or "parked", so they don’t bother the adults. We let the children experience their own (fantasy) world – with all their senses.

The KINDER circus WELT has existed since May 2003 and is one of the few pedagogical project circuses that travel across Austria with a tent. Above all the rich equipment of props and costumes, the beautiful colorful circus tent and last but not least the qualification of the trainers makes the KINDER circus WORLD unmistakable.

KINDER circus WELT was inspired by circus director Peter Prohaska and his partner and colleague David Walk.

If necessary, the two can fall back on Stefan Prohaska, a man with extensive circus experience in the children’s and youth circus area.

The KINDER circus WELTler not only meets enthusiastic and enthusiastic people in schools, but also in kindergartens, at company celebrations, the holiday games and in summer in the summer camps in Vienna Strebersdorf.

This is creative children’s entertainment with a high level!


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