What do i say on the phone to make an appointment? (Doctor, phone, talk)

What do I say on the phone to make an appointment? (Doctor, phone, talk)

What do I say on the phone to make an appointment?

Can someone write me down step by step what I say when I call the doctor to make an appointment? Thank you

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Hello here is . I wanted to ask if you had an appointment for me? Vl on. morning or on. afternoon.

for now "hello, here is (first name) (last name). this hurts me and that / I feel bad / or or or." and the rest will ask you and give you an appointment.

Doctor’s office: Practice Dr. Frizzy, good day.

Patient: Hello, Armin Völler here. I would like to make an appointment with the doctor.

Doctor’s office: What complaints do you have?

Patient: I have a cough, runny nose and sore throat.

Doctor’s office: Do you have a fever too?

Patient: Yes I believe.

Doctor’s office: Then you can come this afternoon at 3pm.

Have you ever been with us??

Patient: No. I haven’t lived in Berlin for so long.

Doctor’s office: Please tell me your name again?

Patient: Völler, V-ö-l-l-e-r.

Doctor’s office: When were you born?

Patient: On March 21, 1980.

Doctor’s office: How are you insured?

Patient: At the BKK. This is a statutory fund.

Doctor’s office: Thank you, see you this afternoon.

Patient: Thank you. Speak to you soon.

Hello or hello, my name is. I need an appointment for an examination, please. You can also say what symptoms you have or whether it should be for cancer screening.

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