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We and our children feverishly long until the nicest days and weeks of the year come closer move – the long vacation and annual vacation should then be well prepared. Family holidays can be made most beautiful and eventful in the family circle when the young and the parents benefit equally. Games and fun for the children / teenagers and relaxation for the grown-ups.

Family vacation is the best time of the year.

There is no doubt that vacation is the best time of the year. Not only are hard-working adults looking forward to their well-deserved break, but the little ones also want variety and adventure in the family holiday experience. We say no problem, because during one family holiday the needs of all family members can be easily combined. Because who says that the time of exciting trips with children must be over?

Tips for a successful family holiday

Admittedly, one family holiday Always two sides: parents want relaxation, children want action. This is where the dilemma can begin, but it doesn’t have to, because with one family holiday all family members can get their money’s worth. A few compromises here and there and a "happy family" time comes out. It is also the best time of the year when you finally have time for the family has time to play with the children, to romp, sleep in and cuddle, time for the favorite people in life away from crawling groups, timetables and work stress. A few basic rules do that family holiday for a guarantee of success:

  1. Save yourself and especially your children long travel times. Who does not know them, the almost tormented question from the back seat "When are we finally there?" Or "Will it take a long time?" For a relaxing one above all family holiday it doesn’t always have to be a car to Spain or a long flight. No, you can also spend heavenly holidays in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands or Italy. Don’t forget the children’s radio play for your car and the little vacation snack in between.
  2. Trunk size can also be a problem on a family vacation. Restrain your children while packing ALL toys, because let’s be honest – im family holiday everything is often more important than the old, boring toys from home. Your favorite cuddly toy is enough to fall asleep.
  3. Parents should also relax family holiday don’t miss out. It is ok if you treat yourself to a break, for example with a soothing massage, with a good book for a few hours in a beach chair or a romantic candlelight dinner with your loved one. Your children will not resent this time-out … and some hotels offer professional childcare with children’s menus or buffets, so that your little ones are not missing anything.

Amusement parks offer fun for the whole family

At the top of the course is a visit to an amusement park during the family holiday. Above all, Disneyland Paris attracts crowds of small and large Disney and roller coaster fans every year. The eyes of all children begin to shine when they meet Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse or one of the Disney princesses. Neither will adults get bored at Disneyland Paris. Numerous nerve-wracking roller coaster rides, exciting excursions and, of course, a look behind the scenes of the Disney film industry in Walt Disney Studios Park. The Italian amusement park Pendant represents the Gardaland in Castelnuovo del Garda on the southern shore of Lake Garda. Here, too, your laugh muscles are put to the test on a variety of carousels and roller coasters, and adrenaline levels and feelings of happiness are increased. An exciting visit to an amusement park does not require a trip to one of our neighboring countries, because Germany, for example, has a lot of roller coaster fun to offer with the Europa-Park in Rust or the Movie Park Germany in Bottrop. With 15 themed areas, you can travel through Europe with your little ones in Europa-Park, for example at dizzying heights and at high speed in the Silver Star in the France themed area, with the Swiss bobsleigh run or the Eurosat – CanCan Coaster with the faithful replica of the “Moulin Rouge” ". In Germany’s largest film and leisure park, Movie Park Germany, on the other hand, visitors are introduced to the dazzling Hollywood in an action-packed manner.

Swimming fun for the whole family

Thermal baths are as popular as amusement parks & Baths for one family holiday. Be it the Tropical Island Resort in Krausnick south of Berlin, the Therme Erding near Munich, the bathing paradise of the Therme Sinsheim, the Bali-Therme in Bad Oeynhausen or the Carolus Therme in Aachen – there is no shortage of water and adventure-rich bathing areas in Germany.

With the Therme Erding near Munich you and your little water mermaids can expect even the largest thermal bath in the world on 14.5 hectares, which truly has the right bathing experience for every water fan. A total of 27 slides on 2,700 slide meters, a wave pool with five different wave levels, a children’s pool and of course the indoor and outdoor thermal pool lined with 300 South Sea palms ensure rapid slide pleasure. And while the little ones are well looked after in the Kids Club, mom and dad have access to the sauna world with a total of 30 themed saunas such as a geyser cave, herb chamber, lake sauna, brine tunnels and steam baths.

A very special tropical paradise – in the middle of Germany – awaits you and your family in Krausnick, around 60 km south of Berlin. We are talking about none other than the Tropical Island Resort, a tropical bathing oasis under the roof of an oversized former zeppelin hall. Look forward to the largest indoor rainforest in the world, where turtles and flamingos are to be discovered, a water slide tower that promises thrills for young and old, Germany’s longest current channel, the Whitewater River in the AMAZONIA outdoor area and much more. Various accommodation options, from rooms and suites to safari tents in the hall or teepee tents and mobile homes on the campsite, offer the perfect holiday for families.

family holiday in the mountains

Especially in Austria, some hotels are in high demand family vacations recognized and offer various leisure activities in your houses especially for children. Starting with a separate children’s wellness area with a kid’s pool, family saunas and slides to childcare for small vacationers of all ages, children’s entertainment and children’s menus and buffets. High chairs, cots, bottle warmers, etc. are also often provided to make it particularly easy for parents and to protect the trunk capacity.

Farm holidays are particularly popular with small holidaymakers. A new adventure is offered here every day: the little ones can help with the harvesting, milking and manure and also learn a lot about the production of food. A vacation with a learning effect, so to speak, and in a very playful way. And with a bit of luck you will be there when a calf or foal is born, the grain is threshed or a chick hatches. So do not be surprised if after a vacation on the farm your little one wants to become a farmer.

Look forward to spending the best time of the year with your family.


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