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Wellness with children – Blogparade

Wellness with children – is that even possible? Ich selbst fand lange Zeit die >

But what exactly does “wellness with children” mean? What experiences have other family bloggers had with it? And what tips and tricks are there for a successful wellness holiday with a child? In order to answer these questions as comprehensively as possible, I am starting the blog parade “Wellness with children” and would be happy if as many mums and dads, grandparents and everyone else who has already done wellness with a child as possible report on their experiences.

What is Wellness?

When it comes to wellness, many of us first think of massages and pools. But the definition of wellness shows that there is much more behind the term. Wellness is a holistic lifestyle and comprises four areas:

  • relaxation
  • nutrition
  • Movement
  • social and emotional well-being.

Healthy meals and sports are just as much a part of wellness as methods for actively coping with stress or spa treatments.

So wellness with children does not (necessarily) mean that the little ones use baby massages, children’s manicures or other spa treatments. Many wellness experts even advise against treatments for children. Activities and exercise in nature, cooking courses and small mindfulness trainings, for example, are more suitable for children.

Why do wellness with children?

Those who want wellness leave the children at home – before I became a mother I would have held this opinion. Today it looks different. And just like me, many other parents find a wellness holiday together with their offspring quite attractive. Family wellness has even been declared a trend in recent years.

Hardly any target group is wellness more affine than families.

When a wellness hotelier told me, I was still astonished at first. As the typical wellness guest I had couples in mind. And studies confirm that they actually make up the largest proportion of wellness guests. Nevertheless, the statement makes sense. Because (of it I am at least up-to-date convinced) nobody needs a time-out, in which body, spirit and soul are spoiled more, than parents. A couple’s holiday is often out of the question for mothers and fathers, because the children are still too small to be taken care of in the long run or because one wants to spend the precious holiday time together with the whole family.

Children and adults get their money’s worth on a wellness holiday in the right hotel. In addition to a lot of family time together, parents can really relax while the children have a lot of fun.

Find the perfect hotel for wellness with children

The be-all and end-all for successful wellness with children is to choose the right environment. There are a few hotels that are adults only houses and are not intended for children. Many other wellness hotels do not exclude children, but are clearly designed for adults. The spa is often reserved for guests aged 16 and over. I wouldn’t feel comfortable here with my two children. Who wants to keep the little ones quiet while eating or to get angry looks when the offspring is too lively in the pool?

Anyone planning wellness with children should therefore take a close look beforehand at what offers there are for children. Wellness hotels with designated times when children are expressly welcome in the spa or houses with play and care offers for the little ones are definitely a good choice. Who would like to get offered still more for the whole family is in a family Wellness hotel exactly correct. How a vacation can look like in such a hotel I report briefly in the next paragraph.

I hope that in the context of this blog parade more hotels for wellness with children will be introduced and one or the other hotel tip for wellness hotels, which are particularly suitable for families, will come together.

Our wellness holiday with child

How wonderful wellness with a child can be, I experienced for the first time in a family hotel in Bavaria. If you would like to read my detailed report about our holiday in the Allgäuer Berghof, please click on the previous link. At this point I will only briefly summarize what made the wellness holiday with toddlers so unique for us.

The decisive factor for this was certainly that the Berghof in Allgäu had all the prerequisites to make both children and adults happy. This combination of, for example, a colourful children’s table and a stylish ambience while eating, or the chic relaxation areas next to the children’s swimming pool, were particularly appealing to me.

Our wellness holiday with child consisted of a lot of family time. We had a lot of fun together in the different pools, exploring the indoor and outdoor play areas as well as the nature around the hotel. In addition, the man and I were also able to do something for our individual well-being. So the man went on a hike that would have been too challenging with the whole family. I spent some time at the adult spa and enjoyed a pregnancy massage.

How to take part in the blog parade “Wellness with children”.

  • What does wellness with children mean to you?
  • Have you ever had a wellness holiday with kids? How did you experience that?
  • Do you have any tips on how to do well with children? Can you recommend a hotel?

These are just a few examples of topics that are of particular interest to me and with which you can participate in this blog parade.

  • To participate in the blog parade, you publish a text on the topic “Wellness with children” on your blog. There you mention the Blog Parade and link to this article here. If you already have an older article on the subject, you can also participate in the Blog Parade with it.
  • In any case please leave me a comment with a link to your article so that I know about your participation.
  • The blog parade “Wellness with Children” runs until 15 July 2019. Afterwards I will summarize all participating texts very briefly and link them in this text.

If you don’t have your own blog, but would like to share your experiences, recommendations or tips about wellness with children, please send me a short text by mail or write it directly here in the comments. I will also include the information collected in this way in my article.

Wellness with Kids Blog Parade Posts

(The list will be updated irregularly and at the end of the blog parade)

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