What do dental implants and dentures cost?

The cost of dental implants – clearly broken down

As a rule, have legally insured no claim to a supply with Dental Implants. Since the beginning of 2005, however, the statutory health insurance companies participate with hard grants for an implant treatment that is based on those of a conventional restoration.

Treatment and associated costs vary from patient to patient. For this reason, no generally valid information can be provided for the costs incurred. They are calculated according to the complexity and difficulty of the operation (implant insertion), the diagnostics, the number of implants to be placed, the particular material from which the new teeth are manufactured, and the required dental performance. Any necessary bone augmenting measures (augmentation) also affect the costs.

Dental Implants: Often more profitable than expected.

As comparative studies have shown, conventional prostheses are not always the most cost-effective solution in the long term. Thus, the costs of a single tooth restoration after about 7 years to lower than in a conventional bridge. This is due to the long-term lower maintenance costs of an implant-borne solution. More important than the pure costs are the increased quality of life, the perceived comfort and the safety afforded by implant-borne solutions.

Healing and cost plan ensures transparency

A treatment and cost plan informs about the planned solution and the expected expenses for it. As a rule, the individual treatment and cost plan contains individual positions on surgery (insertion of dental implants, bone augmentation), prosthetics (implantation of teeth) and laboratory (construction of new teeth in dental laboratory). The costs of an implantological service are basically not easy to compare. It is advisable to scrutinize publicly published fixed prices / overall prices and particularly favorable treatment options.

Also, the following prices are only to be understood as an average cost range in which an implant treatment can move. Fixed subsidies, individual insurance benefits and reimbursements are not taken into account, as these vary depending on the health insurance fund and contract (insured under the law, with supplementary dental insurance or private health insurance). The cost estimate is based on the use of branded implant systems, the results of which have been documented by many years of scientific research. The preparation of the prosthetic performance takes place in a German master laboratory.

Cost overview

Here is a cost overview for an implant treatment – clearly broken down:

Diagnostics / Planning

Record of findings (per jaw, unique):about 150, – € to 350, – €

The costs for an orthopantomogram (OPG) are covered by the health insurance.

3-dimensional diagnostics

Computed Tomography CT: about 150, – € to 250, – €

Digital Computed Tomography DVT
The digital volume tomography is not reimbursed by the statutory health insurance. This technique is only recommended if it helps in complex and ambiguous situations to make implant placement easier to plan and avoid potential risks.

The cost of a DVT admission is usually between: 120, – and 250, – €

They include the recording of the image (digital capture) and its evaluation.

Template fabrication for navigated implantology: 150, – € to 250, – €


bone formation
with bone replacement materials (for the replacement material):about 150, – € to 200, – €

with membrane: up to about 400, – €

Fee payment is: 100, – € to 300, – €

with own bone from the oral cavity: from 100, – €

The cost may increase on removal of a bone block on: up to 1.000, – €

Augmentation of the maxillary sinus floor / sinus lift

small (internal) sinus lift (if necessary plus bone substitute material see above): 150, – € to 350, – €

large (external) sinus lift (plus bone substitute material plus membrane see above): 350, – € to 1,250, – €

with bone removal from the iliac crest (plus anesthesia): about 400, – €


Setting the implant including material costs per implant: 650, – € to 1,500, – €


Drills, Op Consumables: about 100, – € to 300, – €


Cost of the implantological abutment parts: about 100, – € to 400, – €

Laboratory costs / execution of the denture (depending on the material) per crown: about 150, – € to 650, – €

total cost

Single-tooth implant anterior: 1.400, – € to 3.000, – €

Single-tooth implant posterior: 1.250, – € to 2.500, – €

Implant-supported bridge (on two implants): 2.500, – € to 4.250, – €

Removable, implant-supported (on two implants) prosthesis with bar attachment: 3,500, – € to 5,000, – €

Removable, implant-supported (on four implants) prosthesis with bar attachment: 4,800, – € to 10,000, – €

Removable, implant-supported (on four implants) prosthesis on ball heads or
the so-called locator connection: 4,800, – € to 7,000, – €

Fixed insertion on implants per jaw: from about 10.000, – €

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