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In view of the steadily increasing incidence of infection and the limited PCR testing capacities, the ministry for school and education NRW has announced that the resolution of positive.

Announcement of the monitoring locations in the 5. KW (31.01. – 04.02.) 2022

Rhein-erft district switches to digital notifications

announcement of the monitoring locations in the 4. KW 2022


  • district administration rhein-erft-kreis
    willy-brandt-platz 1, 50126 bergheim
  • Telephone: 02271/83-0 (mo-fr. 7:30-18:00)
  • E-mail: info at rhein-erft-kreis.De

Vehicle re-registration with BM license plate

Concerning the change of ownership of vehicles already registered in the rhein-erft district with BM license plates.

  • Identification documents
    (personal identification card or passport in connection with a current registration certificate)
  • Power of attorney in case of representation + identification documents of the principal
  • Registration certificate part I (vehicle registration certificate)
  • Registration certificate part II (vehicle title) / operating license
  • Valid inspection report
  • If applicable. safety inspection report (§ 29 stvzo)
  • SEPA direct debit mandate for the collection of vehicle tax signed by the owner (see downloads, only this form is accepted on site)
  • Insurance certificate in the form of an electronic insurance confirmation number (evb number)
  • If necessary. License plate(s)
  • Commercial register excerpt and business registration if the vehicle is used as a company vehicle + identification documents of the managing director
  • registration of minors only possible after prior consultation with the registration office!

Can I also get a license plate for a vehicle that is already registered??

Yes. in this case, please present the previous license plates at the time of registration.

May I take over the license plate combination of the demonstrator?

Yes, if the vehicle is registered. If the vehicle is not in use, proof of the owner’s consent must be provided.

Can I also register my vehicle at the authority of my secondary residence??

No, the vehicle registration is possible only at the road traffic office of the main residence.

  • Road traffic licensing regulations (stvzo)
  • Vehicle registration ordinance (FZV)

There is a basic fee i.H.V. 19.90 € levied.

Please note that the fee is made up of various individual fee items and therefore only the basic fee can be stated. The specific administrative fee is calculated individually and can only be determined when the vehicle documents are presented at the registration office.

Please also note that the fee will increase in any case if you apply for a special license plate or a fine dust sticker.

Please note that if you use the Saturday service, you will have to pay an additional fee of 9 euros per transaction.

In case of purchase of a registered vehicle, the re-registration is required immediately.

If you go to the registration office, the change of registration will be carried out immediately.

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