What can i do about modern slavery? Golden z club vienna

When I was preparing for the panel discussion, I was thinking about how I would like the topic after Event could handle. I didn’t want us to leave the room after about two hours of conversation and continue as before.

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"What can I do about modern slavery tomorrow, tomorrow when I get up, where can I change something?", So I asked the podium speakers after I had the feeling that they would all make a positive contribution to improving the problem, but apart from having written my few essays, I never really "helped" anywhere. After a brief silence as an answer to my question, everyone agreed that we at the Golden Z Club had already done a lot by reporting on these grievances, thinking about them and sharing these thoughts with the world.

However, this “world” has so far consisted of a few readers and a few people who are already committed and motivated. "So should I stop buying cheap shoes tomorrow?" I asked. Laughter and silence as a result – yes, buying dumping shoes supports the exploitation of people in other countries, but at the same time we figured that even the lowest starvation wages, in any one wise, supports a family (since children are often the only source of income for very poor families).

Or maybe "supports“Not the right word for the vicious circle in which we are in our capitalist and materialistic world and commit unfree people in other parts of the world to forced labor so that we can live the way we would like it to be. Somehow, something like that is frustrating. I know that I am doing injustice to many people in this world simply by this Live on the continent and am dependent on a system from which it is difficult to break out.

Even Roland Düringer, who wanted to evade this system, lived in a caravan that was probably manufactured under adverse conditions (plastic parts, tires, electronics, etc.). By this I mean that today it is almost impossible to live under “modern” conditions on the one hand and on the other hand to not support inhumane processes. These inhumane circumstances, be it forced labor, slave-like conditions or child labor, unfortunately exist everywhere. You cannot completely abstain from these processes, even if you withdraw from society.

Nor can you live completely unselfishly and fairly in this society. Almost everything I attack, even the laptop I type these lines on, has blood from some innocent children’s hands. But, you can at least make a difference through your own consumer behavior.

“Well,” I thought to myself, “I can only try to live more consciously in everyday life and continue to do without (maybe even more) things that would be practical or nice. And I can try that once practice a profession by performing as impressively as our invited panel guests. At least here I was able to take a lot of motivation and ambition with me. Inspiring to see that there are adults who have not given up fighting for a better world. Thanks for that…


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