What do children play in other countries?

Children are playing all over the world – that much is clear. But do they play the same thing everywhere? We present you a few game ideas from other countries. You may even find some of them familiar.

You play catch everywhere

Children play catch around the world – because it’s so wonderfully easy. You only need a few friends and a little space. There are hundreds of variations so that it doesn’t get boring. On the Philippines For example, you play “Dakpanay”: For this, the children draw 5 large circles on the floor. A catcher is chosen who is not allowed to go in circles. Everyone else has to try not to be caught and can save themselves in the circles.

In Italy A complicated variant of catching is very popular: With the "Ruba bandiera" ("steal the flag") the players are divided into two teams and line up in two rows. The players in both teams are numbered consecutively. A playmaker stands at the end of the rows and holds up a flag. Then he calls a number. The two players with the number have to run immediately and try to grab the flag and run back to the end of their row. If you don’t steal the flag, there’s a point for your team. The team with the most points wins.

Play with marbles and balls

Even with small aids such as balls, sticks, stones or marbles, there are many different game ideas all over the world. In Afghanistan for example, a game called "gatekeeper" is popular. To do this, all stand with their legs open in the circle on. The feet must touch. A player stands in the middle and now has to try to shoot the ball through his legs. If you don’t close your legs in time and let the ball through, you’re out of the game.

For the game "Dithwai" Lesotho in South Africa you only need sand and stones: Each player builds his "stable" from sand and puts 10 stones in it. A player starts, he says: "I’m checking my cattle" and examines his stones very carefully. Then he has to cover his eyes while the other players take a stone from him and place it in their stable. The player’s task is to find his stones again. In the end, the player with the most stones wins.

All of South America loves "Piñata"

Of course there are also more complex games. A game that especially in South America "Piñata" is very popular: You need a figure made of cardboard masque filled with sweets. You can either make them yourself or buy them. The figure is hung up and the players allowed to one by one blindfolded with a Hit the stick on the figure. If the character bursts, everyone can grab the candy.

No matter where in the world – children have great game ideas everywhere. And the most popular games are very similar. Most of the time it really doesn’t need more than a few small tools and nice teammates.

Do some of the games seem familiar to you? What games do you like to play with your friends??


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