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Heintje, Momo, Atréju & Co. | What has become of our child stars?

This is what Joy Gruttmann looks like in September 2011

They gave us the most beautiful TV memories, spread with their laughter carelessness and joy of life: our unforgotten child stars from television!

What happened to

Guess what! Which of these children became a con?

Everybody started out small. Some were big, others were on the wrong track. Test your celebrity competence in the big guessing game!

Carlton, Hilary. This is what the stars from “Prince of Bel-Air” do today

In the nineties they attracted millions of viewers to the screens: Will, Carlton, Hilary, Ashley & Co. Also in Germany “The Prince of Bel-Air” was a hit!

“The Bill Cosby Show” What are the stars doing today?

They were the coolest TV family of the ’90s! Read here, what twenty years (!) after the end of production the actors of the “Bill Cosby Show” have become.

What happened to

“What is love?” What happened to One-Hit-Wonder Haddaway?

Alexander Nestor Haddaway is the voice behind the dance hit “What is love?” from 1992. But what happened to him, how is the singer today?

Sly Stone radio legend lives on the street

In the 60s funk star Sly Stone inspired millions with his music. Today the former “Sly & the Family Stone” frontman lives in a motorhome.

Eighties wine saga What happened to the Falcon Crest stars?

More sex than “Dallas”, meaner than “Denver-Clan”, and that already the night before: 30 years ago “Falcon Crest” started. But what are the stars of the vintner soap doing today?

“The Bill Cosby Show” What are the stars doing today?

They were the coolest TV family of the ’90s! Read here, what twenty years (!) after the end of production the actors of the “Bill Cosby Show” have become.

“21 Jump Street” What happened to cool school cops?

The US series “21 Jump Street” with Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco inspired the German TV audience from 1987 to 1991. What happened to the stars of that time?

“Big Brother” What are the candidates doing today?

Big Brother” was first shown on German television eleven years ago. BILD.de is still hacking: What actually happened to the candidates of the first seasons?

But even child stars grow up.

Some successfully continued their careers, others disappeared into oblivion. Today, BILD shows what has become of the most famous television crunches of German TV.

– Anita Hegerland – The girl from the Roy Black Duet is now a rock tube

Also interesting

She was the sweet girl who sang the song “Schön ist es, der Welt zu sein” with pop star Roy Black († 1991) in 1971. Forty years later the blonde Norwegian Anita Hegerland (50) recorded the song again – with the heavy metal band “Grave Digger”!

“This is to honor Roy. He loved rock music,” says Anita Hegerland to BILD.

But where has it been in the last decades? After the duet she went on to school and studied Indian head massage in London in the early eighties. In 1987 she fell in love with pop star Mike Oldfield (58) and had two children.

Now Anita wants to conquer the stages again – a bit like back in 1971.

– Noah Hathaway – Atréju tries a comeback

Fearless warrior Atréju, Noah Hathaway (39) rode through “The Neverending Story” in 1984. Ten years later his first adult role followed with “To Die, to Sleep”.

Today he lives with his wife and two sons in California and in 2011 tried his cinema comeback in Mondo Holocausto!

– Thomas Ohrner – “Timm Thaler” plays in “Verbotene Liebe” (Forbidden Love)

Thomas Ohrner (46) became known as “Timm” in “Timm Thaler” in 1979. As an adult he disappeared from the scene.

Only in 2008 did Ohrner return firmly to the ground glass in the soap “Verbotene Liebe” (“Forbidden Love”).

– Patrick Bach – “Silas” is dubbing artist

Patrick Bach (43) has been in the business for over 30 years and became famous with series such as “Silas” and “Jack Holborn”.

Meanwhile he is a family father (2 children), speaks radio plays (e.g. “Drei . “) and dubs movies (e.g. “Herr der Ringe”). Bach lives in Munich.

– Hendrik Nikolaas Theodoor Simons – Heintje has a riding stable

Heintje (56) made all mothers cry when they were twelve years old in 1967 with “Mama, you shouldn’t cry for your boy”. Hendrik Nikolaas Theodoor Simons suffered a career setback when his voice broke.

Today he performs in folk music shows and runs a riding school near Aachen.

– Radost Bokel – “Momo” is now megasexy

Radost Bokel (36) became a movie star in 1986 at the age of eleven. They saw more than two million in the Michael Ende fairy tale “Momo”.

Today Bokel lives in the USA, is married and has a two-year-old son. In “Der Staatsanwalt” (Friday, ZDF, 20.15) she has a permanent supporting role.

What celebrity women are behind these cute girls?

Miley Cyrus is just 18 years old – and has long since been one of the best earning young stars.

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