What are mini-implants and when are they used?

What are mini-implants and when are they used??

What if the full denture does not hold properly? Adhesive cream attacks the denture and does not lead to the desired result. The solution: mini-implants. They provide a firm hold and can be used in the jaw compared to regular implants, even if there is less bone.

Used with a click

Regular implants have two parts: a base and a body. In a complex surgical procedure, the lower part is sunk in the jaw and must grow there for several months with the jawbone. Thereafter, the lower part is exposed again and screwed the structure. Then a crown, a bridge or other dentures is attached. Mini implants are not only different in size – they are significantly narrower with 1.8 to 2.4 mm diameter – but they also have a different technique and function than ordinary implants. They consist of only one part, which has a ball head at the upper end. The prosthesis can be attached to this, similar to a push button. For this purpose, the prosthesis is guided into the oral cavity so that the sockets of the prosthesis are located above the ball heads of the mini-implants. Now the prosthesis can be gently and evenly pressed down and locked. To remove the prosthesis, grasp it under the edge of the prosthesis and push it out with the help of the tongue. The prosthesis sits so tightly that it can be carried safely even at night.

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Gentle and fast

The treatment is less complicated and much faster compared to regular implants. The insertion of a mini-implant, thanks to precise technology, is “minimally invasive“, i. a minimal procedure, and performed in local anesthesia within about 10 minutes. Mini implants, like regular implants, are made of titanium that is biologically fully compatible with the body. To fix a full denture 4-6 mini-implants per jaw are needed. These are used within 2 hours. Almost always can be dispensed with unfolding the gums or a cut. The method with mini-implants has been performed millions of times since the 90s, tested, absolutely harmless and safe. The prosthesis sits firmly in place immediately after insertion. Since an absolutely firm coalescence can take 3-6 months in this case, the burden should be gradually increased.

Significantly cheaper than regular implants

Mini implants are about half as expensive as regular implants, especially because often no preparation of the new dentures is required. If the previous prosthesis is of good quality and strength, it can be reworked for use.

How to brush your own teeth

Mini implants are cleaned like a brush with their own teeth. Thus, inflammation of the gums is prevented and the function of the mini-implants is ensured. The prosthesis should also be cleaned with the toothbrush. It is especially important to keep your sockets free from contamination.

A lot of advantages

Mini-implants offer a multitude of advantages: The focus is on the better grip of the prosthesis, thus the increased well-being and safety. Mini implants are about 50% cheaper than regular implants, used faster and easier and can be loaded immediately after insertion. Often an existing prosthesis can be reworked, so you save the further cost of a new prosthesis. With optimum distribution of the mini-implants in the jaw, a palatal prosthesis can be used. The only disadvantage of the mini-implants is that they are compared to their big sister, the regular implant, for single crowns or bridges only in a few exceptional cases in question.

Better advise

At this point only general information can be given. Therefore, consult your dentist and a dental technician in the dental laboratory according to your personal needs.

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