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1. Somatic education

Well-being is the basic requirement for successful educational work. Mental well-being promotes a positive attitude to life (trust in yourself and the world). We make sure that the children are neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed.

2. Social education / basic religious experience and development of values

Participation means being and becoming involved in something. Children learn social interaction through dialogue. But it also includes the communicative process of negotiating at eye level. Children take responsibility, experience autonomy and solidarity when playing together.

3. Communicative education

Dialog is understood as successful communication. This means that the children learn to listen to each other in the group, to let themselves be talked out and to observe themselves and others. To do this, they need openness and trust.

4. Aesthetic education

Perception is sought with all senses. Thinking and acting are closely related.

5. Science education

Discovery is primarily focused on small things. The scientific topics come from everyday observations of the children. The children discover the causal relationships and get to the bottom of various phenomena.

6. Mathematical education

Ordering is directly related to the activity of collecting. Children sort by certain characteristics and categories. This supports logical thinking and forms the basis for later mathematical education in school.

If you are a state-recognized educator and / or have completed a degree in social education, we look forward to your application. Jobs

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Parents say about us .

"Thanks for the colorful time."

Green is for the books we read.

Blue is cut into small pieces for eating.

Purple is for laughing, giggling and snorting.

Pink is for the hat.

Orange is for comforting and cheering up.

Yellow is for the songs that we sang together.

Leipzig, May 2019

"Our two girls had a really special kindergarten time."

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for accompanying, protecting, comforting, loving, caring for our two girls for a total of seven years and for doing so many beautiful and important things taught have! They had a really special kindergarten time.

We will all miss you and the familiar environment of the Villa Kindertraum with all committed projects, excursions and great parties (and will therefore visit you very soon)!

See you soon, keep it up!

Leipzig, January 2019

"The little support in difficult life situations was more than just a small consolation and helper."

We would like to thank you very much for the wonderful time. Our daughter has developed into a warm and well-behaved girl!

Special thanks go to the educator of the Beetle Group – who welcomed her with open arms and taught her how to speak, eat and walk. To the teacher of the lion group – who taught her to sing, manners and to say and thank you. To the teacher of the hedgehog group – who showed her to romp, play and climb. But also to everyone else who looked after them with heart and love.

Likewise want we us to thank as parents. The little support in difficult life situations was more than just a small consolation and helper. We wish you all the best for the future. We say goodbye with a crying and a laughing eye.

Leipzig, January 2019

"You are a great facility"

"You are a great facility and a super great and special team. We are so glad that you exist. Thank you for the great job you do."

Dresden, August 2018

"You will live up to your name."

It was definitely a good decision for the Villa Kindertraum team. You will live up to your name. Thank you for the great job!


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